she can’t wait to see her beautiful Ali*

this week is full of godly treats.

her Asian sensation is making 

New York the next destination.

last time Ali came, everything completely changed.

God rearranged some spaces and dismantled disgraces.

God sparked the dark on imposters and their scandals.

God has made it clear who belongs in her space.

she sees she has to speak to be set free.

she sees she has to tell her two triple G’s.

her triple G’s: Elle* and Cole* are her sisters.

she lets go of all the shady fake unfolds.

God has the dishonest approaches and souls

that grew impatient and cold for shortcuts.

she sees her G’s are sticking around faithfully.

she sees resenting Him for this testimony 

is cold, not bold, and lonely in singular phony. 

she sees she needs to be mature about that he.

she sees being angry is a wasteful wink and sink.

she sees hostility blinds her finds in rewind.

she sees she has to let go of what she knows

for God’s story to unfold as His Behold Glory.

she sees her sisters for life are Jojo,* her triple G’s, and Ali. 

she has peace on whoever else comes on this sisterhood ride.

she sees God wants her to be plugged in.

she sees that her new community is true unity.

she’s understanding the layers of her traumatic fears.

she sees healing is revealing and freeing.

she’s thankful for this safe space 

of scribing lines that sometimes rhyme.

she sees everyone is struggling in their own way.

if she’s admitting truths to her G’s what’s next?

triple G’s is for godly, genius, and gorgeous.

her Elle and Cole are world changing doctors.

her Ali is a world changing gluten free chef.

her Jojo is glowing and owning her ministries finally. 

she sees there have been a lot of projections.

she trusts time will reveal what’s been concealed.

she has peace on what will really occur as God’s Stir.

she chooses to lose her way for God’s Divine Vine always.

tangibility is hostility no matter what that he

does or says: God will always be her bigger leader.

it’s not smooth sailing with that he 

and whatever is next for this story. 

she will bow and allow God to make the way

that’s meant to stay for all her days here on Earth.

she’s thankful for her tribe vibes 

and to having amazing women in her circle.

she sees God sparked great light in this dark plight season.

she chooses to praise her King in the hallway

until He sees fit to open the next door by making a way.

she sees she chooses to kick the puddles 

instead of rolling in the fumbles of her rumbles.

she sees she chooses to praise in the rain of this storm 

to no longer be stronger in the throng of wrong,

or conform to habitual rituals by being reborn.

she’s blessed to have God be her Transformer.

Love she.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy 


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