wrong point of views

blocks the purpose of His Virtue.

wrong point of views

keeps us combusted in distrust.

wrong point of views

feeds the weeds of broken needs.

broken needs are live feeds

that oppresses confessions,

and grows the sour taste in scales prevailing.

there’s freedom in releasing.

there’s freedom in believing faith not sight.

there’s freedom in humanity walking in unity.

there’s freedom in purpose over popularity.

there’s freedom in the transformation 

from the conformities of worldly ideologies.

there’s freedom in the Light of Jesus Christ:

by standing to fight for what’s not right.

by being bold not cold faithfully in harmony.

by sparking the dark to what seems lost

in picking up the Cross to be set free effortlessly.

biblically wisdom is addressed as her and she.

God intentionally made His daughters hers & she’s.

she shunned them like they shunned her.

she sees the isolation is suffocating.

she sees the them’s want more.

she sees their faces are prayerfully on the floor.

she sees the choice of man’s voice is choking

the stirring of them transforming to God’s Way.

she sees the migration of His Liberation.

she sees she’s used to dismantle flesh god scandals.

she sees she’s put that son of God’s in a box.

she sees she has no control in His Patrol.

she sees she doesn’t know how this will go.

she sees she has to rise above to be in love.

she sees freedom is choosing to lose the lies:

of pride misguiding.

of hiding what’s stone cold inside.

of allowing the bow of her heart to be flesh.

of being right in blinding plights.

of the wrong song throng of strife.

of unforgiving that son of God’s.

of being madder or sadder.

of trusting God above what’s the current scene.

she says yes to what God says.

she bows to allow God to lead her feet

His way not her way in the path of Kingdom Math.

she leaves all her emotions at His throne

to allow Him to unfold His Behold.

she leaves all her emotions at His throne

to let these tests become His testimony.

she leaves all her emotions at His throne

to let these messes become His messages.

she trusts God above the gears of her fears.

she trusts God to open her heart to shine His Light.

she trusts God to create the space of His Virtue.

she chooses to praise in the rain of this storm, 

and cling to His Wings as she lets her soul be reborn.

Love she.


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