Who do I pray for now?

The world

Okay what do I say?

Speak to Me


God usually wakes me up at 3 am everyday. For the longest I had no concept as to why, until about two weeks ago, when I got sharpened by a vessel when God entered her, and said “You’re a watchman.” I had no idea I was a prayer warrior watchman until recently. I’m not very good at discipline. In fact, I immaturely see it as slavery for the most part. I’m very bratty about what God asks me to do a lot of the times. I can’t stand rising above in love to really petty and mean souls, especially souls that hurt my heart in the past. I’d much rather feed my flesh and smash teeth in. But then my bestie Jojo* sharpened me yesterday and asked me, “does doing that make you a better human?” No it doesn’t. It makes me mean and petty too. And only love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8) And only fearless love casts out everything blocking the purpose of one body: the reason for the Cross of Calvary. (1 John 4:18) I choose to obey and let everything go.

mean souls hurt her heart.

means souls make the stake of fake shake afar.

mean souls feed aloof to dismantle His Proof.

mean souls fight for strife in dark without His Spark.

mean souls mix drinks that stink and wickedly wink.

mean souls confine to the divided minds.

mean souls grow old and cold to never unfold.

mean souls are harden and feel forgotten. 

mean souls cry out for help by chaotic yelling.

Emmanuel God with us died to Light mean souls. 

it’s time to pick up the Cross and be pierce 

just like our King of kings and Lord of lords 

for prophecy to unfold and God to Behold.

The Holy Trinity is key to being set free in unity. 

we are all called to conquer pitfalls as one body.

I had a dream just now, after I finished doing one of my youversion bible app plans: A Supernaturally Natural Life. I was balling like a baby with total joy when I was reading it, because God showed me my younger self praying for the world to be a family. God has been showing me my younger self, and making me remember my prayers, because God kept them and heard them. God is showing me he’s answering them. It took me today to finally understand, God answers our prayers made for his kingdom: his way and his timing. I had no concept of prophecy being fulfilled tying into this truth. I had no concept of a lot of things. I know nothing but the blood of Jesus set me free by the Cross of Calvary. I’m someone that needs to be scaffolded badly, otherwise I’ll pass out and shut down. God clearly understood this about me, which is why he scaffolded my life. (Lol) I’m so thankful that God is such a genius.

Pierce the souls that feeding weeds bleed.

Pierce the souls that breathing toxicity 

is a broken dream of live feeds chaotically.

Pierce the souls that rewinding time blinds. 

Pierce the souls who have clouded minds.

Pierce the souls that live in the land of quicksand. 

Pierce the souls that sink in thinking.

Pierce the souls that feed impatience, 

which is a switch in the sorrow of no tomorrow. 

Pierce the souls that lean on their own understanding. 

Pierce the souls that flew from being one body. 

Pierce the souls to see being free is human unity. 

Pierce the souls to be aggressive and protective 

to understand we must run our own race.

Pierce the souls to see glory to glory. 

Pierce the souls to know we are Your Story.

Pierce the souls to own grace to grace.  

Pierce the souls that need to see

the fruitfulness in the Cross of Calvary.

In the dream, I saw my father talking to my mother and they looked sad. I walked over and asked my father “what’s wrong?” My father didn’t respond, he cried instead. Then I went to my mother, and told my mother that my father loves her more than she’ll ever understand. She looked through me like I wasn’t there, and was distant and aloof. Then it switched to my father saying “we have to leave here in four hours, because we got kicked out.” So I went into panic mode and said “okay, I have to shower so wait for me.” He didn’t see me or hear me, but he looked in my direction. I thought that was so weird, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

When I was in the shower, I realized that I have a different set up then my parents. That truth pierced me like a ton of bricks, and I said to myself “what my parents experienced has nothing to do with me. I’m free.” Then I woke up. I realized I let my family go. What they have to walk through is between them and God. Just like what I have to walk through is between me and God. We are all God’s children. God has no grandchildren. Salvation isn’t transferred; it’s an encounter with the Holy Trinity that changes us from the inside and out for the rest of our lives. That’s what God means by glory to glory. That’s what God means that we are His Story. God loves us more than we will ever be able to conceptualize.

When I meditate in the word, whether it’s me doing a plan on the Bible app, or God leading me in my physical bible, I truly fight to be in his presence. When I let go of thinking crying equals a straight jacket and hospital visit, I became free to emotionally feel. I’m a cryer but I was fearful of my tears being used against me, or land me in a mental institution. So I stopped crying, which really harmed me. I realized my life had a lot of trauma in the past, and that developed my post traumatic stress disorder. But the glory of God and his faithfulness has been healing me, and freeing me aggressively since January 31st 2016.

I can honestly say that everything I’ve experienced thus far has been a complete blessing. All my pain had the supernatural gain of freedom in Jesus Christ unapologetically. I’m proud to stand tall as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. I’m proud to be running the race I’m called to run. I’m proud to allow the Holy Trinity to completely control the air I breathe effortlessly. I’m proud that I own my name not my sins. I’m proud to be pierced by the Cross of Calvary, because I believe we are multiple parts as one body. I see what Jesus sees. One day, everyone will too. Love your sister Crysta.


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