God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

she surrenders 

the fear of being blind.

she surrenders

the outcome of green eyes.

she surrenders the 

manipulations of

green eyes stipulations. 

she surrenders her

retracting reacting. 

she surrenders her

madder anger. 

she surrenders her 

expectations and hesitations.

she surrenders her 

patrol to control 

how her he will take 

the stake to break

in his final bow 

to allow His Conquer

of green eyes pitfall. 

she surrenders thinking

he’s forever drinking

in his sinful sinking 

with green eyes and 

the demise of all the lies.

she surrenders believing 

no one will receive 

the ability to achieve

in the Light of Jesus Christ. 

she surrenders being afraid 

to be the see as God’s Renegade. 

she surrenders the prison 

of her prism conditions.

she positions as her poisoned pitfall

to be her protective wall.

because humans dilute truth.

because humans refute proof

in the biblical lyrical place

we pretend is a disgrace 

that we need to deface.

when we need to see that biblically

is how we flee from the conundrum

of absently sleepwalking blindly

with the enemy in misery. 

the enemy is a liar in tune

to make us combust in lust

and resume confused

in the wrong dire fire. 

she surrenders her anxiety 

of the current slack

by the satanic setbacks 

in the drone cloning insobriety society.

she prays and obeys 

but sees delays and stays

in the drinking sinking of her thinking. 

her he decided to lie

and flee absently with the enemy

in misery with green eyes that misguides

in that mutiny crowds to community 

that has no unity in a building 

with no godly wings, just unhealed stings.

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

God keeps showing and growing her

to the same path to His Math

he + He + her equals His Stir.

she sinews his pending virtue.

she’s troubled by his struggles. 

she’s crying by his lying. 

she’s dying God’s reviving. 

he’s dying God’s reviving his surviving 

for their pending thriving. 

the community deliberately 

planted wrong weed seeds

that currently makes him bleed. 

she cried in great need 

to set him free 

but God didn’t agree

and removed her completely. 

she scribes what makes 

her stake fake break her inside. 

she wants to hide.

God keeps her aligned by design. 

she cried because he was misguided.

she was angry at his ignorant pride. 

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

she struggles to believe 

what God continues to show her

he + He + her equals His Stir.

nothing is by the book.

everything has a crazy look. 

she’s so shaken

by his current awakening. 

her anxiety is His Piety 

for His Chosen’s sobriety

like the he she struggles to see.

she’s waiting and not waiting. 

she’s creating and not creating. 

she’s debating and not debating. 

she’s up and she’s down. 

she swims and she drowns.

she smiles and she frowns. 

she stings and she sings. 

she’s ashes to ashes. 

she’s dust to dust. 

she praises in her rain.

she trains her brain 

to refrain from anxious distain.

God showed her to conquer lust. 

God showed her to convert 

her hurt to have worth. 

God showed her to have pain

no longer be in vain 

but have godly gain.

God is showing her how to sustain

her weary second chance 

in His Brewing Romance

by His Path to His Math

he + He + her equals His Stir.

same he that decided to flee 

with the enemy absently. 

same her that tried 

to hide what’s inside.

she cried and died 

by that community with no unity. 

God is her guide. 

God is his guide. 

Only God decides how to fly. 

he + He + her are called 

to conquer this pitfall 

and enhance to dance

in His Kingdom Romance 

for all the world to see faithfully. 

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 


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