she chooses not to flee

from the broken scenes of me’s.

she sees that fleeing isn’t key.

the activation to dismantle

the scandal to handle condemnation,

is to replace that space with celebration.

the opposite of break is not to take.

to remain awake, me’s must become we’s.

the transfiguration from discrimination

is say yes to letting go of the cold and old

in me that blinds in rewinded time toxicities.

the transfiguration from alienation

is to pick up the Cross to no longer be lost.

the transfiguration in isolation

is to spark the dark with the Light of Christ.

the transfiguration from divination

is to be the we that sets all souls free faithfully.

the Cross of Calvary is freedom from me.

freedom from me is the narrow path

to unified purpose-filled Kingdom Math.

the transfiguration is choosing sanctifying

after dying and reviving to come alive in Christ.

salvation is the registration to eternity.

eternity is the key for all souls to be free in we.

she sees the potent generational curses

that he + He + her in God’s Stir had to walk

the talk of this deliverance in this wilderness.

God’s way remains and stays always.

God takes away what’s not made to stay.

the saturation in restoration is divine separation.

she pleads the blood of Jesus over His Dome,

for the four souls who He is Greater made home.

she casts out the doubtful spirit.

it’s belligerent and ignorant.

she casts out the indifferent spirit.

it’s a cop-out to opt-out,

when she’s called to be a Light that fights.

she chooses to lift her sword when it’s cold.

she chooses to lift her sword when it’s old.

she pushes to see what she’s called to be.

her feet met the Cross of Calvary

where she died to come alive His Way.

the ungodly in her is removed chokeholds.

His love remains as He breaks every chain.

she chooses to be undone and His Behold.

she chooses to walk the talk of the gospel.

she chooses to breathe the Holy Bible.

she owns her name not her sins.

she owns what’s at stake for His Sake.

she chooses to remain awake.

to remain awake: me’s must become we’s.

the transfiguration from discrimination

is say yes to letting go of the cold and old

in me that blinds in rewinded time toxicities.

the transfiguration from alienation

is to pick up the Cross to no longer be lost.

the transfiguration in isolation

is to spark the dark with the Light of Christ.

the transfiguration from divination

is to be the we that sets all souls free faithfully.

the Cross of Calvary is freedom from me.

freedom from me is the narrow path

to unified purpose-filled Kingdom Math.

the transfiguration is choosing sanctifying

after dying and reviving to come alive in Christ.

salvation is the registration to eternity.

eternity is the key for all souls to be free in we.

she sees what Jesus sees: Love is the key.

Thank you King Jesus for transfiguration

in our daily sanctification by the gift of salvation.

Love she that scribes lines of poetry,

because Greater is He who lives in me

than he who’s of the world. (1 John 4:4)



people don’t want truth. 

people avoid biblical proof.

people want to abuse,

and refuse in the ruse. 

truth changes the arranges,

people fought or bought.

people don’t want to get caught. 

people like the spike in silence.

it’s an alliance to 

slum in the dumps

of the sins 

pretending its wins.

people want to be robotic. 

people want to be chaotic. 

people want to lie.

people want to hide.

people want their pride.

to be and flee with the enemy.

people want mixed drinks.

people want to sink, 

in the sins of fleshly thinking. 

people want wicked winking. 

people want to sex up,

and have peace to be in ease

of ungodly releases.

people want the known, 

to be cloned in drones alone.

people want facades,

to play dictating gods.

people want to ‘win’

in the slums of their sins.

people want the master, 

of fiscal deadly disasters. 

people want confetti,

to keep ignoring their empty.

people want to feed mistakes. 

people want to do things,

in the stings of their disobey

like wrong wedding rings.

to press play in delay 

and dismay to disobey in

the decay’s of yesterday’s. 

people want no tomorrow. 

people want their broken sorrows.

people want to patrol, 

in the deluded limited control.

people want to be hypnotic, 

to feed mutant stagnancy robotically. 

people want comfort. 

there’s numbers in slumber.

slumber is the number for comfort. 

slumber rejects and neglects confronting,

the spark on the dark inside 

of what’s not right by misguided lies. 

people don’t want to be accountable. 

people want worldly surmountable. 

people want the world coldly, 

and not boldly be called out. 

people don’t want to perish, 

so people are lukewarm 

to be fleshly conformed, 

and not transform 

to godly cherished. 

people want their flesh,

regardless if it’s a mess.

people want the inner war zone. 

people don’t want to grow a backbone. 

people don’t care to be aware. 

people don’t want to see,

only biblically sets us free.

people want to believe 

seeking the Kingdom of God 

is a facade mirage phony.

people want to pretend 

they’re not lonely.

people don’t want to wait. 

people want loopholes, 

to combat the Great I Am.

people want to wrestle God. 

people want to forget, 

and neglect that’s never 

a win just sinning disrespect 

to flesh, and painful messes

by the silent and violent oppression. 

people want to be petty. 

people want to be angry.

people want to be raged, 

in a stage full of caged wages. 

people want to hold on to ungodly, 

it justifies their lies to flee 

in darkness with the enemy. 

people aren’t interested in godly.

people don’t want the foolishness of God. 

people want the vulgarity in popularity. 

people want the barbarity in irregularity. 

people don’t want unity. 

people want crowds to community mutinies.

people want to travel and not unravel.

people want to be in loveless marriages, 

to feed the broken weed of fleshly savages. 

people don’t want to go against the grain. 

people want their pain to stay in vain. 

people want the rewind of time in their brain. 

people don’t want to pray. 

people don’t want to obey. 

people don’t want to stay still.

people want to suffocate 

without God’s Gills.

people want sexual cheap thrills.

people don’t want to be still.

people want to limit God. 

people want God tangible. 

people don’t want to see

isolation makes us flee

in darkness with the enemy.

Biblically accountability is three,

or more to be picked up from the floor.

people want to divert what hurts, 

to not have worth or supernatural. 

Jesus died for people. 

Jesus died for righteous. 

Jesus died for the sinners. 

Jesus died for the disobedient.

like the robotic allegiance

to the flag of the United States 

of divided America 

to the republic which quicksand 

is the land that no one can stand 

under the God that’s limited facades. 

people want to combust in lust.

people want pity.

people want no unity. 

people want fleshly 

not godly communities. 

people see God doing too much. 

people see God taking away 

what should stay and be okay.

people see God making the stake of fake, 

break and shake light brightly in 

the sin of what is not right. 

people throw tantrums, 

because they want their phantoms. 

people want egos not humility. 

people want delays not maturity.

people want kiss of lies that divide, 

instead of the slap of truth 

from God’s Biblical Proof.

people want to stay in the past. 

people don’t want to be set free.

people don’t want to see godly.

people want their mission, 

to never allow the final bow

of submission by His Permission. 

I’m a people too.

I feel these reels too,

but God is Creator, 

and God is far greater. 

so God keep pushing me 

to be godly not decay

in the disobey in my flesh.

so God keep holding me 

to have a higher standard 

where it’s impossible to ever 

settle in my limited mess

as a blind angry people 

ever again, push the confess.

Your Way not mine.

You call the shots God

not my blinding flesh facades rewind.

Keep dismantling me God.

Thank you King.

Love your daughter. 



I don’t know what 

you have for me.

I see supernaturally 

You are using all

these pitfalls,

and adversaries 

to set your daughter free.

I choose to believe 

that you have 

the best for me,

so despite the

tangible strife

in my life by

all this fighting,

I will sing 

Your Praise.

I will cling 

to You King.

You make

my soul

pump the breaks,

in the stake of 

fake to be free

to see under 

Your Wings.

I supernaturally receive the similarities between your daughter that birthed me, and your younger daughter that doesn’t know her worth, who defaced her space with the secretive race, through the slums of her sins that never resulted in a win: just radioactive tailspins. 

Your younger daughter thought she wouldn’t get caught, after she fought to keep her creeping cheap lies inside, that she used to blindside this he you will always say is for me. Your younger daughter thought the assistance in her persistence, through that crowds to community night no unity, will make her keep this he you will always say is for me intuitively. 

The flesh god facades in that building with no godly wings, just make her stake in fake wedding rings sting, due to being the hue that enervated the pale scales to continue to prevail, on this he you will always say is for me. This he no longer wants to be stronger in the worldly connection of flesh, which is the only way your younger daughter believed her lie she’ll always have the final say. Your younger daughter’s house of cards tumbled in her rumble that’s dismantling before her sage raged eyes. That four month fast track dating to wedding matrimony, didn’t cover the worldly phony, or her role in this predestined testimony. 

The world is broken Daddy. Culturally, society has created habitual mockeries that are against the biblical connection and protection of the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding. The peace of God teaches and reaches us to fix our eyes on the prize of Jesus Christ, who will always be the key to Light the dark on what’s not right inside.

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

There’s an inherited brokenness on the concept of being a flawed human, who makes mistakes that are painful. Only through God does pain have gain. Otherwise our hurt has no worth and is all in vain.

“As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem. And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb: and the hand of the Lord shall be known toward his servants, and his indignation toward his enemies.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭66:13-14‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Immeasurable amount of pain is a necessity that catapults us in our purpose. Our mistakes are like the engine that activates our calling through the pitfall we are created to conquer by giving God our all. Take for example Saul who turned to Apostle Paul. This is the greatest story of redemption in biblical history. Saul was always called to be Apostle Paul. I have a theory he always knew, and thought being an awful human would remove the calling on his life. Welp, it didn’t remove anything, he still had to be the author of most of the New Testament. Nothing we do can change what we are called to do, especially if we find ourselves in a marriage we didn’t discern on, or a marriage God isn’t in at all. Two strand marriages will always be quicksand savages.

Marriage is a taboo topic on planet earth. There’s a blinding brokenness, that humans are truly comfortable on feeding. Humans are gossipers, and harsh critics yet choke in a fearful concept of being judged themselves. I would know, I used to feed the same ignorant inheritance, before walking the testimony that I walk now. One of the many lessons I’ve learned walking my third year recommitted with Christ, is that the word of God is misquoted and misinterpreted. 

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned to biblically combat that dangerous fact, is pray before I read the word to be open to the Holy Spirit to lead me in the truths I need to learn, and what I need to see. I used to read the Bible as a book too. That’s why I was lost and confused for so long. The Holy Bible is not designed to be read as a book. It’s the foundation in our salvation, by the daily sanctification of denying our flesh. Prayer is the key to this process. The Spirit must always be the guide to show us what we hide inside by lies, which truly makes us die and walk misguided. 

“We cannot read or see what we are not ready for,” that’s pearls of wisdom from my best friend Jojo* she’s so correct. It’s true. The Bible says God hates divorce, it’s true he does. God also hates disobedience, that’s a sin and disobedience can lead any human down a rabbit hole of lies, that can get completely overwhelming to keep up like a marriage God never blessed or agreed to. Your younger daughter leaned on her own understanding, that landed herself in the two strand wedding quicksand she’s currently and radioactively tailspinning in by the slums of her sins. The assistance of the village of humans, which were in this he’s space, and ears feeding on his fears. The same he you God keep saying is for me. Fear is not of God. Fear is fleeing in misery with the enemy. Fear is darkness, and only Jesus can turn on the light of what’s not right inside. 

The Bible also says what God puts together no man can separate. 

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

‭‭Mark‬ ‭10:9‬ ‭KJV‬‬

If God put two souls together, and made them one flesh then nothing can separate them due to the three strands of being unbreakable: 

he + He + her = God’s Stir.

“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:9-12‬ ‭KJV‬‬

That’s the path to rock solid math. But if a village of humans puts a couple together, then only the same village of humans can keep said couple together. Our biblical example of what God supernaturally puts together is found in Genesis 2. Biblically God didn’t describe or use a village of humans to join Adam and Eve together. (Or the man and the woman, depending on your biblical version.) Biblically, God created Eve supernaturally from Adam’s ribcage when he was in a state of stillness and restfulness. God took Adam’s rib, which was hurt with worth that Adam didn’t feel, because he was sleeping. And through the faithfulness of God, God still healed Adam even though he didn’t feel the pain. Humans walk around in pain but can’t feel it, because they’re sleepwalking. Like Adam was when Eve took the forbidden fruit, and Adam failed to cover his rib as the alpha male, and the head of the household.  

Biblically God references wisdom as a she, making women very special to God; but need an immeasurable amount of protection, because of the many blind spots women have. If a woman’s ordained ribcage is sleepwalking, then as the neck to the head of the household, that woman has to cling to her King in prayer until her ribcage wakes up. Eve didn’t do that either. Both Adam and Eve biblically failed. As humans we must cease without praying, however when we pray we must have the audacity to actually be open to God and His truth, not what we want to do. 

“Pray without ceasing.”

‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Sin entered the world, because Adam and Eve stopped going to God respectively, and that’s why God had a plan for human being’s. Human being’s are called to be flawed, and authentically wired to miss the mark: sin. We are created to sin, and get it wrong. Sin is ingrained in our existence. That’s why God had a plan in the form of Emmanuel: God with us. From the beginning of time, before the creation of heaven and earth, God had a plan to spark the dark, and Light what’s not right through the life of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Our Savior is far greater through the victory of the death through Our Messiah. 

Daddy, you are doing a work in my heart. It’s so warm right now. I just say yes to all this unknown:

my loans,

my living situation, and

my newfound unemployment. Daddy I’m empty, and completely where you need me to be: free falling in the unknown. Your Way, not my way.

All the supernatural testimonies you show me Daddy, and the ones I’m over and under connected supernaturally in the blunders, are all in your control. As your vessel all I can do is keep my sword lifted, in my layer of prayers until you move Daddy. As I draw closer to you, I see that I’ve completely changed into a woman I don’t recognize, right before my baffled and rattled eyes. As I draw closer to you, I see what I have to do. 

I must have the audacity 

to actually reject and neglect

the dulling prospect of stagnancy.

I must have the audacity 

to actually be in love,

because love is 

found bound from Above.

You’re supernaturally 

reviving my heart 

to beat in Your Heat.

We are all called 

to conquer are pitfalls.

I must have the audacity 

to actually lift my sword

in my layers of prayers.

Daddy, you supernaturally 

freed me from adversaries 

like my perspective 

on the sensitive 

objective: marriage

through my season

by Your Reason 

in this wilderness

by my hinderance 

of tangibility and marriage.

All of this is temporary.

All of this is secondary.

Your Vision, and 

Your Mission:

stop the clock

in the rewind of time.

To redirect eyes 

back on the prize,

the Light of Jesus Christ.

To no longer 

be stronger in

sinking from thinking,

but to float off the boat.

By spreading the hue

that will always be true.

The gospel of Jesus Christ

through the biblical proof

of truth: The Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible

is the only Light

that can spark the dark 

on what’s not right inside.

Thank you O’ Lord

continue to bless our souls.

Thank you O’ Lord

continue to shield 

us in Your Armor.

I love you King.

Love your daughter. 

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy


Walking day by day

in this maddening 

saddening reality when 

you God used to say

many things 

and show me

what’s to come.

Presently you have me

in a space of uncertainty,

and thankfully you’ve 

blessed me with the peace 

that surpasses all understanding.


all that’s lacking.

Before salvation 

I was quick

to bolt, or quit.

And that landed me 

in a painful space 

times three:

mentally done 

with labels and fables

humans were able 

to be their broken see.

You’ve never destroyed

any of the ungodly 

you called me to 

to spark the dark;

you called me to, 

to bright the light.

That’s why I decided

to just land in the quicksand

of a padded mental cell

then you had the nerve

to take that away

and say it’s a 

decay of yesterday.

Fine keep it.

But why take away my pockets?

Now that I finally understand 

how unhealthy my family is

it’s time to flee but yet

there’s no money.

I have to witness

something I’ve connected

since I was a child.

When I was a child 

I didn’t speak like a child

because you didn’t give me 

a brain like a child.

I never asked for these gifts.

Or to be this ‘weird.’

I don’t get you God.

I don’t get why 

you made me so different

yet so limited.

My thorn like Apostle Paul.

Told you I was 

modern day Paulina.

All these ungodly pitfalls

are being executed by 

evil blobs that play god.

Like that woman 

currently with the man

you won’t 

disconnect me from, and 

you didn’t let me

protect him from

this evil blob.

All I was allowed to do 

was watch this cancerous show

in tears and fears to pray

this man wakes up

who knows if he did.

You pulled me out 

of that community that 

is no longer covered with 

your godly wings.

So many wrong spirits dwell 

in that space.

You God allowed love

to look so ugly for me 

where I don’t care anymore.

This world is a joke 

humans want to choke

and be in the toxicity 

of chaotic and robotic evil blobs.

Like that woman 

with the man you called me to.

Fine bring rapture already.

I know where I’m going.

I knew what Jojo*

just connected

since three years ago:

this man you called me

to is with a woman 

of destructive darkness,

that deliberately feeds

the purpose of fleeing

with the enemy by

pretending to be godly.

Anyone that stays still enough

can see the humans on Earth

that walk the talk 

of darkness deliberately.

But no one wants to be still.

Humans want to loophole truth.

Humans want to dilute biblical proof.

Like this woman with 

the man you called me to 

who got swallowed in the belly 

of this hallow follow 

wrong bow whale

in a wilderness for his deliverance.

No one cares to be aware

so I don’t care to pray  

by lifting my sword for

sleepwalking drones.

I’m done. 

Humans want to walk 

a talk of “godly,” yet

be the ambassador of evil blobs.

That’s on the “them’s” 

and their problem.

I’m done.

These landlords

that play godly,

that broken community

with no godly wings,

that play godly,

and that cesspool ‘ teaching opportunity,’

all sucked the life out of me.

None of these humans paid 

for all the ungodly ways

their flesh decayed in disobey.

The Bible in its entirety 

shows evil pays.

Yet none of this evil did. 

I’m done caring about

spreading awareness.

All I see is satan winning, 

yet your bigger than  

that dark ugly evil blob.

I don’t get why your called

are walking like slobs,

and fools as broken tools 

but that’s your problem

God (not mine.)

I’m done. You got that.

I don’t care to express 

what punk humans never confessed,

to help those they were called to help

like this man in this 

current darkness of quicksand.

You have that too. 

You allowed all of this

so biblically regardless 

if it makes sense to me

or that I disagree 

you God still have 

a purpose for all this

ugly mess. 

So that’s on you too. 

I don’t know why

you have me expressing

so candidly how over you

I truly am. 

None of this is a win

Humans blatantly sin.

sinning is broken societal winning 

worse than Sodom and Gomorrah

yet you wiped out those two cities.

Why are these humans spared?

Jesus died for no reason

no one respects or appreciates 

that mission or truly understands

the walk of salvation.

Many half-assed this walk

in a vulgarity of popularity 

and that’s not why Jesus died.

But again that’s on you God

it’s your problem not mine.

I’m done.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy

let go

she cannot stand 

that he will be free 

without her faithfully. 

she thinks if she rejects 

and neglects her peace

then he cannot flee

from this four hundred 

and forty-sixth day 

dismay of toxicity, 

so she stays 

in decay’s 

of yesterday’s 

thinking he’s sinking and trapped.

what she doesn’t want to see

is that he’s being set free.

she sits in misery 

which makes her ugly

and an ungodly phony.

she’s in bitterness and this

is teaching him stillness. 

she’s in bitterness and this

is reaching him in patience. 

in his hinderance 

there’s deliverance. 

she’s in bitterness 

and this hissed diss

is fine tuning 

and pruning 

his layers 

of prayers. 

Victory won

she’s undone 

he’s free

he’s seeing 

he’s believing 

she’s reeling 

she’s feeling 

she’s rejecting 

she’s neglecting 

she’s ejecting 

The biblical truth

in this finished story. 

That God has the final say 

in the Obey of Today. 

her delay won’t make him stay.

four hundred and 

forty-six days later

she’s still not in his heart.

four hundred and 

forty-six days later

still in all the cheap thrills

didn’t make her place 

in his space greater.

the fun in the sun

and all traveling

was an unraveling 

to show him 

she’s not the one.

what he needs is not

always being “silly.” 

her immaturity is not a

permanent fix 

and her mixed drinks 

are no longer stronger 

in this throng song of wrong

by the lies that multiplied 

in the sinning not winning

legally rushed scene

after four months 

of secret sexual meetings

she aggressively pushed for.

she thought the contest

was her acceptance 

when it was her entrance

to be used for God’s Purpose.

I let go of my patrol. 

I let go of my control.

I let go of the scrutiny

in that broken community.

I let go of my avenge 

to see everyone in revenge

that hurt my beauty. 

the choice in this journey

was influenced by 

a broken community that 

didn’t want to let this man be free. 

I let go of what I know 

to choose to lose in the unknown. 

What’s done in the dark 

can only be sparked by light 

when I fight for what’s right: 

The Light of Jesus Christ. 

His Might in love not strife. 

Love is found bound from Above. 

Only love covers a multitude of sins 

not the slum of my tongue 

to spew the hue of verbal ugly ‘wins.’

Sensitivity is the key to being godly.

It doesn’t feel good to be godly to a woman on a mission, that distracted my he that will always be for me. This is what I see, but faithfully Jesus Christ died for past, present, and future sins. That’s the biblical win to sing, and sit on under God’s wings. My King needs me to be in the layers of prayers for this woman, that God sees as his daughter. So she too can be set free even though she doesn’t want to grow, or see biblically through the intimacy of God.

In anger I see an evil blob 

that played god. 

In anger I see an evil blob 

that needs to bleed 

in broken need 

for all the weeds she feeds 

to believe her idiosyncrasies. 

I want her to suffer 

from the stupidness 

of thinking she won this. 

I want her to suffer 

for the stupidness 

of her thinking my he 

wouldn’t wake up 

from her shake up 

in playing on his vulnerability 

of the sixth month 

of the year two thousand fifteen

The direct message was the send off, in the lift off to this wilderness my he walked through, to be set free godly by God using this woman, who would never be me. This woman is my he’s sixth dip in the Jordan River. No matter how much this woman tried through lies, and mirroring me this woman cannot be where I will always be: in my he’s heart. 

I’m in his veins 

in the rain, 

in the shine, 

God says he’s mine. 

Regardless of time 

or the current facade. 

Playing god won’t change 

the arrange of the games 

and lames this woman 

was on a mission 

without permission 

to get my he to neglect God 

and His intellect forever in omission.

I’m angry that this woman got away with this legal decay, and walked a talk of this sinful diss and hiss. According to me, keeping my he away from God’s purpose, so this woman should suffer, and be abolished biblically like all other evil blobs that were removed. God you keep saying she’s your daughter too. And that’s not cool to me, because this woman is a fool, that thought she could crush my he chaotically. I want to crush her for that foolish thinking. Making her feel threatened isn’t enough. But you God moved me away from this woman’s decay, and broken dismay in disobey. This woman thought my he was stupid enough to never be set free eventually. 

This woman is a fool to think that drunkenness wouldn’t sober up, or that my he wouldn’t wake up from her shake up in the sixth month of the year two thousand fifteen, where this woman positioned herself in my he’s space during a timeframe that made him extremely vulnerable, and in a weak headspace. At that point any female body would’ve done after I walked away. Vulnerability is a tranquility of what’s not seen, but eventually all will be revealed by what’s concealed. 

The wrong way will never be okay, or blessed by God, especially when God told this woman to let go in the eight month of the same year: two months later. That’s why this woman is stupid to me, and she continues to look like the fool that returns to her own folly. This woman still doesn’t want to be set free, so then die in your lies. Goodbye. No matter what this woman says, or does she’ll never escape the truth: it’s not you, and it’ll never be. This current legal scene didn’t make love happen. All that happened was regret. Who has the last laugh now as the disgrace in the taste of the final bow is here now?

What’s meant to be for your daughter will be. I choose to let go of what I know, see and believe, because she’s unhealthy. Send Your Power O God. Show me my King how you need me to bow, and to see this your way not my way in the Obey of Today. This is about me and you first, and my love and faith in your abilities to always take me higher, and be your fighter. So let’s dance God.

Now I believe I can let go of what I know. I expressed what I buried in the nest of my chest and heart so now you and I God will never be apart. I’m a blank canvas ready and steady for your command. I feel free to see, and believe all that you have for me. No holding back, and no setbacks to your setups in building Your Kingdom. 

I feel free from this toxicity. I chaotically, and robotically allowed the follow of this hallow swallow to swell and dwell in me. I choose to let go of this pitfall, and to walk the talking of my calling, to conquer the lies that made me die on the inside. I choose to let go of this ruse, that gave me great internal strife, from all these ungodly legalities and fake life. But your realities is what I choose to biblically cling, and sing to safely under your wings. 

Thank you King for loving me to be set free no matter what.

I’m Yours Forever.

Love your daughter.