she prays for their ways 

to no longer be decay’s of yesterday’s.

in the aligned house they now call home.

she prays for the biblical covering dome.

Jojo* wants it to be time to go 

and says no to part two of the husband 

and wife of strife in night life’s toxic show.

she’s uncomfortable that their presence 

is in the same space God lead her race.

they watched husband and wife lead 

by wrong weed seeds in broken need 

by the lies and misguided demise of black tees.

it is well in their souls boldly not coldly. 

prayer is how they combated phony & lonely.

instead of feeding the wear of fear 

they choose to lose in the gear of faith. 

they choose to put on the breastplate 

of love found bound from Above to sit & wait.

they choose to put on the helmet of salvation.

they prayed for the ways of husband and wife

to no longer be stronger in the poisonous 

spread of dead led & wrong in their throng.

husband falsely prophet in a scrutiny of mutiny 

in the building with no godly wings in black tees

which now has stings for over eight years.

there’s so much damage that flesh of mess

in the pride that hides inside of husband lies.

wife spreads strife in the night of life.

the slums of her sins in the ungodly skin 

of exclusivity to eventually be a queen of mean.

wife is fake in the stake she refuses to shake 

the ruse or break as a mistake, so she takes.

Jojo was real about what she concealed.

Jojo saw the opinion of sin from this wife 

that spreads strife in the night of life.

wife is incognito in her libido of ego. 

wife is an analyst of her own solo panelist.

there’s no God in wife’s facade or mirage.

she watched the mockery of His Truth as

a misguided leader & reader of biblical proof.

for the three years she swelled in the dew 

she knew as untrue in the building with stings

or no godly wings by those wedding rings.

ministries should be an edification biblically

not the ungodly toxicity of popularity.

husband and wife are about that status life.

it’s about who humans know in selfish shows

not how to godly grow or go where God knows.

husband and wife lead by the misguided lies

in the black tees ungodly for eight years.

wife is about the toxic sticks hick of cliques.

husband is about the focus of his ego locus.

wife is not biblically wise. wife misguides as 

a Proverbs 7 strife hiding as a Proverbs 31.

husband got tripped up by fading beauty

when biblically beauty fades in rapid raids

like the decay’s of yesterday’s husband lays.

she prays for their ways 

to no longer be decay’s of yesterday’s.

in the aligned house they now call home.

she prays for the biblical covering dome.

Jojo* wants it to be time to go 

and says no to part two of the husband 

and wife of strife in night life’s toxic show.

she prays for the armor of God over this 

community that’s about biblical unity 

not the scrutiny or mutiny of black tees

in the barbaric chase of popularity 

like this husband and wife of strife did 

in the messy win of slums of sins in 

the hissed dissed of ungodly wins.

husband and wife’s demise is sin in tailspins.

the Creator who is far greater is the Maker.

if God allowed it then it’s for a purpose 

of pain with gain not in vain & pending platform.

it is well in their souls boldly not coldly. 

prayer is how they combated phony & lonely.

instead of feeding the wear of fear 

they choose to lose in the gear of faith. 

they choose to put on the breastplate 

of love found bound from Above to sit & wait.

they choose to put on the helmet of salvation.

the Creator is husband and wife’s only Maker

King of Kings and Lord of Lords is a shaker

of unexpected circumstances in this dance.

God decides how far lies and facades spread.

this husband and wife of strife do not 

control or patrol their own lives. God decides.

they choose to pray, survive and wait

in their love and faith breastplate

wearing their helmet of salvation in dedication.

biblically every knee shall bow and confess 

all messes of accumulated flesh & distress. 

husband and wife too will expire in this dew.

God controls the arrival of revival and survival.

God patrols the thriving of being alive in life.

God controls this husband and wife of strife.

God patrols all conditions of their decisions.

God is guiding their misfiring lying demise.

wife has so much envy in her stone heart

which makes her far apart. wife ceases in 

displease from breathing with ease

in the peace of God that surpasses facades

like playing god this wife does to be 

the only queen of mean when it’s ungodly.

wife feeds the spirit of jealousy competitively.

she prays for wife’s stone heart to come apart

and become flesh so God can do the work.

she prays for the pale scales to no longer 

be stronger in the solo panel of prevail.

she prays for this pitfall for wife to surrender all.

she prays for the will to be done for husband.

she prays for the will to be done for wife.

she binds lies and looses biblical truths.

this too shall past. ungodly never lasts.

husband and wife will no longer be stronger 

in the scrutiny of the mutiny in popularity.

husband and wife’s decay’s will end, amen.

no more delay in their dismay disobeys.

The Light of Christ sparks the dark 

of all that’s wrong inside hiding by prideful lies.

husband and wife cannot spread what dies.

she declares their status spreading is ending.

she declares the becoming undone in no sun.

she declares spreading the gospel not hostile.

she declares speaking biblical proof not aloof.

she declares no more mixed drinks that stink.

she declares no more fusion in confusion.

she declares the leading to trust God’s Voice 

not the ego focus of man’s limited choice.

she declares no community with isolated tees.

she declares unity for all humanity faithfully

& biblically for all the world to see and be freed.

she declares God’s Way in the Obey of Today.

Thank you King for healing stings.

Thank you King for protective Wings.

Thank you for the layers of prayers.

Love your lighter and daughter.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 



she prays for the

Obey of Today 

and for the adjustment 

in high discernment.

sensitivity is key

to leaning on the Holy Trinity.

Father • Son • Spirit

is the deliverance in 

the slums of humanistic sins

by the lies that hide behind pride 

in the brokenness of societal 

and cultural habitual rituals.

she prays for her he

to faithfully see

and trust above lust biblically.

she prays for her he 

to be in the peace of God 

to surpass all understanding in his

landing of this toxic quicksand.

she prays for her he 

to put on the armor of God 

to be louder than 

the clouds of flesh god facades.

she prays for her he 

to cling in the Wings of God

and lean on the strength in Christ

to be the Light to spark the dark

upon all that’s not right 

in his life of strife and plight.

she prays for her he 

to cling to charity for clarity 

being above the vulgarity of popularity

in the irregularity barbarity of the hissed

dissed poisonous kiss 

of green eye demise best last first bite.

she prays for her he

for the rejection and protection from

green eye demise and all her ugly.

she prays for her he

to be wittier in his strides and glides

as green eyes and her lies slips and slides.

the enemy and his misery are a democracy 

of decay’s and thirty second delays.

green eye demise will be always behind

due to following the chaotic hue with no virtue.

green eye demise is in a rewind of time

that hides the prideful lies inside.

she prays for her he 

to openly be free for God’s deliverance 

in this hinderance with the Light of Christ.

she prays for her he 

to hold on strongly in this temporary throng.

Immanuel is God with us, which is switching 

the lustful sickness in green eyes wickedness

to be the belly of this whale to finally fail.

green eyes demise 

isn’t bigger than God.

the crowds to community 

isn’t bigger than God.

the building with no godly wings 

isn’t bigger than God.

winning the contest 

isn’t a bondage.

it’s a gift from God 

that humans used 

as a ruse to play facades.

the hostage of survivals guilt 

is what humans leverages 

as their beverage.

Be still to know He is God. (Psalm 46:10)

her he is exhausted 

but exalted and unsalted.

“The princes of the 

people are gathered together, 

even the people of the 

God of Abraham: 

for the shields of the earth 

belong unto God: 

he is greatly exalted.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭47:9‬ ‭KJV‬‬

don’t glance back,

that’s where satan attacks like 

through the untrue hue of 

the lies of green eyes demise

and that crowds to community

with no unity, just stings and mutiny

in that building with no godly wings. 

the enemy that flees in misery 

isn’t bigger than God.

Nothing is bigger than God.

If God allowed it

then it’s for a bigger purpose.

There’s a purpose to 

this ungodly hue

of green eye demise and 

this hissed diss of sinfulness.

God is covering him 

faithfully in charity.

she prays for her he

to biblically see with clarity

and trust the blueprint 

of God’s Fine-print.

she prays for her he 

to take and allow the final bow

from this two strand quicksand.

she prays for her he 

to sit in His Wings to the path

of His Kingdom Math.

His Stir equals he + He + her.


she didn’t know.

he was willing 

to stand up 

to that crowds to community

for their pending unity.

she didn’t know. 

she prayed with Jojo*

and God now shows 

he was willing to be all in

and walk through 

the slums of his sins

on that day she walked away.

the DM scared her 

and triggered the African prince

that made her wince.

she was convinced love was ugly

until her King made her soul sing

on the fourth month 

on the fourth day

in two thousand fourteen. 

she walked away from the world 

to be all in with her King.

that stormy night 

when her mother’s plight fight

in the car with her tearful jar

she meet the feet of Immanuel 

God with us in the year 

two thousand nine. 

she didn’t know how to let go

of what she knows

so she entered a dark night storm

with an African prince 

that made her wince.

she tried to convince herself 

that stormy night encounter 

never happened with Immanuel 

because she was in a sexual slum of sins

that weren’t godly pure wins

with an African prince 

that made her wince. 

she was so broken and so scared. 

there’s no way the same Spirit 

that lifted Emmanuel from the grave

was dwelling in her.

the winces from the African prince 

made her convinced 

she made it all up.

backsliding wasn’t a truth 

she wanted to come face to face

and feel her self-condemning disgrace.

or see she’s lame and so ashamed.

is she really in the space 

to be mad at the he

God says is for she 

if she too walked a dark storm conform?

No, she can’t. 

everyone’s journey to be all in

looks differently in this lion’s den.

she didn’t know he wanted them 

after that painful DM and 

to be a go after the building 

with no godly wings gave him the gift

that made him fiscally lifted.

the wings caused his heart to sing

by being debt free finally. 

she didn’t know that seventh day

was a second chance 

at His Kingdom Romance.

she was so afraid 

he triggers everything she ran from.

she was so afraid

to breathe wrong.

she was so afraid 

to see wrong.

she was so afraid 

to speak wrong.

she was so afraid of backsliding.

he made her come face to face 

with all she ran from 

that was a secret disgrace.

she’s out of hiding. 

she’s done with lying.

the secret’s out 

and Emmanuel still loves her.

she was backsliding and lying

and made a decision 

to never look back three years ago.

she made a decision 

to take this walk seriously 

and be all in.

she told her King 

her and him for five years.

and prayed to never let a man

have her backsliding again.

then God showed her the he

God said is for her and she was afraid.

that’s why she said no.

that’s why she ran.

she couldn’t drown in quicksand 

ever again and barely survive a lion’s den. 

the he God says is for her

reminded her of the African prince 

that made her wince and she couldn’t risk

her relationship again with her King 

that makes her soul sing. 

so she ran and said no.

she didn’t know 

he wanted them

after that painful DM.

what’s next?

only God knows. 

but now she grows 

in peace and breathes with ease. 

he wanted to be a go

on that seventh day

she decided to lie and walk away.

she doesn’t know how to 

now feel about this reveal.

so she goes and prays and waits.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 


God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

she surrenders 

the fear of being blind.

she surrenders

the outcome of green eyes.

she surrenders the 

manipulations of

green eyes stipulations. 

she surrenders her

retracting reacting. 

she surrenders her

madder anger. 

she surrenders her 

expectations and hesitations.

she surrenders her 

patrol to control 

how her he will take 

the stake to break

in his final bow 

to allow His Conquer

of green eyes pitfall. 

she surrenders thinking

he’s forever drinking

in his sinful sinking 

with green eyes and 

the demise of all the lies.

she surrenders believing 

no one will receive 

the ability to achieve

in the Light of Jesus Christ. 

she surrenders being afraid 

to be the see as God’s Renegade. 

she surrenders the prison 

of her prism conditions.

she positions as her poisoned pitfall

to be her protective wall.

because humans dilute truth.

because humans refute proof

in the biblical lyrical place

we pretend is a disgrace 

that we need to deface.

when we need to see that biblically

is how we flee from the conundrum

of absently sleepwalking blindly

with the enemy in misery. 

the enemy is a liar in tune

to make us combust in lust

and resume confused

in the wrong dire fire. 

she surrenders her anxiety 

of the current slack

by the satanic setbacks 

in the drone cloning insobriety society.

she prays and obeys 

but sees delays and stays

in the drinking sinking of her thinking. 

her he decided to lie

and flee absently with the enemy

in misery with green eyes that misguides

in that mutiny crowds to community 

that has no unity in a building 

with no godly wings, just unhealed stings.

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

God keeps showing and growing her

to the same path to His Math

he + He + her equals His Stir.

she sinews his pending virtue.

she’s troubled by his struggles. 

she’s crying by his lying. 

she’s dying God’s reviving. 

he’s dying God’s reviving his surviving 

for their pending thriving. 

the community deliberately 

planted wrong weed seeds

that currently makes him bleed. 

she cried in great need 

to set him free 

but God didn’t agree

and removed her completely. 

she scribes what makes 

her stake fake break her inside. 

she wants to hide.

God keeps her aligned by design. 

she cried because he was misguided.

she was angry at his ignorant pride. 

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

she struggles to believe 

what God continues to show her

he + He + her equals His Stir.

nothing is by the book.

everything has a crazy look. 

she’s so shaken

by his current awakening. 

her anxiety is His Piety 

for His Chosen’s sobriety

like the he she struggles to see.

she’s waiting and not waiting. 

she’s creating and not creating. 

she’s debating and not debating. 

she’s up and she’s down. 

she swims and she drowns.

she smiles and she frowns. 

she stings and she sings. 

she’s ashes to ashes. 

she’s dust to dust. 

she praises in her rain.

she trains her brain 

to refrain from anxious distain.

God showed her to conquer lust. 

God showed her to convert 

her hurt to have worth. 

God showed her to have pain

no longer be in vain 

but have godly gain.

God is showing her how to sustain

her weary second chance 

in His Brewing Romance

by His Path to His Math

he + He + her equals His Stir.

same he that decided to flee 

with the enemy absently. 

same her that tried 

to hide what’s inside.

she cried and died 

by that community with no unity. 

God is her guide. 

God is his guide. 

Only God decides how to fly. 

he + He + her are called 

to conquer this pitfall 

and enhance to dance

in His Kingdom Romance 

for all the world to see faithfully. 

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

video games

she wants a revival. 

she no longer 

wants to be stronger

in the mode of rival.

she no longer 

wants to be stronger

in the mode survival.

she sees this weed

is a broken feed.

an unspoken code 

exposes eroding roads.

she’s a visual learner.

she’s an observer.

she’s a performer.

she no longer 

wants to be stronger 

in copying others.

she wants her own 

biblical covers.

she no longer 

wants to be stronger 

in gauging in rage.

she wants to be 

set free biblically.

she’s evolving.

she’s hungry for more.

she’s starting to see

enabling her he 

will never set him free.

all men need 


he needs to 

walk through his weeds

that make him bleed

in broken need.

he’s crying for help.

he’s crying for attention.

he’s looking in 

the wrong direction.

he wants people 

not God to fix him.

he’s looking 

and seeking believing

he’s tangibly achieving 

what he desires to receive.

people can’t help him.

she can’t help him.

he hides behind her sins.

so no can see his.

he doesn’t want 

anyone to see his 

sins are just as bad as hers

if not worse, 

that’s the secrecy between them.

he doesn’t want his secrets out.

he hides behind her.

he’s comfortable with hiding.

he doesn’t want anyone 

to see he wants worldly ‘wins.’

he’s okay with others

seeing only her brokenness.

he doesn’t want to be found out.

he doesn’t want to let go 

of the world or grow.

she’s very overwhelmed.

she’s undone. 

she’s tried and can’t do this.

she wants more.

she wants to be committed 

to walk through her journey 

with God. she needs more.

he’s comfortable with his sins 

and has tolerance for ungodly.

his sins are his hobbies.

he’s attached to his sins.

he’s attached to his flesh.

he doesn’t want to grow up.

he doesn’t want to man up.

he doesn’t want 

to be responsible.

he is regressing

from not confessing.

he needs positive hobbies.

video games affect 

how a man 

is socially emotional.

video games affect

the trajectory on 

human interaction.

there’s no room 

for video games 

to grow in the 

peak of a career.

there’s a level of maturation 

that video games dissolves,

because it’s time to move on.

she needs to open her eyes

to no longer feed lies.

she needs to see 

the toxicity she feeds

is extremely unhealthy.

video games is a hinderance 

from the deliverance 

to surrender 

and be better.

she never thought their life 

would be filled with so much strife.

she’s in over her head.

she’s pushing herself 

to go where there’s growth.

her home is a college dorm

filled with two legalized roommates.

her desire is maturation. 

he doesn’t want responsibility,

that’s why he doesn’t want a baby.

he wants his video games freely

with no martial accountability.

he sees he’s good. 

she sees he needs 

to let go of things to grow.

he’s acting like he doesn’t know.

they’re not on the same page.

she feels stuck and forced 

to accept his neglect 

because of the position 

in their legalized condition.

she wish she knew 

things sooner to move newer.

she doesn’t want 

to feel duped anymore.

she doesn’t want 

to see being married 

was a rush catastrophe 

where these two 

pushed and blew 

before they really knew

what they were getting into.

this is a problem 

only God, not humans 

has the solution to.

prayer and openness 

is key to be set free.

the way God sees

faithfully and biblically.

when they are steady 

they will be ready 

to see what God sees.

“Far above all principality, 

and power, and might,

 and dominion, 

and every name that is named, 

not only in this world, 

but also in that which is to come: 

And hath put all things under his feet, 

and gave him to be the head 

over all things to the church, 

Which is his body, 

the fulness of him that filleth all in all.”

‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:21-23‬ ‭KJV‬‬

God not a building 

with no godly wings

has the key 

to being set free biblically. 

Thank you King.

Love your daughter.


he wants us three

on the sixteenth.

he’s putting it 

in the atmosphere. 

being there 

for us three,

is a yesteryear 

reappear catastrophe.

the desire is wildfire,

and not aligning 

to God’s Timing.

I didn’t trust what I was getting yesterday at dinner with Jojo* and I still don’t trust this insanity. How is this order? (1 Corinthians 14) We both prayed, and we were told to walk through it, and that we will see. That’s what we’ll continue to do: pray and wait. Biblically the Lord takes His Chosen from glory to glory. What I received doesn’t seem aligned to you God, or your timing but if this is of you God then time will reveal that. What’s not of God is snuffed out over time, that’s the biggest lesson I learned in my almost three year walk with my King who makes my soul sing. Things I’ve received from God about that he that God keeps saying is for me, I waited two years to speak on a prompting. If I spoke sooner it wouldn’t of felt so sticky. But I know God is a God that’s right on time. I never prayed on the timing I just said no for two years. But I had no peace about my no or silence anymore, and I spoke to who I was lead to speak to. That conversation forever changed my trajectory on this Christian walk, and how I see spiritual counsel. 

My bubbles of troubles popped about that building with no godly wings, and some of the human’s responsible for being spiritual leaders. It’s dangerous to play god over people’s lives. My eyes sadly opened to that cold harsh reality, of how deep web of lies, are rooted in playing god over someone’s life by spreading an ungodly wildfire. My observation is very mirroring to biblical testimonies. Like Leah’s father in Genesis. Spreading an ungodly wildfire by playing god in Jacob’s life. Leah’s father coached Jacob and Leah to be married when God blessed only Jacob and Rachel’s union, the Chosen was Joseph, which was Rachel and Jacob’s son. Rachel and Jacob was God’s ordained pairing. 

Leah and Jacob was the result of human’s pairing. Leah’s father who is also Rachel’s father, was a leader that misguided his following daughter’s lives for impure and selfish motives. Jacob was talented and prosperous, and Leah’s father wanted to reap Jacob’s benefits for as long as possible. This father was just determined to do his own thing: make sure Leah got married as well. It was time according to Leah’s father and not God. Leah’s father was tired of Leah not being married. Leah’s father was tired of waiting on God regarding prosperity. Leah’s father was impatient and decided to do something by playing god. That’s desperation. Desperation creates rabbit holes, and the swallowing inside the belly of a whale. How many of us make decisions based on being tired of waiting on God? And where did it land us? I know every time I made that decision, it landed me in quicksand, or the belly of a whale. 

he has to walk 

the talk about 

this throng song

being a wrong pitfall.

he’s used to 

being the hue: cocky.

he doesn’t want to see

that’s a hue 

that’s not true

or no longer 

stronger as the glue 

to be in misery

and flee with the enemy

with this she he married.

Daddy you do a lot about telling me about human’s that are not in my life or space. You know I don’t like knowing nothing. I like to keep my head to the ground, and mind my business. Biblically busybodies are ungodly. But you press specific couplings on my heart, and all I’ve been doing is praying for peace, truth, and acceptance to trust your voice God over the voice of human tangibility. Tangibility is a huge bondage a lot of Your Chosen get tripped up on. Like these human’s you’ve pressed on my heart who’s walking through their own ungodly wildfire, that sounds a lot like the testimony of Leah-Jacob-Rachel saga in Genesis.

The more I try to be detached the more you Daddy show out with visions, and dreams about a scene I left almost nine months ago. Nine months is a birthing timeframe. 37-40 weeks is a full term to be exact. Is this some kind of spiritual birthing process Daddy? I’m not with child in tangibility, but what are you trying to birth out of me supernaturally?! If you are… you’re not telling me much. I hate that, because you used to be so loud. 

This disciple silence is so not fun. And you know what’s also not fun Daddy!? Seeing and hearing about this he for me and these humans, which I’m ready to move on from Your Way not mine of course. Make what you’ve shown, and told me happen already. Daddy hearing and seeing the same things, for three and a half years, and it not matching reality is taxing and annoying. I am tired of all of this. 

It’s a bit absurd that I’m complaining after only three and a half years when Sarai and Abram had to wait ninety and hundred years respectfully before their promise happened. Jacob had to wait fourteen years before he got his love Rachel, and that was after he got tricked in that wildfire union with Leah. That’s my favorite testimony in the Bible. The Leah-Jacob-Rachel testimony is something that I’m drawn to. Moses took forty years to free the ungrateful humans from the wilderness. The book of Jeremiah in chapter twenty-nine had a promise that took seventy years. 

by his pride 

he cannot hide

from this hissed

kissed diss he witnesses.

he’s lonely 

in his marriage of phony.

his stony heart 

is defrosting and

he now sees 

what he cannot flee.

I never understood why I felt drawn to Genesis so strongly, or why I love that book so much until now. Seeing my third year with you Daddy, and seeing how you lead me to aggressively study the book of Proverbs over these past three years. I now understand you wanted me to have firmly planted roots like a bamboo: that needs three to five years, before it takes off like the tall beautiful creation it is. I called the he you say is for me bamboo, because you showed me a bamboo tree before I said it. 

So why am I really complaining about three years when I wasn’t even ready for what you’ve been showing me? You’re making me ready now Daddy. Daddy we are ungrateful in today’s time too. I’m ungrateful, and I’m not the only human that looses their praise. We have to be better in being thankful. 

Thank you Daddy for saving me, and changing me to be who you created me to be. Thank you from freeing me from lust, which made me combust and lost in darkened pitfalls. Thank you for the best sister, and spiritual twin I could ever ask for in Jojo. She sharpens me in a way I’ve never ever been sharpened before, and she holds me accountable when I don’t want to be. She isn’t afraid of me even though she’s a beautiful half pint. I’m so thankful for that. You’ve blessed me so much already Daddy. I’m in awe of your wonder, and please reach me to teach me to always remember my praise. I love you Daddy. 

Back to my favorite testimony: It didn’t matter what Leah did for Jacob, Jacob loved Rachel the moment he laid eyes on her. Leah gave Jacob four or five sons, I don’t recall and Rachel took a while before she gave Jacob: Joseph and Benjamin. Still Jacob loved Rachel. Jacob favored Joseph and Benjamin when he had other sons, but Rachel didn’t birth them. And God made Joseph the Chosen son, whom Rachel not Leah birthed. Issac was the Chosen son for Abram turned Abraham, whose mother was Sarai turned Sarah. 

Ishmael, who’s mother was Haggai, was not chosen but still blessed by God, because God is faithful and sovereign when we grow impatient. God is a protector when we take matters into our own hands as humans. This is a perfect example of when human’s play god and step in, but then God has the final say, and shows out on how sovereign he is through Joseph’s testimony, and through Isaac being Chosen not Ishmael, when Ishmael came first. Leah was first over Rachel,  but none of Leah’s children were chosen. Joseph was Chosen and his mother was Rachel, the ordained choice of God’s. Just like Sarah was the ordained choice for Abraham. Only God ordains, not human’s playing god in pairings, get bless with Chosen. God chooses Chosen not humans.

the stake in his fake 

breaks and shakes him inside.

he doesn’t want to see

he followed ungodly energy.

he doesn’t want to see

that building 

he serves and preserves 

has no godly wings.

wrong marital coupling

is ungodly corrupting.

I just want to live my life your way, and not be apart of decay’s of yesterday’s or a Groundhog Day mutant routine like the scene, of that building with no godly wings. Daddy, you blessed me to leave. But if what you want me to receive yesterday’s prompting is of you Daddy then make it so loud, and clear I cannot ignore you, like you did with that meeting that forever changed me. Until then Jojo isn’t on board, and neither am I. So time will tell what’s going to happen in the next few weeks.

ungodly corrupting 

by wrong coupling 

like he and his she

is an invitation for satan.

God will never bless

what human’s 

coach to fine tune

by wrong weed

seeds to bleed

in broken need,

and prune two 

wrong hues to be

in misery by

the lies 

in the slums of

their fearful sins.

like he and his she.

love is patient.

he and his she

were rushed to matrimony

after four months 

of secret sexual dating.

as a woman, 

the body is a temple.

That’s why it’s so imperative for all of us to discern, wait and pray on top of mediating on the word: both Old Testament and New Testament. Yes we are the New Testament in modern day time, but Old Testament is a foundation to trusting the voice of God that every single child of God’s must learn to discern, and grow with you Daddy. I have no idea how you’ll unfold everything you keep telling, and showing me. But all I can do is wait, and keep praying. I’ll never move ahead of you Daddy. I am committed to walking through my dark to Light transformation. 

It’s hard to come face to face with cold harsh realities, especially if we as humans develop skills like running, or being kinetic in the sense of ‘on to the next.’ We cannot ‘on to the next’ our brokenness. Our brokenness are deeply rooted to bondages that will keep us hostage, if we don’t still ourselves to lean on the strength of Jesus. Only through God is there gain in pain to walk us through our pending breakthroughs. 

From the direction you sway my pendulum rhyming scribing writing, it appears that some of Your Chosen are walking through some tough truths, and that’s hard to do. I cannot speak for everyone or anyone else, but I thought I knew better than you Daddy. I thought I was good, and cured from what happened to me at nineteen. Our current president election showed me I wasn’t, and I completely lied to myself for fourteen years. I had to walk through that cold hard reality, and that was extremely hard for me. We all must face what is buried as deep rooted disgrace.

men can’t respect 

what a woman neglects.

women must have standards.

when a woman doesn’t 

a man won’t teach or reach her

if he doesn’t love her.

Sex before marriage is lust

and disrespectful.

he and this she 

were sexually being unmarried

publicly in sin city.

the building 

with no godly wings

stepped in to clean

this scene to appear godly.

the building 

with no godly wings 

was focused on their image

and the recent public 

support of backing

this man in a contest

that made him debt free.

Biblically God is the reason

but in that season 

he focused on tangibility.

which is a switch

from the precious gift

in the Obey of Today.

he picked her

after secretly 

and sexually tasting her.

Biblically love waits.

Tangibly tasting

is clouded temporary mating.

Thank God for my best friend. She was lead by you the night of the election on what to do. After I walked through that painful process after fourteen years from running from it. I was freed from the bondage that held me in a chokehold, where I felt like a hostage. I was completely faking and fooling myself that being a virgin, and then raped didn’t traumatize me completely. I thought acting like I was tough, or it was no big deal was the way to go. 

Thank you Daddy for also freeing me from the toxicity that was hanging over me, from my relationship with that African prince. That forever changed me as a human, where I made reckless decisions in my self-inflicted incisions after we broke up. I never allowed myself to walk through that trauma either. I hate trauma. I hate PTSD. I hate being flared easily. I just serial dated, and convinced myself that trying one night stands was not only the rave, but what I craved. After I left the African prince who was a wince, and cheap creeping lemonade. The African prince’s cheap thrills made me snuff out Your Gills, and I wasn’t still. 

I could only stomach doing two one night stands, but it’s not true even though I was emotionally scarred from that African prince, I still hated premarital sex. But I had a hard time accepting my core values, because no one believed in them like me. Everyone was about sex, and I have a broken ‘fake it until you make it’ mentality. I lay that down Lord. I see sex outside an ordained marriage as an ungodly wildfire sexual savage. There are couples married that shouldn’t be, because God didn’t put them together, biblically we see the testimony of Leah-Jacob-Rachel and how the father played god. Too many human’s played god instead of allowing God to be God. There will always be consequences in choosing multiple voices, over the choice in God’s still small voice. That cold hard lesson I learned at the building with no godly wings, my old church which hurt. But the hurt had worth, because I chose you God, not flesh wildfire facades.

Sex complicated 


Sex fast forward 

an engagement ring,

which now stings

in the two strands

ungodly quicksand.

he and his she 

are unhappy collectively.

he and his she 

are spiraling in the

radioactive tailspin

through their misguided

‘spiritual wise counsel.’

the counsel motive

was protecting image.

too many cooks are

in his martial kitchen.

an impure confess

will never be 

seen as Holy blessed.

he now sees

he cannot be 

coached or poached

to love his she

he married or 

to be biblically

three strands.

God cannot be forced

in an ungodly course

of a worldly martial facade

when he and his she 

were approached to play god

to be with the enemy

blinding and lying

as decaying wildfire.

Daddy all of this is insanity, but you keep telling me:

You will see.

Trust me.

Be still.

Walk through it.

Okay Daddy I’ll walk through it, and thank God I’m walking through this with Jojo so we will continue to grow, and go at your pace in this race. We will continue to take this moment-to-moment as maddening as that is to face. Your Way is far greater, because you are Our Protective Creator. I love you Lord. Your will is my command. And I’ll keep holding onto the promises you’ll never stop telling me. 

“For perhaps he therefore departed for a season, that thou shouldest receive him for ever; Not now as a servant, but above a servant, a brother beloved, specially to me, but how much more unto thee, both in the flesh, and in the Lord?”

‭‭Philemon‬ ‭1:15-16‬ ‭KJV‬‬

he wants us three

on the sixteenth.

he’s putting it 

in the atmosphere. 

being there 

for us three,

is a yesteryear 

reappear catastrophe.

this desire is wildfire,

and not aligning 

to God’s Timing.

I love you King.

Thank you for 

making my soul sing.

Love your daughter.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy



Since walking in the Light of Jesus Christ, my King that makes my soul sing has shed his loving life of light on all my pitfalls. My pride hides lies, which makes me die on the inside. Since walking in the Light of Jesus Christ all that’s not right is no longer stronger in the dark, because the pause in my isolated in running cause is sparked brightly. It’s year three with you and me Daddy of my rededication. So much has happened. I got baptized with my best friend  Jojo,* who’s the only human I completely trust. 

My bubble popped about large churches. My perception of brokenness in churches was only a perspective based on my Roman Catholic background. However, my reflection on my observations now I see that any church can fall prey to the setbacks of satanic attacks. The same church you God pulled me and Jojo out of is the same church I rededicated my life to Christ on 4.4.14; and Jojo dedicated her life. That building no longer has godly wings just sinful stings under wrong wedding rings. 

I don’t know how to let go of the no gain pain in the decision that blows my mind. As I scribe these rhymes, Jojo and I are talking about the day that forever changed the trajectory in the conundrum of my pendulum. Why did my freedom have to look so tangibly messy God? Why did the he you say is for me have to walk through such a painful, and public strife with a legalized lie in a saying by caged in rage eyes like best last first bite? Why did my freedom have to endure, and ensure that I never walk a talk like my mother? I’m over and under with my suppressed distressed blunders suddenly being set free openly. I’m so thankful I’m out of my old church. I’m so thankful I’m out of my recent job. I’m so thankful that God freed my best friend with me from all the unhealthy toxicities that were consuming and killing us. Regarding this he you God say is for me? This is a hard testimony to express even though I’m being set free. 

I was never interested in verbally expressing this part of my journey to the humans you lead me to speak to. I picked up their disbelief, or ungodly emotions like jealousy. But I was just being your obedient saint, and opened my mouth as you painted that part of this story. I prayed and I asked you why it was so necessary to obey, and you kept telling me witnesses. So I just went with your commands King, even though I was tired of hearing multiple versions that basically state:

“Clearly you’re wrong.”

“Everyone likes him.”

“I don’t know about 

that guy. He’s trouble.”

“He dated everyone 

and breaks hearts.”

“Uh… maybe he’s a 

test that you past.”

I literally wanted to smash every one of those imbeciles that bad mouthed this he you God keep saying is for me. Isn’t it ungodly to gossip? Last time I checked it was. If this son of God was a test, then what’s the lesson? And why’s this so called test still happening when I left the church almost eight months ago? Why would I be getting the same visions, and messages that I have a future with this son of God’s when he’s no where near me? There’s no reason for a test to still be executed when I’m completely removed. And how is “spiritual guidance, and wise counsel….” entail giving an opinion, and/or bad mouthing a son to the King? 

I thought biblical wise counsel was aligned to biblical truths. Biblically, Emmanuel: God with us states that we should not gossip. Biblically, Emmanuel: God with us states we should love our neighbors as ourselves. How is condemning a child of God love? It really made me see red when I was still serving in that church how people just assumed the worse of this son of yours Daddy, yet smiled in his face. That really annoyed me. First and foremost Daddy, he’s your son, and then the he you keep saying is for me. If these “amazing leaders,” that everyone in that building raved about couldn’t biblically cover a son of God’s, why should I be open to anything they had to say about this testimony that God still has me walking? 

This is year three on my journey of full throttle from dark to Light. Most of my pain that became gains through God started the fourth month of the year two thousand fifteen after the pale scale entry that you Daddy lead me to send to your son, and his response popped my bubbles of troubles in pretend. Although I knew the outcome, the action to execute prophecy being fulfilled made this he you Daddy say is for me real. 

If he stayed concealed, then I would not be walking through my healing by revealing now. This he you Daddy keep saying is for me pushed me higher to my alignment. This he you Daddy keep saying is for me made me aggressively cling to your wings and pray without ceasing. This he you Daddy say is for me made me even more determined to walk biblically and faithfully: chasing after the foolishness of God. Because of this he you Daddy keep saying is for me, I never wanted to settle or allow humans to play god over my life. I made the mental switch to never allow human’s to write a story that will never be for Your Glory Daddy. 

This he you Daddy keep saying is for me made me determined to only trust the voice of God. I was determined to never fall into that trap of multiple choices in human’s over your still small voice God. Despite everything I still think this he that you Daddy keep saying is for me is perfectly imperfect and your beautiful son of God. 

You blocked me Daddy from protecting this he you keep saying is for me. It really bothered me that so many humans in that building with no godly wings think the worse of this son of yours yet smiled in his face. It really bothers me that this he you say is for me was so invested emotionally, physically, and fiscally in a toxic community that uses his beautiful outer image and deep pockets. I see past all of that. I always saw past everything that people want to use this he you Daddy say is for me. 

The click sticked from the puzzle that went in it’s place as one flesh. I saw a puzzle of a heart, and the center of its missing piece go in it’s place. At the same time, I heard a click sound the moment I laid eyes on this he God says is for me in the eleventh month of the year two thousand thirteen. I realized this building with no godly wings is comfortable down-sizing God by making God the Creator who’s greater than all tangible and small. Supernatural and tangible will never be the same. This he you God keep saying is for me even tried to tell me that you God told him about me when we used to play trivia crack. But in that moment before we were interrupted you also told me that he wasn’t ready God. 

I had to walk through what I did in that building with no godly wings, so that your prophecy can be fulfilled regardless of how done I was. I wanted to leave the moment my favorite pastor got called to the south. His sermons I trusted, because he was about alignment. Everyone else was about feelings of flesh too many moments for my liking. When you’re called to a pastoral role, it is the greatest honor but the most reflective position that requires great protection, and aggression to be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit. 

I used to reference this he you God say is for me, by a name that is now personally in this son of yours life. I used to call this son of yours that said name in the year two thousand fourteen on my blog. After you lead me to that name, I saw a vision of a little girl, and I didn’t know who she was. I didn’t know because she wasn’t born yet. She was born last fall. I don’t understand why you having me scribing this again Daddy. I said all of this before. Freedom, that word you keep telling me about, or you keep pointing me to is freedom Daddy. This is all about my freedom, and his. Okay so re-teach me Your Way, not my broken way of believing love conquers all. Okay so re-reach me to take a leap and trust, hope, believe [in love again] without borders with this he you won’t stop saying is for me, and that you won’t stop saying will never hurt me again. 

Thank you Daddy for healing me,

from that teaching residency 

that was killing me.

Thank you Daddy for healing me, 

with another chance 

in my second big chop.

Thank you Daddy for healing me, 

to no longer be stronger 

in concealing my lost 

of appetite problem, 

by telling Jojo every time 

I lose my appetite.

Thank you Daddy for healing me, 

with rest and releasing 

all that’s been 

buried and displeasing.

Thank you Daddy for protecting 

this he you will always 

say is from me, 

from all the evils 

that cannot touch him. 

Thank you Daddy for setting me 

in freedom that reigns 

because my pain has gain with you King. 

Thank you Daddy 

for still having a roof 

over my head.

Thank you Daddy for protecting 

my parents in their ailing health. 

Thank you Daddy for healing 

my heart and all the darkest 

corners that were bruised 

by abuse and ruses.

Thank you Daddy for trusting me, 

to walk without borders 

in the deep blue sea.

I have trust you’re preparing 

me to leap faithfully, 

with this he you will 

always say is for me. 

Thank you Daddy for teaching me, 

to no longer be afraid to leap 

into the unknown to freedom.

I love you King.

Love your daughter.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy