her father was warned 

about the woman 

he decided to do life with. 

her father was warned 

by his six sisters and he didn’t listen.

biblically women are she’s. 

biblically wisdom are she’s.

biblical women have profound insight 

to protect what’s not neglected in men

from the Jezebel’s and the lion’s den.

Immanuel was on the Cross of Calvary 

for six hours before His Light

sparked in the dark of death 

to make the stake no longer 

be stronger to break us to combust 

and flee with the enemy blindly in misery.

Immanuel God with us could’ve called off

conquering the pitfall of death but He didn’t.

Every hour grew His hue of truth and 

the Midnight Hour of His Power to shower 

the world boldly not coldly: charity and clarity.

the same sister that named me: Crysta Regina.

me is the she that is biblically set free.

is the sister that told her brother to flee 

from the enemy that dwells with the woman

her father decided to do life with blindly.

patrol is control that walks the darkness path.

her mother loves control and darkness unfolds.

me is the she as the her in God’s Stir.

he + He + her is the path to Kingdom Math.

Ecclesiastics four verses nine to twelve 

are biblical and lyrical truths that make 

any stake of fake break and shake

in the midnight hour power to shower 

the Light of Jesus Christ that makes all right.

Immanuel prepared in his layers of prayers 

for forty days and forty nights with

no food in site, for He was the Light

that sparked in the dark where the enemy

flees in misery, and barks as a limited shark. 

Immanuel kept the armor of God in tact 

protecting him for all satanic setback attacks.

the enemy is witty but God is the key 

to being set free faithfully and biblically.

It’s imperative to be aggressive in the 

protective knowledge of The Holy Bible.

That’s what protected Immanuel God with us.

That’s what protected me from the enemy.

That’s what will protect all who are called

to conquer their pitfalls. Openness is key.

Openness to God doing the work to make

the fake of our hurt have worth. To gain

biblically as the key in our pain, and not

feel forgotten or lost as a hopeless cause

which pauses the swiftness of deliverance 

from the pale scales that prevail. 

Intellectually we technically lean sensually

because emotionally we sexually believe

body heat is a treat that meets our lonely feet.

Sexually is a perplexity that ingeniously finds

a way to press play in the rewind of time.

Sexually is a quick fix that grieves the crucifix. 

The crucifix is the security in the purity to

have the audacity to actually carry the crucifix  

and reject and protect by waiting on God. 

Sex before marriage robs

the beautiful process of baby carriages. 

Sex before marriage is a ruse

that abuses and loses charity and clarity.

Sex before marriage is falsified emotions

that make a fake stake break us in lust.

Sex before marriage is a lending pretending.

Biblically sex before marriage is fleeing blindly

in the dark with no spark with the enemy.

her father had sex before marriage 

and was positioned with the condition 

of a baby carriage me.

her father tried adopting her mother’s 

first daughter but the pressures from

her family blocked that desire.

her father wanted to save the woman

his sisters forewarned him on. 

her father saw the woman his sisters 

warned him on had the wrong people

in her ears for years. 

Immanuel is the only realm that can save. 

humans have to want to be saved.

humans have to want to be changed.

her mother didn’t want change. 

her mother wanted to absently

be in stagnancy fleeing in the

slums of her sins to patrol control.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

sees she’s let go of this toxic show.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

sees she wants her own household.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

is ready to receive her he God has.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

waits to become one flesh with

the man that will conquer his quicksand 

and never look back from this satanic attack.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

trusts the path to His Kingdom Romance

with the he that will always be for me.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

patiently awaits to meet the little feet of OAT. 

she is the me that’s biblically set free

is on her knees covering her Kingdom Math.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

knows God has this storm. It’s almost over.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

faithfully waits in the foolishness of God

there’s no other place she’d rather be. 

she is the me that’s biblically set free

prays and obeys to wait for her he

in this temporary and secondary toxicity.


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