he’s so angry. 

he’s so hateful to himself. 

he’s so angry at his careless entries. 

he’s so angry at his current reality. 

he has to forgive himself. 

he has to stop hating himself. 

he has to allow God to unconditionally 

love him so he can be set free completely.

his POV is a reel that sees toxicity for eternity.

through humility he will see biblically to be his key.

he has to stop glancing back at past attacks.

he has to drop his advancing loophole shortcuts.

where he is isn’t enough or called love.


she’s over the scribing lines of this storyline.

she’s aged from her raged cage like His Wine.

she’s in her wreckage with biblical intention.

God completely has her lyrical attention. 

God has her exactly where he wants her

for His Stir equals he + He + her.

she wants to throw her tantrums,

because he threw his and so called lived. 

she wants her way. 

she wants her decay’s. 

she wants the easy shortcut lane. 

she’s tired of obedience.

she sees it’s a hopeless allegiance, 

to the divided flag of her unfurled society 

where minorities are murdered innocently.


he knows he’s messed up in this hiccup.

he knows she’s fed up and wants to give up.

he has a POV that God is using to set him free.

he’s clawing and fighting for alignment.

he’s struggling in this testimonial assignment.

he picks up she’s struggling with this set up.

he’s so angry and walking through the journey

choosing faith not fear

choosing Light not dark 

choosing God to spark all that’s not right inside.

choosing to lose his pride and misguided lies.


she’s overwhelmed by this supernatural circumstance.

she never believed in second chances.

she doesn’t understand this prophetic quicksand.

that’s why she doesn’t like Revelations 

it’s the biblical blueprint to current liberations.

she’s over the convenience of sinful disobedience.

she’s over the thunders of murderous blunders.

she’s pissed & limited in her rumbling tumbles.

she has a POV of on to the next as the elected selection.

she has a POV of conditioned love to protect 

what he carelessly neglected, and didn’t select.

which is why she wants her lie to never cry again.

she has a POV that he’s an unknown lion’s


she has a POV that he can crush her completely.

she has a POV that struggles to comprehend 

the path in this math that God gave him her key.

she has a POV to do her and focus on what’s here.

Above her POV she chooses to walkthrough

her choking provoking fears in this gear

to trust God and let go of her protective facade.

she doesn’t know what’s next. 

she clings to God’s Prospect & Intellect.

she doesn’t know how to do redo’s.

she doesn’t know how to reconnect.

she’s willing to discern and learn how 

to let go of all she knows in this flow.

she will continue to cover him and pray.

she will aggressively lift her sword for his freedom & peace.

she will walk on faith he will choose to lose

the world boldly not coldly to breathe with ease.

she will be still and grab His Gills.

she’s come too far to lose it all 

in the slums of sinning tailspins.

if he can’t lead her biblically then

he needs to stay away completely.

her POV: it’s God way or no way. Checkmate.


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