it’s true

he didn’t choose truth

he knew it was the DM one

he didn’t want to lose his ruse

he wanted to do him and money too

he didn’t care about lonely or phony

he had a blueprint to execute


she wants another routine 

she wants another scene

she’s tired of people being mean

she’s tired of feeling unclean

she’s tired of lies succeeding 

she’s tired of trying through pain

she feels like there’s no gain 

she praises in the rain and sustains 

she feels like this is all insane 

she feels like this is all in vain


God says he’s changed 

God says he’s coming 

God says it’s almost over 

she doesn’t trust God in this area

she doesn’t trust God about this man

she doesn’t believe in this man or God

she thinks this is all a toxic facade 

she doesn’t believe in second chances

she believes in brutal advances 

she believes in crucial cancerous stances 

she believes he’s bored and what’s newness

she doesn’t believe in his deliverance 

she doesn’t receive he’s not a hinderance 

she doesn’t believe in biblical marriages 

she believes in the toxicity of facade savages 

she’s had many examples from broken samples


he did a really good job play god 

he did a good job creating his mirage 

he did a really good job with his times article 

his crowds to community found it worshipful 

this is the past that concurrently still lasts

written work is forever to all intended senders 

truth or lies cannot deny or hide his misguides  

he was purposeful in his verbal peace confers

he didn’t want to be with the DM one 

he wanted to have fun in no sun in messy flesh

reaping what was sowed has now grown old

godly discernment prohibited his perversions 


God says he’s different 

she’s not interested like the DM 

she cannot get caught up in getting got again.

she wants to be free from his toxicity mutiny

he’s the man so he controlled this quicksand 

she wants to breathe with ease biblically

he’s not biblical he’s literal and critical 

he’s tangible not supernatural 

God says not anymore 


she says it doesn’t matter she got the message

she wants to move on from rock bottom 

that’s a strongest priority that needs authority 

not a man that possibly changed his mind

after his way doesn’t work or hurts 

his pockets don’t tangibly hurt hers does

his space is tangibly secure hers isn’t 

he’s living his tangible desires 

she’s tired of his supernatural signal wires 

she wants to quit because he’s a sinking ship

she wants God not his pathological facades 

he did a really good job playing god 

he thought she was deranged and strange 

so he went with what he knew and flew 


because he didn’t grow he now wants unknown 

that’s his problem not her problem 

be unknown alone in that fiscal acquiring zone 

he can never do anything to hurt her again

so why can’t that be what sets her free?

why does this life have so much strife?

hearing about him is a sink not swim

hearing about him is grim and slim 

he has his the times article as a reminder 

on why there was such peace about 

nothing ever working before his decision 

stick to that condition because it worked hard 

her gifts shouldn’t be a reflection of his sins 

he’s sink or swim and never all in 

unless it’s his honey money, people are funny 

his income is ample that’s the constant sample


his examples are a fiscal hippocampals:

an adjective of lonely locus and focus 

hippocampal is the medical storage for memory

this triggers her PTSD and other toxicities 

she needs to be biblically free completely 

she’s shivers because she’s stressed out

she just wants the job and studio routine 

she doesn’t care about the work being done

in this man that supposedly is no longer 

stronger in the throng of wrong songs 

she can’t sleep seeing him is cheap and mean 

she tosses and turns wanting new dreams 

she’s lost in slow churns of his schemes 

she’s always sad about this man’s quicksand

her reversed cursed crescent is relentless 

letting go should’ve ended this flow 

God says he makes all things new 

she’s waiting on this manna dew to be true 

she puts on the armor of God to remain

unsalted, unapologetic, and unashamed 


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