mother’s are a gift of love. 

mother’s are from Above. 

mother’s are scared doves. 

mother’s are a dome.

their kin calls mother home.

her mother isn’t that bad.

she wasn’t always this sad.

she wasn’t always this mad.

many memories have emotions of glad.

her mother protected her more than neglected. 

her mother is decaying and aging. 

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

is aging and raging in her failed staging.

she’s in agony at her mother giving up.

she’s in agony at her father giving up. 

she’s paging in prayer for layers of healing

for her family and her beautiful he. 

her mother wants to fade away. 

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger is a secondary emotion to pain.

her mother dying feels in vain.

her mother lying has no gain.

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride.

greeneye and her mother have identical

thought processes and movements.

however greeneye will be twenty six and 

her mother is sixty three with diabetes.

unhealthy and impure motives are decaying.

greeneye demise should try and fight biblically

so she can be set free faithfully in maturity

to not be sixty three with diabetes immaturely.

her mother was once twenty six too.

her mother downplays how she feels.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

replays the reels that now make her peel.

tangibly her mother cannot see or hear.

supernaturally neither can greeneye demise.

her mother acts like death isn’t near.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

pretend that send wasn’t pressed to end

this toxic two strand quicksand distress 

of her savage packaged marriage.

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger won’t let her cry or die so she lies

and says that what happens doesn’t matter.

her mother matters 

and she’s becoming sadder.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

are being handled by the Creator

who is far greater than flesh god facades.

her mother isn’t the strong warrior she was.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride 

are no longer the stronger wrong throng.

it’s hard for her to see her mother in this state. 

she feels so helpless her mother’s beyond help. 

the natural course of birth and death 

are unavoidable and always met. 

her mother is dying rapidly.

her father watches passively. 

her brother creates bubbles magically. 

God is moving mountains in her life.

God is moving mountains in her he’s life:

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride

who cause only strife as a bad last bite.

she’s completely removed 

from the family’s strife. 

she made the mental switch

to be present in Today’s gift:

for her purpose and calling 

conquering this pitfall’s falling. 

God is speaking loudly about her he 

she fully receives and believes. 

God is speaking loudly about the moves. 

her he is making in his shaking remaking 

by her awakening & breaking of her faking.

he’s ready 

he’s coming 

he’s choosing truth and you 

yesterday, her King that makes 

the stake of her fake break everyday. 

her King heals her stings & also holds her rings. 

she made connections about her earth king. 

she sees supernaturally he’s ready and steady. 

she sees Rise Up by Andra Day 

is their testimonial anthem in Obey of Today.

on replay, she says okay and no more delays.

whatever she needs to do or walkthrough 

she’s going to do for her he’s breakthrough.

she impatiently and patiently waits to see him. 

for they are the path to Kingdom Math.

he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

she will be still and 

breathe with ease by His Gills.

when she prays and obeys

her earth king will be set free by choosing truth.

slow to anger and love is the key for her he.

the building with no godly wings is the past.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride is the past.

her family is the past that God has.

this dark storm is over and didn’t last.

His Chosen are aligned and design 

to conquer their pitfalls 

of hiccups and shake ups 

by breakdowns in walkthrough breakthroughs.

all humans are His Chosen.

many are called but few are His Chosen.

not all humans wake up from sleeping.

she woke up for His Kingdom and her he.

her he is finally free.

she’s happy because he’s free and ready.

she’ll do this all over again if it means he’s free.

true love waits, is unconditional, and is biblical.

only through God not facades can true love be.

that’s how she feels for her he.

Thank you King Jesus. 


I’ll rise up

In spite of the ache

I will rise a thousands times again

And we’ll rise up 

Rise like the waves

lyrics and song by Andra Day.


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