the building with no godly wings

cannot remove the grove of 

the stings in the two souls’ wedding rings.

the coaching and poaching approaching 

in this misfit hit and quit it legalized lie

is not the godly caught that greeneye 

and her trying demise fought and bought.

all was loss when her clothes fell off

in her hallow swallow from the wrong bow

when she dropped on her knees 

with broken need that now makes her bleed.

Sexually intimate in the growing deficient door 

as her missus title that now makes her stake 

in fake break, and shake her to feel on trial.

the outward display of these two as a team

is a deluded themed dream, which no one 

believes or receives, especially what’s seen.

they look like two souls that grew cold

robotically and chaotically from combusted lust

of a four month sexual secret sequence 

to publicly married in an extreme weakness.

greeneye demise isn’t interested in freedom.

greeneye demise wants demons and treasons.

greeneye demise wants her lies to hide inside.

greeneye demise wants this mister to flee

absently and blindly in misery with the enemy.

greeneye demise wants this mister to talk

the sleepwalk chalk from her clyster prism

in this Garden of Eden away from Jesus.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

insufficient funds that needs to be a refund.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

sexually swung and stung this mister’s tongue

to speak in a weak response when he was lost.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

attacked during lonely vulnerability to be 

his only company, and make him sexually horny.

sex was the leverage with drinking sinking 

thinking beverages that greeneye demise tried 

to use as a ruse to hide behind her lies inside.

sex clouds the loud sound in the voice of God.

sex allows the hallow swallow of sinfulness.

sinfulness is what greeneye demise positioned 

her condition to transform and conform her 

place of now disgrace to be originally 

‘I can tell when a man wants me. 

And he didn’t want me.’ to

‘a quick fast track to dating’ missus.

a prestigious article cannot take away truth.

Love is found bound from Above. (James 1:17)

The book of Genesis show men with intention

not sexually settling for marital attention.

Adam was put sleep and Eve was made.

Jacob worked fourteen years for Rachel.

Sarah not Haggai is the mother of faith.

God ordains not humans or sexual activities.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

lied to hide her movements weren’t of God.

the enemy lies, and rushes with manipulations 

by sinful stipulations like sexual drinking.

Charity waits, and charity cannot be rushed

after four months of secret sexual flesh.

What’s done in the dark is always sparked

by the Light of Jesus Christ (Luke 12:3)

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

can no longer hide what’s not right inside.

Jesus dying on the Cross of Calvary 

over two thousand years ago was to show

that only Jesus can make or break a stake.

Only Jesus decides what’s right by His Light

not the lies or eyes of greeneye demise

or even the crowds to community mutiny 

in the building with no godly wings. 

Jesus is Lord not sexual knees to a floor, 

or coaching from poaching approaching.

Biblically wisdom is a she. 

Biblically is from God not the messes 

of flesh god mirage facade sabotages.

The Cross of Calvary is biblically how 

all souls can be set free faithfully.

Otherwise the demise 

and lies like greeneye

will continue to be empty 

in misery with the enemy blindly 

struggling in the rumbling tumbles of troubles.

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should 

bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, 

and things under the earth;”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬


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