Show him that nothing is impossible 

without You God: You are Maker & Creator. 

Remind him through those scripture verses

imprinted in ink as his loving reminder 

he’s made for Higher as Your Lighter & Fighter.

Thank you for his beautiful life. 

Thank you for walking with him 

through the shadow of death. 

Thank you for restoring his soul.

Thank you for thy rod and thy staff.

Thank you for your biblical path to ordained math.

he + He + her will always be God’s Stir.

Thank you for protecting him by reviving him. 

Thank you for meeting him 

exactly where he’s at: gears of fears. 

Show him how to let go of 

what’s the past, because it didn’t last 

and its not coming back: 

these thoughts are satanic attacks. 

Thank you for walking him through 

grace to grace, it’s never too late,

and this too shall pass there’s no hesitate

so he can freely receive and believe Your Evacuate. 

Thank you for walking him through renewed and restored. 

Thank you for teaching him redemption is yours, 

and that he can own his forgiveness 

for his deliverance in these slummed sins. 

Thank you for loving him to life 

when he feels nothing but deathly strife. 

his chokeholds are lies that want him to die

but he’s called to be alive in Jesus Christ

as a Light to spark the dark to what’s not right. 

Thank you for the humility in his growing 

by glowing maturity intuitively and faithfully. 

Thank you for the revealing of his healing,

and being no longer stronger 

in the throng of concealing peeling.

Thank you for showing him going 

with God’s Flow is the only way 

in the Obey of Today making all OK.

As your creation we are called 

to move with time to find Your Storyline.

As your creation we are called 

to reveal what’s concealed for wholly healing.

Thank you for his love. 

Thank you for his existence 

in this space from disgrace 

to grace and supernatural freedom. 

Revealing is healing from deselecting concealing

by the objection of suppressed confessions.

Thank you for walking him to speak up.

Thank you for walking him through having 

legal wisdom as an esquire 

that you God will always take Higher.

Speaking is healing freedom.

Speaking in his painful prison is becoming a platform

from the conformity of his broken carnal flesh

as a messy abnormal irregularity barbarically

to the supernatural Spirit-filled godly delivery.

Thank you for reaching by teaching him

he’s called to conquer his pitfalls by giving his all.

Thank you for leading him to embrace his purpose.

Thank you for teaching him flesh is distress

and Spirit is protective uplifting prosperous healing.

I love him and he loves me supernaturally

so give him the strength to owning he’s set free. 

I love him and he loves me supernaturally

so grow and glow him to see how to flee 

from this broken community intricately.

Thank you for deliverance through 

his hidden hinderances in this hissed

purposeful season by your biblical reasons.

In Jesus name I pray for my Earth King everyday, 

and forever because we are only better 

as one flesh together: in your perfect timing. 

Your movements God are designing and aligning divinely.

he + He + her will always equal God’s Stir. 

God’s Way is the only way always.

Thank you Holy Ghost.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Constant One. Amen.

The Holy Trinity is the only key to freedom.

Love your fighter, lighter, and daughter. 


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