Jojo* is a no go 

for the clearing 

of this toxic 

flesh god show

starring two bros

that God showed.

verbal exchanges 

were painful arranges.

Jojo doesn’t want to know 

that he loves her 

and sees it’s her. 

Jojo wants her pain 

to not have charity gain.

Being clear isn’t sincere.

Jojo is a no go

for the clearing

of this toxic 

flesh god show

starring two bros 

that God bestowed.

she said no.

Jojo said uh oh.

Jojo’s word sting.

Jojo condones his wedding rings.

she couldn’t risk 

him crushing her again.

he pressed send with that DM.

the message was received

and his mission was achieved. 

on the sixth month 

on the twenty-first day 

in that year she walked away.

there were too many nights 

she spent in strife with plight 

of his decision in his 

check-list lair conditions 

with his greeneye demise

and their best last first bite life.

she’s tired of these tests. 

life is so hard 

and she has no breaks.

he doesn’t matter. 

Jojo doesn’t matter. 

her he doesn’t matter. 

none of them are in these issues. 

none of them have parent’s 

that are evicted bound to a shelter

and only the layer of prayer 

keeps them in a home 

with no godly dome.

she’s tired and wired.

she’s tired of living 

on the edge of uncertainty. 

she just wants peace 

not all this painful unhealthy. 

everyone failed her. 

she failed herself. 

God never failed her 

yet God wants her 

to be in forgiveness 

with selfish self-centered arrogance. 

she’s a liar too.

she lied to not get hurt anymore.

he wanted sex and lies: 

he has it with his greeneye demise.

Jesus stopped her from dying

for what? The world is broken.

she’s dedicated to her isolation.

no one can hurt her

when she’s alone. 

no one can be a drone clone

if she’s alone.

he can stay with the decay

of greeneye and their demise.

life is too hard

to constantly be in this space

of insanity and disgrace.

she just wants a place 

to be healthy and follow Jesus. 

she doesn’t want to be

around any of this toxicity.

All of this is ugly.

Jojo is ugly.

she’s ugly.

these two he’s are ugly.  

Jojo can do her.

her he can do him.

that he God won’t stop 

saying is for she

can choke in his

self-made provokes.

sex & money was his ugly

that was most important. 

he has what he wants.

she wants to be free 

away from everybody. 

everybody can flee

she’s used to that ugly.

she’s tired of unhealthy.

she wants to be free

away from everybody 

and all toxicities.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy


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