wife of strife in night life is deeply bothered 

she’ll never have to work herself, 

or position herself to be with her ribcage, 

the way wife of strife in night life

positioned to be seen by “the target husband.”

wife brings out the worse in target husband.

their seven year “itch” has a deep stench.

greeneye demise is deeply troubled 

that swallowing her ribcage’s feces 

didn’t remove her from his heart.

greeneye demise is deeply bothered 

that what the moves did made her ribcage 

want her more & and break free biblically.

biblically wisdom and women are she’s.

after her rededication to Christ the night 

of 4.4.14 she decided to study faithfully.

she meet greeneye demise’s parents

and they loved her, which made greeneye

jealous with envy competitively & fleshly.

greeneye demise made the switch to 

make her ribcage “the target husband” 

& started this storm of transform in reborn.

the moment greeneye demise made the grave

mistake in the fake to settle, greeneye demise

became the called filler in her ribcage’s life.

her ribcage was always called to a “filler.”

if greeneye demise had self worth then 

this wouldn’t hurt so much, because greeneye

would have known to listen and walk away.

greeneye demise is deeply bothered 

that doing it wrong, and in flesh wasn’t helpful.

greeneye demise is shaken this was harmful. 

greeneye is deeply bothered that this hiss

made things worse now than before this show.

this started on this mental switch 

determination to make her ribcage:

“the target husband.” greeneye felt owed.

greeneye demise was tired of hearing no.

greeneye demise was tired of not yet.

greeneye demise was tired of not for you.

greeneye was filled with jealous and envy.

greeneye, a family of small fish in the sea.

settling is small, toxic, and unhealthy to be.

greeneye and this demise is hurt in no worth.

greeneye and this demise is crushed by pride.

greeneye and this demise rushed by lies inside.

greeneye and this demise is embarrassed 

that her harassment is not an advancement.

greeneye and this demise is a disenchantment.

it deseems that greeneye is a broken stream

not a dream as foreseen in this arrangement.

deseems means seems to be for this season.

a season God used for his edifying reasons.

there was no team theme or scene in this ream.

greeneye and this demise is shredded dread.

greeneye demise is deeply bothered 

that a rushed wedding, a marriage license, 

a high rise, a New York Times article,

and a community that wants him only, 

did not make this stake of fake real 

or sealed the deal of their cheap thrills wheel. 

greeneye demise was always a filler 

until her ribcage woke up from this hiccup. 

greeneye demise is deeply bothered 

there was lost more than gain.

greeneye demise is deeply bothered 

her pain was all in vain, & nothing remained 

for the sustaining in the rain. just an explosion

of hidden secrets in greetings and meetings.

this decision gained nothing, the gauging

and staging was supposed to wage 

“this target husband.” in a cage on display 

for all the world to see and be in envy 

when the world avoided this appointed 

two strands quicksand savage marriage.

God decides like Eve for Adam.

God decides like Esther for king.

God decides like Sarai for Abram. 

God decides like Rachel for Jacob. 

God decides like Ruth for Boaz.

Ruth’s womb opened after her biblical releasing

and freedom for her ordained union as a future 

descendant of Light of Jesus Christ.

God decides what woman and man join as one.

No matter want humans execute,

God decides Above lies, like greeneye.

God removed Vashti 

God sent away Haggai 

Leah was never what Leah wanted to be.

Leah was called to be unseen, due to settling.

like greeneye and this demise of plight.

Settling is a scale that is pale and ale to fail.

Settling will never be ordained or blessed.

Settling will always be a fleshly ungodly mess.

God decides what His Daughter’s possess.

Biblically wisdom and women are she.

she decides to emulate wisdom in the Kingdom

God is the Maker and Creator that’s greater.

Thank you King Jesus for the Cross of Calvary.

Thank you King Jesus for the Light of Might.

Thank you King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s

Love your lighter, fighter and daughter.



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