she sees how it can be easy 

to flee from God’s company.

in the midst of arguments there’s rifts 

and violent shifts that causes ungodly.

her mother liked feeding a weed

that breaks out the idea to make her bleed.

that’s why she wants to be removed so badly.

anger, madder, and sadder 

are the themes in her mean scene

as her mother’s company. 

her mother walks a talk that brings stings.

her mother will never understand your ways. 

This is very hard for me as the she for her he.

All she wanted was to breathe

with ease in a healthy space and relief.

she has a lot of why’s. 

she had too many goodbye’s.

she has a lot of lies like 

that replay and decay’s in her mind.

with her he that made her feel unworthy.

she has a lot of crying inside.

triggering violence is the allegiance  

of her mother’s alliance to brokenness.

she hears about a man that isn’t in her space.

she cried about a man that gave her tears

for years and fed the gear of hidden fears.

she’s walking a journey of ‘cultural’ disgrace.

God is using her faith 

to be His Face in this space.

she still believes regardless what she sees.

she stopped judging when the subject 

became a land of personal quicksand.

rock bottom is a matter of perspective.

what’s the top?

what’s the cost?

what can’t be lost?

is it worth selling a soul 

to never grow old coldly not boldly

even if the sting of lonely doesn’t leave?

is it worth sitting with the enemy

in misery to choose delusions 

for humanistic diluted conclusions? 

the enemy feeds the eluded toxicity

that salvation is a convolution human’s 

don’t need by weeds of internal bleeds.

she saw the out and took the chance to 

separate herself from her poison prism family.

her mother wasn’t expecting 

the switch from her tricks

being blocked by her halted stopwatch.

her mother can’t control the patrol 

her way in this broken decay after today.

she’s got instinctive survival skills 

that she didn’t think consumed her.

seeing the set up of a woman’s shelter

stirred a desire to one day lead them higher.

healthy choices need healthy consumption.

vending machines are unhealthy and mean.

discerning is learning and women 

need empowerment for deliverance. 

the circumference of brokenness 

is an inadequate attraction.

it disturbs me that there’s comfort 

in women around me that feed permanent 

in a situation that should be seen as temporary.

she’s a deposit of empathetic emotions 

for humans that don’t want 

to feel their reels and peels.

she is quick to walk away

and slow to discern to stay.

walking away is an adrenaline rush

that makes her tune out what needs attention.

she surrenders it all to be better 

and conquer this pitfall for scales to fail.

it hurts enough, and she’s learning to prevail.

she walked away without discerning on

her he in the summer of twenty-fifteen.

she walked away without discerning today.

the woman’s shelter is a savage decay

of chaotic, toxic, and robotic dismays.

she sees it is not okay to always walk away.

it hurts enough to finally fully oblige to obey.

tomorrow she will see where her feet will meet.

she’s thankful for her King and upcoming 

opportunities to be set free, despite the scene.

she rises with supernatural eyes.

she can’t go back to her family.

her decisions are incisions to her he.

if she moves forward he will see.

her father clings to her 

like the church clings to him.

her mother is manipulative.

like greeneye demise lies to him.

she cannot grieve the Holy Spirit.

she has to keep moving forward 

for her future household and purpose.

she keeps letting go, then he will too.

their exalted and unsalted will continue. 

she keeps discerning, then he will too. 

God says they’re blue times two. 


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