Dear Daddy, 

It feels like everything you’ve been showing for so long is finally here. I have an unexplainable joy that keeps increasing, as I intentionally praise Your Great Name in this blessing rain filled season. Daddy you taught me how to kick the puddles and dance in this rain. My pain no longer feels in vain, and I’m set free to faithfully see Your godly gain. A lot happened since the release from the educational beast in the third month earlier this year. The ending of quarter one.

quarter one wrapped up 

with supernatural stack ups.

the old boss loss at a high cost.

her King that makes her soul sing

pulled her and Jojo* out of that quicksand. 

her King that makes her soul sing

holds her ready rings to prevent the defect 

of carnal flesh selected oppressed.

this is a hiss diss poisonous kiss of fake bliss

where stings bring wrong wedding rings

from the struck of no luck combusted lust.

she who is me is set free from that toxicity.

so is her beautiful bamboo faithfully.

her soul grew old when prophecy unfolded

in that old building with no godly wings.

she who is me and her in God’s Stir

is scheduled to occur, because God concurs.

she who is me and the her in God’s Stir 

didn’t know how low her he was willing to go

until the start of quarter three, now she’s free

to lovingly be and wait for her beloved he.

her beautiful bamboo that will always be true.

Daddy I feel like a new creation! My faith has never been this rock solid, and I’ve never breathed with such ease in all the years I’ve walked on this pit stop called Earth. I’m supernaturally naturally going with Your flow to glow and grow. No one can shake my connection to you God. No one can shake what you’ve promised me or shown me. I believe wholeheartedly what’s coming to me. I believe wholeheartedly what’s for me was always for only me, despite the plight strikes in strife of souls that grew cold. These same said souls are no longer stronger in their plunder thunder of going under. That quicksand of carnal flesh is temporary confetti that leaves souls empty. That quicksand of carnal flesh is messed up land dividing by lying pride dying secretly inside from the pale scales that prevail. That’s an ugly backwards hat spat, and a disobedient allegiance in the popularity of barbarity in irregularity. That’s not the key that sets your souls free Daddy. Unity is a called community for all humanity through humility. One day the world will see this supernatural harmony is due to the hue of our salvation virtue: The Cross of Calvary.

many she’s tried it.

many she’s failed.

many she’s pretended to be

for me when they wanted what’s coming

in my space of grace to grace 

and love found bound from Above.

she who is me and the her in God’s Stir

understands the silencer in all these amateurs

was biblically being obedient and patient

to Your Still Small Voice as my only choice.

the Hagar in her Sarah and Abraham 

the Vashti in her Esther and king 

the Leah in her Rachel and Jacob failed.

so did the corrupted company feeding weeds.

the house of lies came tumbling down, 

and the fake crown that created frowns 

was destroyed as the unsecured foundation

it was always called to be in this testimony. 

God wasn’t with it so the show got cancelled.

all the pitfalls in this fall are dismantled by God.

all flesh god facades in this crazed hazed maze

is a scrambled scanned scandal handled by God.

God has the final say in all decay’s of yesterday’s.

God says it’s over, then it’s over.

I’m so excited for this show tonight!! I’m so proud of my dear sister! She’s worked so hard, and is such a dedicated hard working woman of God. I’ll never forget the conversation we had that pierced me, and forever changed my perspective Daddy: (I’m so thankful she’s in my circle.)

“You don’t know what God is telling him. Don’t pay attention to how this looks.” 

Thank you for using your obedient daughter to sharpen me. She’s totally right I didn’t know, and You have been talking to me since then Daddy. You’ve been showing me what You have been Daddy, and I just say yes. I’m so glad I can help my dear sister in the way I can, given my current situation. I’m so thankful I can help my dear sister this weekend for her amazing show. Jojo’s excited to help out this weekend too. I know you have me Daddy. I know you have Jojo. And I know you have my dear sister and this show. You even have our Asian sensation sister in Canada. Thank you for blessing me by surrounding me with such phenomenal women of God. They are above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for removing all the wrong humans that didn’t belong in my space. I’m freer, I’m lighter, and I’m happier because of how You’ve moved these past couple of months. Daddy You have been preparing me for my purpose. I know you have my family Daddy. You have everything. It’s the middle of quarter three Daddy. Whenever you’re ready to pass me the winning shot, I’ll be ready to slam dunk it in the hoop: Love and Basketball for the win. The countdown in this quarter begins. 

I love you Constant One.

Love your daughter.


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