she doesn’t know what He’s doing 

but she clings to His divine vine.

His vine prevents her defense

from replaying the decay’s of her mind.

it’s a disenchanted scandal that He cancelled.

His vine prevents the offense 

of selecting oppression 

instead of speaking freeing confessions.

Many souls grew cold in waiting for His unfold.

Patience feels like a hinderance 

or an inconvenience not His deliverance.

Daddy, I’ve come to a space where I’m over a lot. You show me a lot and you use me to be a light that fights to spark what’s done in the dark. It’s so interesting and a pleasant surprise that today’s demise has been “rescheduled.” And it was much needed to have that conversation with my Earthbound daddy. The space he’s now in is so refreshingly healthy that it inspires me. I’ll stay prayed up for the souls that are dangerously close to giving up from receiving what is hard to believe: deliverance in their wilderness. My Earthbound daddy gave me such sound wisdom today: Crysta you can’t tell God how to be God in your life. You just have to walk through what He has for you. My Earthbound daddy is right. I repent Constant One and thank you for correcting me by wrecking me to be aligned to your divine design. 

they’re scrambling to undo these ungodly hues.

this can’t be erased from the disgrace space

they must face, because of the misguided lies.

a phone call won’t conquer this pitfall.

this scale failed and His sovereignty prevailed.

they realized their lies can’t magnify God’s design.

they realized they can’t flip a six for a nine.

they realized that she never stopped dwelling 

in the security of His pure vine intuitively.

she let go of known. 

she let go of the patrol of her control. 

she says yes to His behold unfolding.

she says yes to His supernatural ways

to obey in the gift of today.

she hasn’t forgotten His begotten:

The Cross of Calvary that set her free faithfully. 

she sees God is hope and trust.

she sees she won’t fearfully combust.

she’s prayerfully trusting God working 

in the she’s who’s hearts are fearful and heavy.

I was bold enough to tell my Earthbound daddy that it’s nice to see him be alert and sober. My Earthbound daddy laughed and agreed. The greatest light is shining in my Earthbound daddy through the darkest hue he’s thriving through. I’m really proud of my Earthbound daddy and it’s refreshing to see my prayers be answered. This gives me greater hope that all my prayers will be answered God’s Way not my way. All I have to do is continue to fix my eyes on the prize of Jesus Christ. All I have to do is continue to float off the boat in hope, and not be tripped up by the hiccups of wrong thinking winking sinking. Thank you Constant One for trusting me with all that you do. Lord I continue to cling in your vine and virtue. Love your daughter and your she whom you set free. 


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