Jojo’s* ribcage deleted the faces

of the wrong bows that allowed 

the hallow swallows of no tomorrow.

Jojo’s ribcage staged a space 

to replace his assignments with 

the beauty of her face to stick to alignment.

Alabama was the hicks in his Vicks

he said yes to UP and to stop shutting down.

he picked up the Cross to not be lost.

he knows he only grows with Jojo in his show.

Behold, he’s waiting for the green light to reunite.

Thank you God for walking me through the freedom of not feeling guilty about my blessings. Thank you God for showing me and growing me in patience and deliverance from the space of disgrace. Thank you God for pushing me to be unapologetic, and guilt free about who is coming to me. Thank you Father God for glowing me in growing that I knew since a child flesh god facades are self harm mirages. Thank you Father God for viewing me through fine tuning and pruning me to be faithfully set free. 

Thank you Father God for leading me to beautiful souls that will always make me feel bold not cold and never grow old. Thank you Father God for my beautiful circle that’s unfolding, because you Lord Behold who’s walking with me here on Earth, and in the new Heaven of eternity. I love my bestie-ship with Jojo, she’s truly a godsend. We had another nasty fight last night, but God you used that for your glory to free me from running. I don’t want to run away from hardships that I’m called to walkthrough in my pending breakthroughs. Last night showed me I was running the wrong race. Church was everything yesterday, and I realized that my gift to run is for you God not me. 

I’m saying yes to reversing the curse of corroded racing. It’s the wrong pacing, and the wrong intention to pay attention in a hopeless direction. I was finally able to be open to your correction through the hue of your supernatural reflection, and finally allowed your protection last night. I rejected the plight fight of that suffocating strife. It’s a dark without the spark in the Light of Jesus Christ. Thank you God for the deliverance of my hindrance: running in the decay of my way. Break me to shake me in no longer being stronger in fake scenes called my corroded runnings dreams. My legs are called to move to your groove, so continue to glow me in the flow of growing in your kingdom show. Amen.

daughter O let go.

daughter C sees her ugly.

daughter T is finally set free.

these broken souls fed cold.

these broken souls grew old.

daughter O chose faith not fear.

daughter C is open to be aware.

daughter T is walking through the unhealthy

of her broken dreams that suffocated her badly.

these broken souls are open to 

the hue of your protective correction.

finally, they’ll bow of Your Allow.

they have no choice but to obey Your Voice.

the decay of their ways trapped them 

in the stress of their carnal flesh.

they finally see it’s chaotic and robotic

which is the switch from the gift of Today.

they no longer want to delay Your Obey.

Thank you God for using their hindrances 

for their deliberate destined deliverances.

No matter what they do, you God are a bigger hue.

I say yes to my growing sisterhoods with Cole* and Elle.* They’re amazing and lunch yesterday was everything. I’m also so thankful for my Asian sensation beauty queen in Canada, and my creative genius southern belle dancer from Atlanta. They’re such amazing women that I love very much. I’m so open to whoever else will come going forward. But what I’m really thankful for is how you removed all the imposters who were never for me, and only wanted what wasn’t good for me. I’m very thankful that you spent the last almost four months healing me from every post traumatic stressful trigger that felt bigger than the concept of healing. I thought I was entrapped forever. Thank you Father God for pulling me out of that unhealthy space of teaching in that broken charter school. I walk on faith you God have the residents and those beautiful kids. Thank you God for renewing my mind in grace upon grace. I finally have grace and patience for myself. I finally forgive myself and love myself. Thank you God for that precious gift.

Now I can effectively display in a healthy way what’s supernaturally okay to your beautiful creation. What a glorious space to be free completely in. Thank you God for growing me to own my name not my sins. Thank you God for being unapologetic in never feeding the weeds that make us bleed in the tailspins of sinning. We as humanity are a called community to be in unity. Togetherness is deliverance. The only chains with gains is linking together for the better. Carnal flesh is sinking in quicksand with no Kingdom Band. That’s the greatest self harm: the distress of carnal flesh. That’s the stress of oppression and the deselection of confession. Thank you Father God for taking my heart for Jesus, and setting me free intentionally. You are an intentional Lord Constant One. You Lord keep building me, and showing me my answered prayers are real: God fearing sisters are for keeps. 

Thank you God for being so patient with me to trust, and believe in my he who will always be for me: my beautiful bamboo who will always be true. Thank you God for showing me to own I’m the her in Your Stir: he + He + her, which will occur because you God concur. Thank you God for being the silencer in all the amateurs that didn’t succeed in their poisonous live feeds. All those broken souls grew old and cold. All those broken weeds only made each of them bleed in broken need, and you used their impurities to protect and free me faithfully. More importantly God, my beautiful bamboo is finally free too. I cared about his freedom more than mine. Thank you God for removing and dismantling all his character facades, which were self harm sabotages and mirages. My beautiful bamboo can finally be who he’s called to be effortlessly. My heart is so full for his freedom and beautiful revolution.

she’s not afraid to love him.

she’s not afraid to be all in.

she understands this quicksand 

was designed to align their path

in God’s Kingdom Math. 

he + He + her will always equal God’s Stir

which will occur because God concurs.

Behold, their story is unfolding.

they know, and glow with God’s Flow.

they allowed the final bow 

to reverse the curse of the wrong race.

they see it’s a decree of worldly toxicity.

they supernaturally surrender effortlessly.

they picked up the Cross of Calvary 

running the pace of God’s Race

in the space of grace to grace.

from glory to glory because they are His Story. 

they will always grow in being better together. 

Thank you God.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Love your




Holy Trinity is the key to being set free.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy


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