her desperation created a prison.

her sexual premarital moves were a groove

that alluded to secluded delusional inclusion. 

her prison is a self-dedicated prism 

of disrespected incisions 

by her desperate decisions.

she had to have this popular man.

in her rewinded mind she thought 

the cost that bought her time would be fine.

positioning her condition to be his only see

during a contest of vulnerability was her key.

vulnerability is tricky when horny & lonely.

cheap mindsets birth creeping palettes.

her limited colors were a sister to a brother

but she wanted to be his lover & other.

he made it clear he wasn’t interested in more,

but her clothes and face dropped in disgrace 

on bended knees to the floor sexually. 

she was left with regret in her empty and lonely.

she ignored the phony feeling reeling

from finally succeeding in believing

her self-inflicted decision by her new position

with a man that quietly entered in her

as an unposted, unspoken, and unsatisfied stir.

she talked herself out of red flag proofs 

and created her own expectational truths.

her truths aren’t biblical or admired in Christ.

only the Light of Immanuel sparks the dark

to what’s not right inside hiding behind pride.

she had to make their stake in fake work.

she took a bow in her sexual vow that allowed

her original place of sister to brother 

with this man, and turned her burns to 

four months marital sexual quicksand 

with a prestigious article as her broadband.

her families connections have to work. 

the world must believe her combusted lust

story is true love & not radiated rusted dust.

no one believes what she worked to achieve.

sex before marriage is a disrespected savage.

fornication before marriage is a

ungodly foundation, especially mixed

with the wince diss of co-habitation.

she lived with him before the “I do’s”

ignoring the red flags of what’s biblical truth.

it’s not biblical to have sex before the Creator 

who is far greater prepares his daughter 

as a Proverbs 31 Woman, other & lover.

pruning and fine tuning takes time 

for the calling of a ribcage to his ordained rib.

it takes three strands to prevent quicksand.

she leaned on her own understanding 

for her current marriage landing.

biblically God will never allow the disorder,

disrespect, and neglect in the wrong bow.

biblically God wouldn’t want his daughter 

swallowing hurt with no worth to eat dirt.

she ate regurgitated dirt that hurt 

from this man out of desperation.

she didn’t want to be alert in her hurt

so she was drinking in her sinning thinking, 

which was the switch in the Obey of Today

to the cheap creeping cum of no sun godly 

in the slums of her sins seeing winning winking.

her sin city trip was cheap like her creeps.

settling will always be toxicity.

she didn’t know her worth so everything hurts.

she’s married to a popular man 

but entered the glasshouse of unpopularity 

in the vulgarity by the invisibility of insincerity.

her husband never switched from 

sister to brother after they became lovers.

her title changing didn’t change this arranging.

his coached poaching planted seeds 

to make her be godly to him were slim &

placed by disgraced weeds of ungodly grim.

she doesn’t feel like his wife

because he sees her as rushed strife in life.

she doesn’t feel appreciated 

because their purity was contaminated.

she turned her pure space of 

sister to brother as secret lover.

any chance she had to really grow godly

became a lame ashamed lane of mockery.

men don’t respect desperate sex and neglect.

any prospect by the disconnect in her lies

were hidden by the sex of circumspect.

she thought using her body 

would lead to godly over time.

time is in her space, and nothing changed

in this man’s actions despite coached words.

there’s nothing biblical about her marriage.

there was nothing biblical about their friendship

there was nothing biblical about her motives 

there was nothing biblical about her mindset 

Galatians biblically addresses growing sows:

“For he that soweth to his flesh 

shall of the flesh reap corruption; 

but he that soweth to the Spirit 

shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

she wasn’t interested in reaping the Spirit.

it was taking too long to get this man.

which is why her lies are current quicksand:

in a public community that shows her no unity.

in a public community that treats her absently.

in a public community that sees her stagnantly. 

in the life of this man she’s ungodly toxicity.

her father’s connections didn’t work.

the unsatisfied sex didn’t work.

the rushed marriage didn’t work.

the coaching community didn’t work.

he doesn’t love her like Jesus loves the church.

any love he had for her died when she lied,

and positioned her condition to sexually 

allow the wrong bow before this marriage.

nothing will change the sting of that savage.

what they had in purity was friendship, 

and that security was ruined premaritally.

she’ll never be his Jacob to Rachel.

she’ll never be his Abram to Sarai.

despite her wedding rings that sting, 

she’ll always be Leah and Haggai.

none of her tools fooled biblical truth.

none of her moves are bigger than the Creator.

God will always have the final say with no delay.

she’s in her sixth jar, and far from God.

Biblically we are called to conquer pitfalls.

Every knee is called to be bowed in godly allow.

“For it is written, 

As I live, saith the Lord, 

every knee shall bow to me, 

and every tongue shall confess to God.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭14:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

expectations are harmful to the human species.

expectations are ungodly mockeries in flesh.

expectations are a mirage where the gear

of fear takes over as a facade boulder distress

that makes humans look colder and older

like this she who’s fleeing in misery blindly

behind her misguided lies with the enemy.

expectations are wrong weed seeds 

that makes the stake in fake break painfully.

expectations are a rewind in time to find 

phony lonely will never be godly or Holy. 

she will return from her ungodly burns to God.

it’s her destiny to be set free biblically 

no matter what she tries to fight & hide

what’s not right is now coming fully outside,

there’s still no Light of Christ 

in her married life of stressed lying strife.

taking coaching is unsuccessful approaching.

serving Friday’s and Sunday’s cannot 

take away the decay’s of her dismay’s 

in her yesterday’s that changed her position

from sister to brother to unsatisfied lover as

a forced missus other, is still not covered as a 

Biblical Love from Above in God’s Ordained.

she can’t ignore all that’s not right in her life

as a suffering, and lonely wife in her painful

no godly gaining plight in this lonely strife.

Nothing is better than Everlasting Life,

not even the popularity chase as his missus,

which is currently a winced diss risk deface

that wasn’t worth all her hurt in this dirt.

no human should be Above God

not even this man, and her marriage facade.

this man and marriage were her private idol

on public display as an unavoidable trail.

God won’t fix this, because she needs God.

God makes all things new, and only God is true.

God is her first bridegroom to be in tuned to.

when it hurts enough she will see this truth too.

Thank you King.

Love your lighter and daughter. 


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