Where’s the light?

Where’s the break?

What she sees is expired and wired empty.

There’s the stake that breaks 

and shakes the she who is me constantly.

This lion’s den will never end.

When Amy Winehouse came on to the scenes I was so excited. I loved her song Rehab. My addictions weren’t tied to drugs or alcohol. I was addicted to holding onto pain with no gain. I was addicted to my hurts having no worth, because letting go meant my hurt didn’t get justified in my lie that I needed to isolate to protect myself. I was addicted to harming myself through my failed suicide attempts. I was addicted to the brokenness of sex thinking its how to be loved and not forgotten. Sex made me feel rotten because premarital sex always bothered me. I grew up in a society that okay’s that disobey. I was addicted to harming myself through my eating disorder, and condemning myself as this horrible homosapien that has no business being alive, because Immanuel was an idiot to die for the likes of me. My rehab looked differently than the surface of those words, but the cuts were the same knee deep toxicities that affected me.

The celebration in the flesh god liberation, 

is a dedication to the divided flag of America. 

The pause of His Cause: better together 

is not the hissed dissed poisonous kiss in

the slums of sinning not winning tailspinning 

vulgarities of barbaric popularity realities. 

This empty confetti is actually an audacity 

self made cheap creep lemonade, and 

societal habitual rituals ignoring His Renegade.

As I scribe these lines that I want to stay inside, I realize that night when my mother and I had that rainstorm fight, the Light of Jesus Christ was truly the bright to my darken strife lies. In two thousand nine I did have my first encounter with Immanuel God with us. I had to convince myself that it wasn’t true, because I knew I had no clue on how to do this walk correctly. I also knew that if I acknowledged that Immanuel and I came face to face that stormy night of two thousand nine, then that means how I was walking from that moment until the twelve month of the twenty seventh day of two thousand thirteen was backsliding.

I had severe perfectionism and I refused to be a backslider, so I acted like Immanuel didn’t supernaturally take over the car that safely drove my mother and I to my sister’s house. To me if I acted like that didn’t happen then I’m not saved. And if I’m not saved then I can’t backslide. And if I can’t backslide then I stay perfect. All deluded conclusions that my King who makes my soul sing healed through my hidden stings. God corrected my heart through my circumstances. God was trying to get me to see he was with me mind, body, and soul after that night in two thousand nine. My supernatural gifts came back, and I haven’t seen them since I was a child. That still didn’t convince me, so all supernatural moments after two thousand nine were coincidences. However, there was something about the late great Amy Winehouse and her song Rehab that I couldn’t shake as a concidence.

She has to fight the strife of losing her appetite.

She has to cling to the wings of her King 

and not rewind time in the mind of her stings.

She feels the peels of reels, and sees the 

lack and setbacks of her fiscal attacks.

She feels alone walking with drone clones.

This purpose is wordless in a High Purchase

of a life that walked the talk of strife in the 

Light of Jesus Christ who sparks dark to right.

The self pity solo committee that no one sees.

The invincible principle of whimsical tranquility

is not the biblical blueprint to fine tune godly.

Every time I listened to that song I felt the pain that was felt when scribing those words. I didn’t know how to pray correctly (or so I thought,) I would always say God soothe her soul or something. I can’t recall the exact words. I never paid attention to the fact I love praying. I love praying for people. I love lifting people to the Kingdom so they’re covered in God’s Wings. And my love for Jesus kept growing, and I was upset because I didn’t know how to do this walk right until I meet Jojo* and I saw the Light of Jesus Christ so brightly amongst her that it made me a believer I can do this too. Then my life completely changed after we meet for the better. I haven’t looked back, and I won’t. Crysta is dead and God is making me a newer, and better creation every time he blesses me to breathe with ease into my nostrils.

She can’t sleep because she’s not next to him.

She would feel safe in the purity of his security.

She’s miserable without him, and feels grim.

She’s slim and trim. She fights in His Light

that sparks the dark to what’s not right inside.

Nothing is the same, she’s walking through the

ungodly hues of shame and broken lames

no longer stronger in tamed ashamed.

She prays in Obey of Today but needs

the weeds that separated them to end pretend.

She needs her beautiful he to be her key to flee

from all toxicities and ungodly mockeries.

She wants to be godly with her he lovingly

to be the Bonnie to his Clyde and his do or die.

Christ revived so she and her he can be free

to do life godly on the path to Kingdom Math:

he + He + her equals God’s Stir and Craft.

Adam and Eve is what God achieved.

Jacob and Rachel were equals and Leah’s

father couldn’t stop that ordained sequence.

Sarai and Abram’s fears through Hagar 

the concubine couldn’t stop Issac’s inheritance.

Sarai became Sarah the mother of faith.

Hagar became Haggai; remained a concubine.

greeneye demise and her lies through legality 

couldn’t change her arranged destiny: ungodly.

God isn’t in the empty disaster of her savage

two strand deceitful marriage by the mutiny 

community of no unity. Being a forced missus

doesn’t change her consistent dissed winces.

greeneye demise and her lies is still invincible 

through her misleading principles she bought 

with her soul and caught the hard truth 

biblically is the key to being set free & see Holy.

I’ll always choose to lose the world boldly not coldly for all humanity to see biblically and faithfully. I’ll always say yes to God’s Way and not my own understanding, because it’s the land of quicksand. I’m called to conquer my pitfalls, and to float of the boat like Peter the fisherman turned reacher and preacher. There’s so many examples in my blueprint: The Holy Bible, that I spent these past three years fighting in the Light of Christ to walk as. God is the reason I’m alive today. He’s supernaturally blocked death to perish for me more times than I can comprehend or recognize. My life belongs to my King, because he holds my ready rings for the he I’ll always believe is for me. God makes all things new like me and you

Her he is for me who’s the she God receives 

biblically and faithfully with time revealing 

what was once concealing preventing healing.

Her he is being set free as she scribes & speaks.

greeneye demise and her lies got nothing 

that her mind tried to define and hide.

greeneye demise is a missus treated as an 

afterthought regurgitated meal concubine.

Time was supposed to reverse this fate.

greeneye demise and her lies convinced herself

time was her friend to get her forced mister 

to be ungodly in misery with the enemy blindly.

Time is godly not ungodly. Time showed Jacob 

Rachel is all he wanted regardless if he was 

tricked to be with Leah. God decides who we

ride or die in life with, humans cannot decide. 

God corrects the heart not His Promises. 

The false prophet that was behind the lie

of greeneye demise and her crimes in this 

savage marriage was used for God’s Purpose.

satan’s attempts always fail from temporary 

and secondary prevail. The pale scales fall

because as His Chosen we are called to rise

with godly eyes to be revived and survive 

the likes of false prophets and greeneye lies

like the he God says is for she who is me.

Beautiful eyeballs that read these scribed lines, trust the process that God has the best regardless how it feels or looks. God is so worth it. I’m a living testament of this beautiful truth. God healed me from all the addictive weeds that made me internally bleed with broken need. God is the only one that walked me through my supernatural rehab from all that made me sad and mad through the ungodly hues, in the societal and cultural habitual rituals I grew up practicing robotically and chaotically. God had to heal me from all toxicities of my family to break the generational curses His Way not my way. God is the only one, through all the vessels he’s used, like Jojo, her ribcage, and my ribcage that can heal what’s deeply concealed. Praise God all mirages and self sabotage facades are drones that no longer makes me a clone that feels alone. God is my key that will always lead me biblically to be set free faithfully for all humanity to see in unity. My tests are His Testimonial Tributes through my fine tuning pruning process in this wilderness that’s a well hidden blessing bliss. Thank you for healing my addictions through Your Supernatural Rehab. All is well within my soul. 

Thank you King Jesus.

Faith moves mountains.

Gratitude is the greatest attitude.

I love you King.

Love your daughter. 

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy



mother’s are a gift of love. 

mother’s are from Above. 

mother’s are scared doves. 

mother’s are a dome.

their kin calls mother home.

her mother isn’t that bad.

she wasn’t always this sad.

she wasn’t always this mad.

many memories have emotions of glad.

her mother protected her more than neglected. 

her mother is decaying and aging. 

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

is aging and raging in her failed staging.

she’s in agony at her mother giving up.

she’s in agony at her father giving up. 

she’s paging in prayer for layers of healing

for her family and her beautiful he. 

her mother wants to fade away. 

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger is a secondary emotion to pain.

her mother dying feels in vain.

her mother lying has no gain.

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride.

greeneye and her mother have identical

thought processes and movements.

however greeneye will be twenty six and 

her mother is sixty three with diabetes.

unhealthy and impure motives are decaying.

greeneye demise should try and fight biblically

so she can be set free faithfully in maturity

to not be sixty three with diabetes immaturely.

her mother was once twenty six too.

her mother downplays how she feels.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

replays the reels that now make her peel.

tangibly her mother cannot see or hear.

supernaturally neither can greeneye demise.

her mother acts like death isn’t near.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

pretend that send wasn’t pressed to end

this toxic two strand quicksand distress 

of her savage packaged marriage.

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger won’t let her cry or die so she lies

and says that what happens doesn’t matter.

her mother matters 

and she’s becoming sadder.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

are being handled by the Creator

who is far greater than flesh god facades.

her mother isn’t the strong warrior she was.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride 

are no longer the stronger wrong throng.

it’s hard for her to see her mother in this state. 

she feels so helpless her mother’s beyond help. 

the natural course of birth and death 

are unavoidable and always met. 

her mother is dying rapidly.

her father watches passively. 

her brother creates bubbles magically. 

God is moving mountains in her life.

God is moving mountains in her he’s life:

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride

who cause only strife as a bad last bite.

she’s completely removed 

from the family’s strife. 

she made the mental switch

to be present in Today’s gift:

for her purpose and calling 

conquering this pitfall’s falling. 

God is speaking loudly about her he 

she fully receives and believes. 

God is speaking loudly about the moves. 

her he is making in his shaking remaking 

by her awakening & breaking of her faking.

he’s ready 

he’s coming 

he’s choosing truth and you 

yesterday, her King that makes 

the stake of her fake break everyday. 

her King heals her stings & also holds her rings. 

she made connections about her earth king. 

she sees supernaturally he’s ready and steady. 

she sees Rise Up by Andra Day 

is their testimonial anthem in Obey of Today.

on replay, she says okay and no more delays.

whatever she needs to do or walkthrough 

she’s going to do for her he’s breakthrough.

she impatiently and patiently waits to see him. 

for they are the path to Kingdom Math.

he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

she will be still and 

breathe with ease by His Gills.

when she prays and obeys

her earth king will be set free by choosing truth.

slow to anger and love is the key for her he.

the building with no godly wings is the past.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride is the past.

her family is the past that God has.

this dark storm is over and didn’t last.

His Chosen are aligned and design 

to conquer their pitfalls 

of hiccups and shake ups 

by breakdowns in walkthrough breakthroughs.

all humans are His Chosen.

many are called but few are His Chosen.

not all humans wake up from sleeping.

she woke up for His Kingdom and her he.

her he is finally free.

she’s happy because he’s free and ready.

she’ll do this all over again if it means he’s free.

true love waits, is unconditional, and is biblical.

only through God not facades can true love be.

that’s how she feels for her he.

Thank you King Jesus. 


I’ll rise up

In spite of the ache

I will rise a thousands times again

And we’ll rise up 

Rise like the waves

lyrics and song by Andra Day.


sobriety is the ability

to faithfully believe in being set free.

supernaturally is sensitivity to humility.

supernaturally is a fight to be a Light.

supernaturally is not by sight.

supernaturally is aligning to His Design.

supernaturally is the audacity to actually

boldly not coldly neglect the disrespect 

of leaning on the homosapien intellect. 

tangibility is a barrier of misery that 

blindly hides pride and lies to flee

with the enemy grieving supernaturally.

tangibility is the enemy’s key.

Faith is supernaturally clinging to unseen.

the enemy’s key to make a stake 

of fakes shake and break homosapiens 

to never be better or stay awake.

tangibility is solitary confinement 

in the ossification of isolation in darkness.

King Jesus paid the price for all treasons 

and demons by blinding reasons 

on The Cross of Calvary for all humanity.

her mother is an incubator and example

of many sampling in the rumbling tumbles

in the god complex troubles and bubbles.

her mother wrestling with God 

to be a facade mirage and sabotage 

in decay’s of yesterday’s or the sorrow’s

of no tomorrow’s ignoring the final bow.

her mother doesn’t want God’s Way.

her mother wants toxic delays of yesterday.

she sees she’s biblically set free.

she sees she’s waiting patiently.

she sees her dome is her home.

she sees only God decides

who walks with her talks supernaturally.

she sees her life begins separately 

in her journey as a biblical bride.

she’s not attached to any properties.

she earshot the boycott of the distraught.




her mother doesn’t want the rescue.

her mother wants the shelter house.

it’s biblical to leave a father and mother.

God will call His Chosen to leave when

it’s purposeful to the anointing on the calling.

her grandmother took her mother’s first daughter.

her mother never recovered from 

allowing her first to lose her as a mother.

her mother’s belief is a house split up her family.

her mother doesn’t want me as the she

to grow up and flee with her own family.

her mother doesn’t want her ribcage to come.

her mother can’t stop God’s Will to be done.

her mother has tranquility in tangibility.

her mother has the control of the seen patrol.

her mother doesn’t want to lose her ruses.

her mother believes in emotional confusion.

her mother feeds the weeds of delusions.

God is not a God of confusion or delusion.

Humans pray for God to move 

but God moving means humans move too.

God helps those who helps themselves.

“And the Lord shall be seen over them, 

and his arrow shall go forth as the lightning: 

and the Lord God shall blow the trumpet, 

and shall go with whirlwinds of the south.”

‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭9:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬

God’s silence is an acceptance, and diligence 

to the allegiance in His Obedient Stillness.

sobriety is the ability

to faithfully believe in being set free.

supernaturally is sensitivity to humility.

supernaturally is a fight to be a Light.

supernaturally is not by sight.

supernaturally is aligning to His Design.

supernaturally is the audacity to actually

boldly not coldly neglect the disrespect 

of leaning on the homosapien intellect. 

tangibility is a barrier of misery that 

blindly hides pride and lies to flee

with the enemy grieving supernaturally.

tangibility is the enemy’s key.

Faith is supernaturally clinging to unseen.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

Thank you King Jesus.

Love your daughter. 



she feels dense.

nothing makes sense.

she’s detached

from this hissed

unhealthy latch.

her mother is other.

her brother is other.

her father is other.

her dome is not their home.

they’re secondary

and temporary

until her feet meet

her next Glory,

for she is His Story.

she breathes with ease.

her dome is a supernatural home.

over two thousand years ago,

a ‘zero’ became The Hero.

His Name is Immanuel

God with us, and we can now trust.

what was all lost is found bound

from Above in love. for He

is the key to being set free.

The Cross of Calvary

made humanity debt free biblically.

On The Cross,

Immanuel drinks bitter blood,

so she can drink sweet wine

freely from the rewind of time.

On The Cross,

Immanuel hangs on a crucifix,

so she can be free from all sexual fixes.

On The Cross,

Immanuel beats sin so she can godly win.

On The Cross,

Immanuel beats the sting of death,

so she can sing in the Light of Christ.

she can be proud outwardly

that the clouds on this painful journey

of the dark weren’t greater

than Immanuel’s Spark.

she has a level of deep distrust and disgust

that men can easily be caught sleepwalking:

like Adam in the Garden of Eden,

like her father by his drunken reasons,

like her he by greeneye demise’s demons.

their selfishness emasculated Jesus,

and jeopardized their duties

as the Head of their Called Household’s

coldly not boldly, because of their empty lonely.

Adam was emasculated by cowardliness.

Adam didn’t put his foot down to Eve.

That’s how sin entered the world.

her father was emasculated by cowardliness.

her father didn’t put his foot down to

her mother, which caused all current blunders.

That’s how sin entered his household.

The he God says is for she was emasculated,

SO badly by lies from the church that brought

him great hurt. Through the untrue hue of sex

as his provoking chokehold bondage distress.

Sex is a disrespect, and incorrect hostage this he

God says is for she got lost in the slums

of his sins: during a contest that changed his life.

sex was disguised with greeneye demise,

and her worldly lies in the sixth month

of the year two thousand fifteen.

All those sexual late nights

doing the wrong bow hallow swallow

on her knees paid off so smoothly.

greeneye demise and the quicksand plans

were working. in the beginning of the year two

thousand fifteen, greeneye demise got another

man kicked out without fair trail:

on false rape charges quickly and quietly.

greeneye demise feeds the weed of a Jezebel.

that wicked spirit moves fast, but lies can’t last.

greeneye demise leveraged the he God says

is for she loneliness to create the permeated

four month sexual savage track to marriage.

greeneye demise used, and abused

the church’s fear of image to land her as a

missus to this man, and be in the current toxicity

of their dead marriage. God will never revive a

lie that makes His Chosen die. God will never

let his son remain in pain all in vain.

God already promised this man

to the she God says is for this he only.

at this point it’s a struggle to hold on to

God’s Promises, after so much ugly transpired.

sleepwalkers are bull-talkers that create

permeated spaces of disgrace thinking

the sinking winking disobey is okay.

their destinies are delayed by great dismays:

like Eve being tricked by the enemy,

like her mother being aggressively manly,

like she who’s for this he

that’s struggling not to give up

on the promises God says is hers regardless

of the demise in greeneye. the sexual lies

by the aborted support of that

drone clone crowds to community mutiny.

there is no unity in that building

with no godly wings: just stings

by wrong manmade wedding rings,

that will never be covered by God’s Wings.

That building with no godly wings

made marriage a sexual savage

where anyone can flee blindly in toxicity:

like the he God keeps saying is for she

who wants to flee so badly completely.

she’s done with all phony and ugly.

the eight month of the year

two thousand sixteen, she was blessed

by the freedom from that building

with no godly wings.

she didn’t have to see the toxicity

of the he God says is for she,

and his flesh god ugly with greeneye demise.

The skins in the slums of that martial sin

will never have godly wins no matter

the hook, line, and sinker loach coaching.

The he God says is for she will never

be biblically set free with greeneye demise

lies, cries, and sexual strife in that best first

last bite as a poisonous worldly wife.

greeneye demise will always be wicked strife.

On The Cross,

Immanuel tore the veil to make the enemy fail.

the enemy flees in misery empty

and tries to hide lies inside by misguided pride.

to make the stake of fake break us and die.

like the enemy did through greeneye demise.

like the enemy did with Adam in Eden.

like the enemy did with her father,

and the blunders of her mother.

Immanuel beat death on The Cross.

Immanuel is the bridge to God.

Adoption is our inheritance.

Today represents The Cross,

and the death Immanuel conquered.

Today represents The Cross,

and King Jesus restoring all that was loss.

Thank you for The Cross.

Thank you for Immanuel.

Thank you to the painful journey

of lonely to restore my soul

as the she God says is for that he.

Thank you for my freedom

from all the bondages that kept me hostage.

Thank you for destroying scientific logic

by supernatural faith not by sight wonders.

May I always cling to the song of wonder.

May I always pray for the Obey of Today.

May I never glance back by satanic attacks.

May I always be exalted and unsalted.

May I always praise in the rain.

May my pain always have gain.

May my hurt always have worth.

May I always know and grow

by what you show Lord.

May I always remember:

I am ashes to ashes.

I am dust to dust.

You breathe with ease in my nostrils daily.

Today is forty.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

Happy Reborn Day Forever.

Love your daughter.


her father was warned 

about the woman 

he decided to do life with. 

her father was warned 

by his six sisters and he didn’t listen.

biblically women are she’s. 

biblically wisdom are she’s.

biblical women have profound insight 

to protect what’s not neglected in men

from the Jezebel’s and the lion’s den.

Immanuel was on the Cross of Calvary 

for six hours before His Light

sparked in the dark of death 

to make the stake no longer 

be stronger to break us to combust 

and flee with the enemy blindly in misery.

Immanuel God with us could’ve called off

conquering the pitfall of death but He didn’t.

Every hour grew His hue of truth and 

the Midnight Hour of His Power to shower 

the world boldly not coldly: charity and clarity.

the same sister that named me: Crysta Regina.

me is the she that is biblically set free.

is the sister that told her brother to flee 

from the enemy that dwells with the woman

her father decided to do life with blindly.

patrol is control that walks the darkness path.

her mother loves control and darkness unfolds.

me is the she as the her in God’s Stir.

he + He + her is the path to Kingdom Math.

Ecclesiastics four verses nine to twelve 

are biblical and lyrical truths that make 

any stake of fake break and shake

in the midnight hour power to shower 

the Light of Jesus Christ that makes all right.

Immanuel prepared in his layers of prayers 

for forty days and forty nights with

no food in site, for He was the Light

that sparked in the dark where the enemy

flees in misery, and barks as a limited shark. 

Immanuel kept the armor of God in tact 

protecting him for all satanic setback attacks.

the enemy is witty but God is the key 

to being set free faithfully and biblically.

It’s imperative to be aggressive in the 

protective knowledge of The Holy Bible.

That’s what protected Immanuel God with us.

That’s what protected me from the enemy.

That’s what will protect all who are called

to conquer their pitfalls. Openness is key.

Openness to God doing the work to make

the fake of our hurt have worth. To gain

biblically as the key in our pain, and not

feel forgotten or lost as a hopeless cause

which pauses the swiftness of deliverance 

from the pale scales that prevail. 

Intellectually we technically lean sensually

because emotionally we sexually believe

body heat is a treat that meets our lonely feet.

Sexually is a perplexity that ingeniously finds

a way to press play in the rewind of time.

Sexually is a quick fix that grieves the crucifix. 

The crucifix is the security in the purity to

have the audacity to actually carry the crucifix  

and reject and protect by waiting on God. 

Sex before marriage robs

the beautiful process of baby carriages. 

Sex before marriage is a ruse

that abuses and loses charity and clarity.

Sex before marriage is falsified emotions

that make a fake stake break us in lust.

Sex before marriage is a lending pretending.

Biblically sex before marriage is fleeing blindly

in the dark with no spark with the enemy.

her father had sex before marriage 

and was positioned with the condition 

of a baby carriage me.

her father tried adopting her mother’s 

first daughter but the pressures from

her family blocked that desire.

her father wanted to save the woman

his sisters forewarned him on. 

her father saw the woman his sisters 

warned him on had the wrong people

in her ears for years. 

Immanuel is the only realm that can save. 

humans have to want to be saved.

humans have to want to be changed.

her mother didn’t want change. 

her mother wanted to absently

be in stagnancy fleeing in the

slums of her sins to patrol control.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

sees she’s let go of this toxic show.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

sees she wants her own household.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

is ready to receive her he God has.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

waits to become one flesh with

the man that will conquer his quicksand 

and never look back from this satanic attack.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

trusts the path to His Kingdom Romance

with the he that will always be for me.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

patiently awaits to meet the little feet of OAT. 

she is the me that’s biblically set free

is on her knees covering her Kingdom Math.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

knows God has this storm. It’s almost over.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

faithfully waits in the foolishness of God

there’s no other place she’d rather be. 

she is the me that’s biblically set free

prays and obeys to wait for her he

in this temporary and secondary toxicity.


she’s done with the manipulations

and the stipulations in the tone

that her parents thought she’d stay 

in the decay of a drone clone.

she’s done being in a ruse 

that her parents refuse to lose.

she’s done being used 

for her parents blunders 

by the layers of her prayers. 

she diligently stays on her knees

faithfully and consistently to cover. 

she’s done being a resident 

in a toxic household 

that’s been old and cold

for years full of drunken beers

and lying gears through 

the disobedient pillow-stained tears. 

she’s done with no fun in this no sun 

conundrum poisoned prism. 

she says yes to Olive.

she says yes to her he.

she says yes to walking 

the talking of God’s promises faithfully. 

God says he + He + her

is God’s Stir with her 

and the he she now chooses to see

biblically and faithfully for all humanity. 

God says he has a plan

for this ungodly quicksand he landed in.

she says yes to it all.

she says yes to conquering 

this pitfall and giving her all. 

she says yes to lift off. 

she says yes to the power 

of God’s Midnight Hour.

God says these two years

of pain are not being in vain

and have a godly gain

in the praising of this rain.

God says 

You will see

Trust Me

she says yes to what comes next. 

she says yes to six twenty-four.

she says yes to this spiritual birth.

she says yes to her hurt having worth. 

it’s been almost forty weeks 

since she’s seen his feet 

on Sunday it’ll be the fortieth peak

of this no contact & until she saw her he. 

God says He’s about to blow her mind.

God says the rewind of time

and the decay’s of yesterday’s are over

for he + her to walk the talk of His Stir.

God says she’s ready.

God says she’s steady.

God says she’s a preacher. 

God says she’s a teacher. 

God says she’s a reacher.

God says she’s a creator.

God says she’s an illustrator.

God says he is all of these and more.

God says he + she are 

the hue that’s true.

God says they are blue times two.

God says she’s surrendered all.

God says it’s all out. 

God says she can take off.

God says His Stir

will always be 

he + He + her.

she says yes to it all.

she’s called to conquer all pitfalls. 

she’s called to give her all.

she says yes to His Kingdom Math.

she says yes to all the love in this path.

she says yes to being 

the neck of her future household. 

she says yes to he + He + her.

she says yes to His Stir.

Tennessee and Italy 

my brother is back 

on the plane 

he went to a space 

of disgrace in the membrane

attacked by his flashbacks 

things cannot be the same 

to comeback to be lame 

would be a disheartening shame 

so what does this mean

for this clan and their routine?

his skin needed sunscreen 

the streets were cheap

not serene and unclean 

what’s the purpose 

of the course in this smokescreen?

just to press send in pretend 

and decay’s in setbacks 

to delay in satanic attacks?

this can’t be real

I don’t know how to feel

so what does this mean

for this clan and their routine?

I think I’m still in shock Daddy. It’s not like you told me exactly what’s coming to me, but I see that my storyline has been designed to your aligned protective confinement. My life feels like a peel of biblical reels, that I don’t always feel until moments of stillness. In the bliss of your presence I find rest. For you are my Cornerstone Best, and not like the humanistic rest. You’re ways are higher, and you’re not a liar. You are my Sacred Dove, because love is found bound from Above. 

she shaved her head?

maybe I’m wrong 

but her strong throng 

doesn’t fit a shaved head

the man she stands

in quicksand by the lies

that no longer bleed

in the wrong weed seed

of stronger is awakening  

from the shaking stake 

of her faking breaking 

but how was that logical

to shave her head?

it’s a diabolical misfit

like her hit it

and quit it 

in her martial misfit

which is a hiss dissed

of wrong wedding rings

that sting with no godly wings

her wedding rings 

are the two strands quicksand

without God there’s facades

and playing god will always be 

a flee with the enemy 

as a mirage sabotage  

her marriage is a legal legit 

radiated rusting savage 

from lust that’s 

combusted to distrust 

because of the humanity 

in that building with 

no godly wings 

the humanity spread the dead 

of a no unity mutiny

in the slums of sins 

with no godly wins 

and barbaric irregularity 

from the vulgarity of popularity  

leading this confused he

in a worldly ruse

which is a switch

from the gift 

in the Obey of Today 

to the decay’s of yesterday’s 

in his ungodly abuse 

and wrong wedding rings 

that will always sting 

she’s one way with him

and another decay with others 

In the eight month of the year two thousand fifteen, you showed me the double personality sage eyes who justified her lies, and mystified the he you say is for me. Daddy you also showed me you told her to leave, the he you say is for me and she didn’t flee. She rejected by neglecting your supernatural intellect, and godly protective prospect. She had company in her emotional manipulations, with the hissed dissing no unity mutiny community, that poached and coached this he you say is for me, to flee in misery with the enemy of this soundtrack full of satanic attacks with this sage eyes wrong she. She’s his Haggai to his Abram. She’s his Leah to his Jacob. Her four month rush down the marriage aisle didn’t change what God has always arranged. Her 131 legalized lying wedding operations, doesn’t change this two strands marriage of quicksand. The he you say is for me listened to the rushed glistened ministries, that led him to his current marital reality that God never wanted him to be in, by the lie of this slums through his sins. God uses everything for his glory, because we as humanity will always be His Story. God is using this abusing rumbling tumble, not to crumble the he God says is for me, but to heal what’s concealed and to set him free biblically. Thank you Jesus.

he + He + her

is God’s Stir 

that’s the path 

to Kingdom Math

her is the me 

that just needed to flee

from the toxicity of wrong she

that managed to get this he

to be in misery with the enemy 

in this hissed dissed 

poisonous kiss two strand 

quicksand savaged marriage 

her is the me 

that doesn’t know 

how to let go 

what was shown or to believe 

that God has a plan 

to end this two strand 

quicksand savaged marriage toxicity 

Daddy I just realize you have a lot to heal me from. I didn’t just feel like I was going to blow up everyday with the African prince that made me wince, but I felt like I was going to blow up everyday living in this house when my brother was in that scary and violent dark storm. My old co-worker that I wrote about in Horde, the one I helped get promoted, witness my brother hurting my dad and moved me in with him. He was so scared, and he was yelling at me about why didn’t I tell him, but him yelling at me just made me shut down. When he realized I shut down he stopped yelling, and that’s when I started speaking. I felt so exposed and naked when he saw my brother try to kill my dad. I grew up in a culture where you just swallow what’s going on in your house. So I swallowed the insanity I went to sleep in every night. This was the year two thousand twelve. I lived with him for four months, but I knew I had to leave, he was trying to plant seeds to marry me. 

he was so determined 

to have her 

and zeroed in on this win

every move she made 

he took a mental note 

like an ungodly renegade

when they went 

to Tennessee she felt so free 

she didn’t want to leave 

and he said let’s stay here

she snapped out of her fantasy 

and focused on her current reality 

she realized it was time to leave 

There is something very special about Tennessee. I went to Nashville six years ago and fell in love. My soul cries out for Tennessee and Italy. I haven’t been to Italy yet, I pray you make a way one day Daddy. I went to Tennessee with the man that saved me, it was a bunch of us from our old job. He clocked my every move, and was very smooth. He was very emotionally manipulative, that if I wasn’t fighting for stillness, I would’ve been caught up in his web, and possibly married to him now. Jojo* saw if I married him it would’ve been so bad, and she saw me always sad. Thank you for blocking and protecting me Daddy. I saw who he belonged to the day I meet him and it’s not me. Every time I tried telling him he would get angry and reject it. He did save me, and gave me safety temporarily. I’ll always be grateful for that but I didn’t belong with him, and he didn’t know how to accept that. So I left ghost rider style where he didn’t see it coming, and he couldn’t stop me. He was good at stopping me from leaving. I tried before. But he’s not better than God. No one is better than God, not even sage eyes that justify her lies. Thank you Daddy for showing me the key to being set free from that toxicity. 

my brother is back 

on the plane 

he went to a space 

of disgrace in the membrane

attacked by his flashbacks 

things cannot be the same 

to comeback to be lame 

would be a disheartening shame 

so what does this mean

for this clan and their routine?

his skin needed sunscreen 

the streets were cheap

not serene and unclean 

what’s the purpose 

of the course in this smokescreen?

just to press send in pretend 

and decay’s in setbacks 

to delay in satanic attacks?

this can’t be real

I don’t know how to feel

so what does this mean

for this clan and their routine?

This storyline is a whirlwind of insanity by my limited mind of tangibility. Daddy what you keep saying is what I cling to as my obeying.

You will see 

Trust me 

Be still 

Hold onto Me

Okay Daddy I’m holding on and never letting go. Thank you for being my Constant One since I came in earth. Thank you for Tennessee and Italy. I know one day, my feet will meet that place of tranquility: beautiful Italy.

I love you.

Love your daughter 

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy