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I’m a GOD LOVER that’s Team Jesus for LIFE. I’m a tall female from Brooklyn that loves foooooood. I love my family and my friends. They keep me grounded and humble. I love learning, reading, writing and growing. I’m pretty adventurous. And I ask a lot of questions. Some like that and some don’t. We can’t please everyone right? Sometimes I can take surprises, but for the most part I like knowing what’s going on. Perhaps it’s a controlling mechanism I possess (It’s definitely probably that.) Who knows? We’re all wired uniquely, which makes it so exciting to co-exist with one another! I’m on this path called life just like everyone else figuring out my purpose and the next step. What God has in stored for me because he’s the true director of my life. I take every experience I encountered as a lesson learned. And I love helping people and seeing them grow. Maybe expressing myself can help someone out here. 😀



Feel free to contact me if you want someone to talk to, or pray with!

Until next time! God Bless! Xo

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