she didn’t know.

he was willing 

to stand up 

to that crowds to community

for their pending unity.

she didn’t know. 

she prayed with Jojo*

and God now shows 

he was willing to be all in

and walk through 

the slums of his sins

on that day she walked away.

the DM scared her 

and triggered the African prince

that made her wince.

she was convinced love was ugly

until her King made her soul sing

on the fourth month 

on the fourth day

in two thousand fourteen. 

she walked away from the world 

to be all in with her King.

that stormy night 

when her mother’s plight fight

in the car with her tearful jar

she meet the feet of Immanuel 

God with us in the year 

two thousand nine. 

she didn’t know how to let go

of what she knows

so she entered a dark night storm

with an African prince 

that made her wince.

she tried to convince herself 

that stormy night encounter 

never happened with Immanuel 

because she was in a sexual slum of sins

that weren’t godly pure wins

with an African prince 

that made her wince. 

she was so broken and so scared. 

there’s no way the same Spirit 

that lifted Emmanuel from the grave

was dwelling in her.

the winces from the African prince 

made her convinced 

she made it all up.

backsliding wasn’t a truth 

she wanted to come face to face

and feel her self-condemning disgrace.

or see she’s lame and so ashamed.

is she really in the space 

to be mad at the he

God says is for she 

if she too walked a dark storm conform?

No, she can’t. 

everyone’s journey to be all in

looks differently in this lion’s den.

she didn’t know he wanted them 

after that painful DM and 

to be a go after the building 

with no godly wings gave him the gift

that made him fiscally lifted.

the wings caused his heart to sing

by being debt free finally. 

she didn’t know that seventh day

was a second chance 

at His Kingdom Romance.

she was so afraid 

he triggers everything she ran from.

she was so afraid

to breathe wrong.

she was so afraid 

to see wrong.

she was so afraid 

to speak wrong.

she was so afraid of backsliding.

he made her come face to face 

with all she ran from 

that was a secret disgrace.

she’s out of hiding. 

she’s done with lying.

the secret’s out 

and Emmanuel still loves her.

she was backsliding and lying

and made a decision 

to never look back three years ago.

she made a decision 

to take this walk seriously 

and be all in.

she told her King 

her and him for five years.

and prayed to never let a man

have her backsliding again.

then God showed her the he

God said is for her and she was afraid.

that’s why she said no.

that’s why she ran.

she couldn’t drown in quicksand 

ever again and barely survive a lion’s den. 

the he God says is for her

reminded her of the African prince 

that made her wince and she couldn’t risk

her relationship again with her King 

that makes her soul sing. 

so she ran and said no.

she didn’t know 

he wanted them

after that painful DM.

what’s next?

only God knows. 

but now she grows 

in peace and breathes with ease. 

he wanted to be a go

on that seventh day

she decided to lie and walk away.

she doesn’t know how to 

now feel about this reveal.

so she goes and prays and waits.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 


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