your daughter rejected this season 

as a reason and willed this prophetic hiss 

to be a lifetime by clinging to the stings in her mind.

your daughter wasn’t lying when she felt drawn 

to this man: this predestined land is quicksand.

your daughter didn’t want to receive 

the calling to pull out the weeds for this he.

your daughter wanted that to be me.

your daughter doesn’t want to see

she’s not ready to be godly supernaturally.

your daughter doesn’t want to see

she’s blinded by lies and they’re her lullabies.

your daughter doesn’t want to see

there’s no desire for sharpen accountability.

your daughter wants the pitfalls not the call.

your daughter wants to be in tangibility.

I understand because that’s my quicksand.

there’s a sensitivity that needed to be seen by me.

I wasn’t in the space to showcase love or grace.

I was angry and blinded by pride that made me die.

My insides weren’t right and I ran the wrong fight.

To be a Light of Jesus Christ is to spark the dark

in love found bound from Above.

I see God as my Sacred Dove & and my Wings

that I cling to because God’s my King & Holy Truth.

Emmanuel broke bread with the sick sinners.

Emmanuel didn’t hang with the self-righteous gang.

Emmanuel equipped them to own the authority of God.

There is power in the Great I Am and His Name Reigns.

This current storyline is bigger than humanistic minds.

The purpose of this pain is to gain souls that grew cold and old. 

Like mine.

Like your daughter’s.

Like her brother turned to lover privately under covers.

Being in love is tough. 

Being in love is rough.

There’s a deep dream to be one unified team.

Only together will we ever be better.

Let it be is what you need me to see.

Let it be is your will being done on earth and heaven.

Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.

Forgive our own understanding that lands in quicksand.

Forgive our lack of trusting the still small waters.

Forgive our doubt you’ll turn bitter into sweet.

Forgive our impatience to intimately be in your presence God to meet.

Forgive my blinding anger I fed to get madder.

Forgive my lack of compassion for your daughter.

Forgive my lack of patience and trust for your son.

Forgive my lack of faith in supernatural.

Forgive our debtors as you wipe out our debts.

Reach and teach your creation to be in unity.

Reach and teach your creation to be one humanity.

Reach and teach your creation to be set free godly.

Thank you King for using all stings to be safe 

in the space of securely & purely in Your Wings.

I don’t know how this all unfolds.

Behold, you go before as Your Story will be told.

I love you King.

Love your daughter.


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