she feels dense.

nothing makes sense.

she’s detached

from this hissed

unhealthy latch.

her mother is other.

her brother is other.

her father is other.

her dome is not their home.

they’re secondary

and temporary

until her feet meet

her next Glory,

for she is His Story.

she breathes with ease.

her dome is a supernatural home.

over two thousand years ago,

a ‘zero’ became The Hero.

His Name is Immanuel

God with us, and we can now trust.

what was all lost is found bound

from Above in love. for He

is the key to being set free.

The Cross of Calvary

made humanity debt free biblically.

On The Cross,

Immanuel drinks bitter blood,

so she can drink sweet wine

freely from the rewind of time.

On The Cross,

Immanuel hangs on a crucifix,

so she can be free from all sexual fixes.

On The Cross,

Immanuel beats sin so she can godly win.

On The Cross,

Immanuel beats the sting of death,

so she can sing in the Light of Christ.

she can be proud outwardly

that the clouds on this painful journey

of the dark weren’t greater

than Immanuel’s Spark.

she has a level of deep distrust and disgust

that men can easily be caught sleepwalking:

like Adam in the Garden of Eden,

like her father by his drunken reasons,

like her he by greeneye demise’s demons.

their selfishness emasculated Jesus,

and jeopardized their duties

as the Head of their Called Household’s

coldly not boldly, because of their empty lonely.

Adam was emasculated by cowardliness.

Adam didn’t put his foot down to Eve.

That’s how sin entered the world.

her father was emasculated by cowardliness.

her father didn’t put his foot down to

her mother, which caused all current blunders.

That’s how sin entered his household.

The he God says is for she was emasculated,

SO badly by lies from the church that brought

him great hurt. Through the untrue hue of sex

as his provoking chokehold bondage distress.

Sex is a disrespect, and incorrect hostage this he

God says is for she got lost in the slums

of his sins: during a contest that changed his life.

sex was disguised with greeneye demise,

and her worldly lies in the sixth month

of the year two thousand fifteen.

All those sexual late nights

doing the wrong bow hallow swallow

on her knees paid off so smoothly.

greeneye demise and the quicksand plans

were working. in the beginning of the year two

thousand fifteen, greeneye demise got another

man kicked out without fair trail:

on false rape charges quickly and quietly.

greeneye demise feeds the weed of a Jezebel.

that wicked spirit moves fast, but lies can’t last.

greeneye demise leveraged the he God says

is for she loneliness to create the permeated

four month sexual savage track to marriage.

greeneye demise used, and abused

the church’s fear of image to land her as a

missus to this man, and be in the current toxicity

of their dead marriage. God will never revive a

lie that makes His Chosen die. God will never

let his son remain in pain all in vain.

God already promised this man

to the she God says is for this he only.

at this point it’s a struggle to hold on to

God’s Promises, after so much ugly transpired.

sleepwalkers are bull-talkers that create

permeated spaces of disgrace thinking

the sinking winking disobey is okay.

their destinies are delayed by great dismays:

like Eve being tricked by the enemy,

like her mother being aggressively manly,

like she who’s for this he

that’s struggling not to give up

on the promises God says is hers regardless

of the demise in greeneye. the sexual lies

by the aborted support of that

drone clone crowds to community mutiny.

there is no unity in that building

with no godly wings: just stings

by wrong manmade wedding rings,

that will never be covered by God’s Wings.

That building with no godly wings

made marriage a sexual savage

where anyone can flee blindly in toxicity:

like the he God keeps saying is for she

who wants to flee so badly completely.

she’s done with all phony and ugly.

the eight month of the year

two thousand sixteen, she was blessed

by the freedom from that building

with no godly wings.

she didn’t have to see the toxicity

of the he God says is for she,

and his flesh god ugly with greeneye demise.

The skins in the slums of that martial sin

will never have godly wins no matter

the hook, line, and sinker loach coaching.

The he God says is for she will never

be biblically set free with greeneye demise

lies, cries, and sexual strife in that best first

last bite as a poisonous worldly wife.

greeneye demise will always be wicked strife.

On The Cross,

Immanuel tore the veil to make the enemy fail.

the enemy flees in misery empty

and tries to hide lies inside by misguided pride.

to make the stake of fake break us and die.

like the enemy did through greeneye demise.

like the enemy did with Adam in Eden.

like the enemy did with her father,

and the blunders of her mother.

Immanuel beat death on The Cross.

Immanuel is the bridge to God.

Adoption is our inheritance.

Today represents The Cross,

and the death Immanuel conquered.

Today represents The Cross,

and King Jesus restoring all that was loss.

Thank you for The Cross.

Thank you for Immanuel.

Thank you to the painful journey

of lonely to restore my soul

as the she God says is for that he.

Thank you for my freedom

from all the bondages that kept me hostage.

Thank you for destroying scientific logic

by supernatural faith not by sight wonders.

May I always cling to the song of wonder.

May I always pray for the Obey of Today.

May I never glance back by satanic attacks.

May I always be exalted and unsalted.

May I always praise in the rain.

May my pain always have gain.

May my hurt always have worth.

May I always know and grow

by what you show Lord.

May I always remember:

I am ashes to ashes.

I am dust to dust.

You breathe with ease in my nostrils daily.

Today is forty.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

Happy Reborn Day Forever.

Love your daughter.


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