isolation is a suffocation 

to Holy liberation and biblical dedication.

isolation feeds weeds of toxicities chaotically

to blindly make souls shake and break in fake. 

isolation is misery absently.

isolation is the hiccup in never 

speaking up by creating shortcuts. 

isolation is a dedication to divide in pride 

and find our minds rewinding in time.

isolation is a poisonous kiss in case-dismissed.

isolation is an invalid ballad to congregate in hesitate.

isolation is a syndication in selecting oppression.

isolation is the deflection of righteous confessions.

isolation is an undisciplined pyramid in 

the tailspinning sins of thinking and drinking sinking. 

isolation is quicksand as underprivileged worldly mass.

isolation is worldly dissatisfaction 

in the enhancement of backwards glances,

which is the switch from the gift in today.

today is His Obey of never too late,

and second chances in this brutal romance.

The Cross of Calvary sets all souls 

free completely that choose bold not cold.

this brutal romance can be a light that fights 

through the only hue who’s true: Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ walks with us by faith not by sight.

Jesus Christ sparks the dark to all our pitfalls.

our pitfalls are conquered by being in unity.

unity is a community of all humanity 

that the world will see if we truly believe 

we can be set free from the hinderance 

of unforgiving. wisdom is an allegiance to freedom.

freedom is the space of love in grace to grace.

freedom is forgiveness and reviving deliverance.

freedom is compassion and mercy 

by choosing to lose the world boldly not coldly.

freedom is clinging to sing under His Safe Wings.

freedom dismantles the cancelled scandal of isolation.

The Holy Trinity is key to being set free for all the world to see.

Biblically wisdom is referenced as she and her

to occur as God’s Stir and unfold as His Behold.

me must combust and transform to we 

for faithful harmony in multiple parts of one body. 

women are she’s created to love effortlessly 

& carry those that struggle to receive godly.

women are created to lead from the weed

of isolation to daily sanctification in freedom.

Love she.


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