she’s done with the manipulations

and the stipulations in the tone

that her parents thought she’d stay 

in the decay of a drone clone.

she’s done being in a ruse 

that her parents refuse to lose.

she’s done being used 

for her parents blunders 

by the layers of her prayers. 

she diligently stays on her knees

faithfully and consistently to cover. 

she’s done being a resident 

in a toxic household 

that’s been old and cold

for years full of drunken beers

and lying gears through 

the disobedient pillow-stained tears. 

she’s done with no fun in this no sun 

conundrum poisoned prism. 

she says yes to Olive.

she says yes to her he.

she says yes to walking 

the talking of God’s promises faithfully. 

God says he + He + her

is God’s Stir with her 

and the he she now chooses to see

biblically and faithfully for all humanity. 

God says he has a plan

for this ungodly quicksand he landed in.

she says yes to it all.

she says yes to conquering 

this pitfall and giving her all. 

she says yes to lift off. 

she says yes to the power 

of God’s Midnight Hour.

God says these two years

of pain are not being in vain

and have a godly gain

in the praising of this rain.

God says 

You will see

Trust Me

she says yes to what comes next. 

she says yes to six twenty-four.

she says yes to this spiritual birth.

she says yes to her hurt having worth. 

it’s been almost forty weeks 

since she’s seen his feet 

on Sunday it’ll be the fortieth peak

of this no contact & until she saw her he. 

God says He’s about to blow her mind.

God says the rewind of time

and the decay’s of yesterday’s are over

for he + her to walk the talk of His Stir.

God says she’s ready.

God says she’s steady.

God says she’s a preacher. 

God says she’s a teacher. 

God says she’s a reacher.

God says she’s a creator.

God says she’s an illustrator.

God says he is all of these and more.

God says he + she are 

the hue that’s true.

God says they are blue times two.

God says she’s surrendered all.

God says it’s all out. 

God says she can take off.

God says His Stir

will always be 

he + He + her.

she says yes to it all.

she’s called to conquer all pitfalls. 

she’s called to give her all.

she says yes to His Kingdom Math.

she says yes to all the love in this path.

she says yes to being 

the neck of her future household. 

she says yes to he + He + her.

she says yes to His Stir.


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