when feet meet defeat,

her King steps in with His Wings.

(Psalms 91.)

when her heart races,

her King takes her hand

to withstand as the Great I Am.

(Exodus 3:14.)

the greatest supernatural protection

is tangible rejection by the Creator

who’s Maker, and far Greater above all.

humanity is called to flee from me

and evolve in the unity of we lovingly.

the Bible sets her free

from the lies of the word anxiety,

but sometimes it’s hard to see

casting all fears unto He completely.

(1 Peter 5:7.)

God’s closed doors is what’s best for her soul.

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day. Starting off with a pleasantly surprised cancelled meeting, followed by my discovery I’m still in love with Brooklyn, NY!! I spent the day with my Jojo* wandering the historical streets of Dumbo, Brooklyn. Historical landmarks take my breath away, where I sometimes wish I can go back in time to see original form. Original form is a common theme that God has been showing me lately, as well as ‘come to pass,’ and ‘two full years.’

her King makes her soul sing,

because He healed all concealed stings.

a twenty year piercing had her repetitive

in overcompensating cheering by swallowing

the hallow misguide of her lies fearing

everything except what’s best for her soul.

many words have made her grow cold.

she’s bold in saying something with nothing.

she’s immune to the tunes of tycoons.

she’s immune to the stages of honeymoon,

for she sees this hiss as a cartoon diss.

a kiss of death that takes one’s breath

is a controlled patrol of a one man show.

many actions have caused her pause

in hopeful romantic first last chances.

I did one of my bible studies yesterday, and amazing God was leading me to reflect on my very own ‘full two years.’ I meditated on Genesis 41:1, because it pierced me the most. I’m a very different woman of God than I was two years ago. I’ve been blessed with so many physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution that my heart is thankful for what I know today. This two year journey has had many challenges, however I see the hands of God over my life, and what I saw was strife propelled me Higher in the Light of Jesus Christ.

she’s immune to the words, “I miss you.”

her curfew is a virtue to know what’s truths.

every time she walks through the talks

of God’s revelations her clan reaches out.

she uses discernment and wisdom

since being blessed with no stress

by separating divinely in peace of her mind.

away from the harmful spaces of souls

that grew her immune heart cold.

her King that makes her soul sing

used a sordid scale that made her grow pale

in pain that is no longer in vain as God’s gain.

she doesn’t believe the supernatural scenes

of camouflage staging to increase digit releasing.

it’s easier to freeze faith in the unseen,

because of the hue tangibility being the blues.

Back then, it was hard to see from the

clogged realities that felt suffocatingly empty.

two years ago her circle was different,

her place of worship was different,

her residence was different,

and her place of employment was different.

who remained constant in the many transformations

she’s encountered is God, and Jojo*

I remember silently praying for what I have today, (two years ago come this Wednesday.) I prayed for a space to feel safe. I prayed for God to make it very clear who belongs in my space by removing everyone who isn’t for me. I prayed for God to bless me with a new place of aligned-to-the-Bible worship, and leadership that’s sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I prayed for a job where I’m walking purpose that prepares me for my ultimate edifying passions. As I scribe these lines, I have to understand God is truly with me. He delivered me from every stressor that I pushed myself to be immune to. I may not like how God answered my prayers, or how long He took to answer, but I cannot deny that God indeed honored my prayers. I’m thankful that I walk in the confidence of God only. I’m thankful that humility is growing my spiritual maturity. I’m thankful that the Holy Trinity is Greater is He who lives in me, than he who’s of the world holds all my keys faithfully. (1 John 4:4.) When we push for Higher, we walk the fires of the world intumescent by the Holy Spirit completely unscathed. (Daniel 3.) Thank you King Jesus for being exactly what the Bible tells me.

she’s committed to His deliverance

in her oath to godly growth.

she’s thankful for the peace

that makes her breathe with ease

surpassing all understanding,

where she boldly not coldly walk in today.

(Philippians 4.)

she’s thankful to cast all cares unto God,

because He will always be bigger

than the trigger of her rewinded mind facades.

she’s thankful for ongoing healing from immune.

she’s thankful for her greatest advocate: time.

Love she that scribes lines of poetry.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy


4 thoughts on “immune

  1. Reblogged this on It's the one Kiptoo and commented:
    I read this post today and I began thinking about how it is important to have Christ at the center of all that you do.
    I took my time to go through the article, purposing to visit the verses herein referenced and for sure I was motivated.
    Writing like this that not only impresses but expresses the true feelings of a believer in Christ is priceless.
    I look foward to reading more from this blogger and the word of God.
    Blessed Sunday.

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