they both had instinctive addictions. 

that were ungodly & not biblical. 

they both had to walk the talk of sleepwalk 

in the slums of their sinning tailspins 

by the lies they hide inside through pride, 

which is the only hue that leads to His Truth.

their dark night storms were designed to align 

them to transform, and to be the reborn

from the conformities of societal mutinies

in cultural habitual ritual scrutinies: to flee

from the enemy blindly, and finally be set free.

they are the he + He + her in God’s Stir.

s(he) is carved from her he supernaturally: 

like the biblical creation of a rib(cage,)

like the biblical creation of a wo(man,)

like the biblical math of Proverbs 31 woman +

the entrusted dust to dust Ephesians 5 man

to stand in the land of edified three strands.

ashes to ashes is the Maker who breathes 

with ease supernaturally into their nostrils 

biblically as the Creator that’s far greater 

than any manmade fleshly messy shakers.

they are the only path to His Kingdom Math.

they are the Ordained Edifying 3 Strands.

at the same time, they entered rewind of mind.

he had to be freed from the bondage of lust.

his addiction he couldn’t break or shake.

s(he) had to be freed from the raging anger.

her addiction s(he) couldn’t break or shake.

they both were fearful of vulnerable & trust.

they both had layers of barbwire as protection

against the painful emotion of future rejection. 

they both had to exhaust the cost of the 

performance treadmill to learn to be biblically still.

they had to follow and allow the bow down.

they’re both athletes that compete in heat 

to reject and neglect defeat in ‘winning’ retreat.

the slums of sins are messy fleshly tailspins.

it’s a magnified high that doesn’t say goodbye.

it’s muscle memory, and addictively secondary.

their expectations were blinding dedications

that paused the cause to conquer all pitfalls.

life is real not ideal. they are stubborn & surreal.

perception is deception in the galaxy of reality.

they drew the ungodly hue of self-conclusions

in thinking sinking & wicked winking delusions.

they had hiccups to clean up b4 the meet-up.

they sleepwalked until it hurt enough to talk.

when their feet met in the unexpected land

of the eleventh month in twenty-thirteen

s(he) couldn’t believe the dream: like heaven

the most beautiful man s(he’s) ever seen,

& an unknown in this supernatural connection.

he was fearful of being alone, and fed drones.

s(he) is the backbone to his emotions of alone.

he is the heartbeat that sets her free faithfully.

s(he) was fearful of no protection in rejection.

God used their fears to break their chains 

from all their hidden pains, to no longer be 

stronger in feeling that gear in vain to see.

the road to redemption is biblical correction.

their crooked paths were math needing straight 

and only God can remove flesh god facades.

they individually entered their wilderness, 

which leads from the weeds to fruitful seeds

of biblical deliverance from worldly hinderances

so they can now take their final bow from fake.

the stake that can’t make them break or shake.

it hurts enough for him and her to be godly

and be set free biblically to walk the talk of

supernaturally he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

no one can stop what’s about to occur.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Maker.

Love you’re lighter, fighter, and daughter.


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