she prays for the

Obey of Today 

and for the adjustment 

in high discernment.

sensitivity is key

to leaning on the Holy Trinity.

Father • Son • Spirit

is the deliverance in 

the slums of humanistic sins

by the lies that hide behind pride 

in the brokenness of societal 

and cultural habitual rituals.

she prays for her he

to faithfully see

and trust above lust biblically.

she prays for her he 

to be in the peace of God 

to surpass all understanding in his

landing of this toxic quicksand.

she prays for her he 

to put on the armor of God 

to be louder than 

the clouds of flesh god facades.

she prays for her he 

to cling in the Wings of God

and lean on the strength in Christ

to be the Light to spark the dark

upon all that’s not right 

in his life of strife and plight.

she prays for her he 

to cling to charity for clarity 

being above the vulgarity of popularity

in the irregularity barbarity of the hissed

dissed poisonous kiss 

of green eye demise best last first bite.

she prays for her he

for the rejection and protection from

green eye demise and all her ugly.

she prays for her he

to be wittier in his strides and glides

as green eyes and her lies slips and slides.

the enemy and his misery are a democracy 

of decay’s and thirty second delays.

green eye demise will be always behind

due to following the chaotic hue with no virtue.

green eye demise is in a rewind of time

that hides the prideful lies inside.

she prays for her he 

to openly be free for God’s deliverance 

in this hinderance with the Light of Christ.

she prays for her he 

to hold on strongly in this temporary throng.

Immanuel is God with us, which is switching 

the lustful sickness in green eyes wickedness

to be the belly of this whale to finally fail.

green eyes demise 

isn’t bigger than God.

the crowds to community 

isn’t bigger than God.

the building with no godly wings 

isn’t bigger than God.

winning the contest 

isn’t a bondage.

it’s a gift from God 

that humans used 

as a ruse to play facades.

the hostage of survivals guilt 

is what humans leverages 

as their beverage.

Be still to know He is God. (Psalm 46:10)

her he is exhausted 

but exalted and unsalted.

“The princes of the 

people are gathered together, 

even the people of the 

God of Abraham: 

for the shields of the earth 

belong unto God: 

he is greatly exalted.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭47:9‬ ‭KJV‬‬

don’t glance back,

that’s where satan attacks like 

through the untrue hue of 

the lies of green eyes demise

and that crowds to community

with no unity, just stings and mutiny

in that building with no godly wings. 

the enemy that flees in misery 

isn’t bigger than God.

Nothing is bigger than God.

If God allowed it

then it’s for a bigger purpose.

There’s a purpose to 

this ungodly hue

of green eye demise and 

this hissed diss of sinfulness.

God is covering him 

faithfully in charity.

she prays for her he

to biblically see with clarity

and trust the blueprint 

of God’s Fine-print.

she prays for her he 

to take and allow the final bow

from this two strand quicksand.

she prays for her he 

to sit in His Wings to the path

of His Kingdom Math.

His Stir equals he + He + her.


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