her King that made

her set free from all internal toxicities.

when she sleeps God comes in her dreams.

the dream the other day, was a weird decay.

she’s thankful God handled all scandals

and cancelled theses wedding shambles.

she breathes in peace and ease faithfully.

there’s a boy that cried wolf who will be shook.

there’s a girl with a world that will crash,

by blinded carnal lies of lullabies.

the clock will strike twelve where the misguides dwell.

there’s a daughter that will explode from this episode.

she sees the unhealthy regimens in routines.

the chaos can be seen clearly and effortlessly.

she’s thankful she’s removed from the groove

of ugly and phony performance treadmills.

the hype of fitness is supernatural deliverance.

the audience of one is lovingly moving on from

cheap thrills and confetti in competitive empty.

the fitness hype is a flipped switch where

she is honestly not interested without staring.

she will see her two thousand eighteen scene,

and the blueprint for months one to three.

her platform is here and she says yes.

she’s happy for humbled beginnings,

because they’re divine saturation

in her separation to supernatural restoration.

she’s no longer attached to the attacks

of her disenchanted handling in scandals.

this wilderness is her deliverance from

fun with no sun generational curses.

she doesn’t have a say who’s the soul she’ll submit

or biblically obey in today, but she knows

God’s face will be shone and glow with godly flow.

she’ll always be in the see of supernatural.

she knows her ribcage will be her heart’s desire

for the path in Kingdom Math.

she knows her ribcage will be Jesus’ Renegade.

she’s awaken not taken aback by setbacks.

she’s awaken no longer shaken standing on God.

she’s stronger without her facades.

she owns her high favor, and in awe that

her King that makes her soul sing loved her this much

to prevent her from feeding worldly broken luck.

prophecy is coming to pass, nothing will last.

she’s committed to the oath of godly growth.

she submitted to the healthy in God’s wealthy.

she knows Jojo* is ready to grow in God’s flow.

she’s excited for Jojo’s ribcage to come.

she’s excited that he’s away from decay’s.

she’s excited that God spared Jojo and her.

she’s excited for the pieces to unfold.

she knows there’s pieces that needs to play out.

God knows where she stands about that man.

God knows she refuses to lose in his quicksand.

she sees God spared her faithfully,

from his rewinded games in the lane of his shame.

she has high intellect that rejects that blatant disrespect.

she’s unapologetic in her high standards kinetic.

she knows her King has her ready rings,

and in his perfect timing two flesh will align.

she knows it’s time for her platform to come alive.

she’s not waiting anymore, and she knows she’s gotta go.

she didn’t want to be in the focused lens

of seeing carnal transitions in religion

of proving a point pretending coming to end.

there’s a daughter that said yes to a facade.

there’s a daughter that said yes to feeding an inner god.

there’s a daughter that overcompensates unloved.

there’s a daughter that accepts disrespect.

there’s a daughter that okays minimal effort.

there’s a daughter that settled being a legal sister.

there’s a daughter that swallows the hallow of afterthought.

there’s a daughter that ignores her gut for worldly luck.

there’s a daughter that clings to stings.

there’s a daughter with a checklist set of rings.

there’s a son that tries after reacting from wandering eyes.

there’s a son operating on being boxed.

there’s a son that loves and trusts money.

there’s a son that’s afraid to be broke again.

there’s a son that needs healing by revealing.

there’s a daughter that needs healing by revealing.

there’s she who is me that’s ready for the next scene.

she who is me says yes to God’s best.

she who is me is happy for her family

of souls God divinely designed

as her present and future company.

she says play God’s next episode.

she says yes to the rhymes that God scribes.

she says yes to being Awaken.

she says yes to everything God has for her.

Let’s go Greater is He who lives in me as she.

Love she that scribes lines of poetry.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy


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