free from rewinded counterclockwise,

her mind no longer confines in lies.

the lullabies of misguides dismantled & died.

God handles the cancelled scandals

by the facades in his daughter playing god.

there’s no more carrying scores in ignore.

she sees His decree faithfully for 2018.

she’s awaken by His shaken remaking.

she’s saturated in His maturated restoration.

she’s divinely separated in His path to Kingdom Math.

she says goodbye to the scenes of routines.

she says goodbye to tumbles of troubles.

she says goodbye to the quicksand of two strands.

she says goodbye to the setbacks and attacks.

she ricocheted away from the ballet of yesterday’s.

she ricocheted through the gourmets in crochets.

she ricocheted through the essays of doomsday’s.

she ricocheted to the roadway of the Lord’s Way.

she ricocheted to the prepay of His Payday.

she ricocheted on the expressway of His screenplay.

God scribes the lines of her life in His Light.

the delays in decay’s in the gateway of her dismay,

are no longer stronger in arrows of sorrows.

she ricocheted from oppression to confession.

she ricocheted from the hinderances of this wilderness.

she ricocheted through the downplays of cliches.

she lets it all go for her 2018 glow in God’s Flow.

she lets it all go in the slanders of sadder by madder.

she let go of her liberation in expectations.

2017 was the ricochet to His Way in Today.

Jesus takes away all sinful foul play by

the sting of death that left three days later.

she’s a fighter as a writer by supernatural revival.

God will always be the sorbet in her ricochet.

she’s grateful for the letting go in replayed episodes.

she ricocheted through the walkway of God’s pathway.

she knows what time it is—case dismissed.

love she that scribes lines of poetry.


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