Show him that nothing is impossible 

without You God: You are Maker & Creator. 

Remind him through those scripture verses

imprinted in ink as his loving reminder 

he’s made for Higher as Your Lighter & Fighter.

Thank you for his beautiful life. 

Thank you for walking with him 

through the shadow of death. 

Thank you for restoring his soul.

Thank you for thy rod and thy staff.

Thank you for your biblical path to ordained math.

he + He + her will always be God’s Stir.

Thank you for protecting him by reviving him. 

Thank you for meeting him 

exactly where he’s at: gears of fears. 

Show him how to let go of 

what’s the past, because it didn’t last 

and its not coming back: 

these thoughts are satanic attacks. 

Thank you for walking him through 

grace to grace, it’s never too late,

and this too shall pass there’s no hesitate

so he can freely receive and believe Your Evacuate. 

Thank you for walking him through renewed and restored. 

Thank you for teaching him redemption is yours, 

and that he can own his forgiveness 

for his deliverance in these slummed sins. 

Thank you for loving him to life 

when he feels nothing but deathly strife. 

his chokeholds are lies that want him to die

but he’s called to be alive in Jesus Christ

as a Light to spark the dark to what’s not right. 

Thank you for the humility in his growing 

by glowing maturity intuitively and faithfully. 

Thank you for the revealing of his healing,

and being no longer stronger 

in the throng of concealing peeling.

Thank you for showing him going 

with God’s Flow is the only way 

in the Obey of Today making all OK.

As your creation we are called 

to move with time to find Your Storyline.

As your creation we are called 

to reveal what’s concealed for wholly healing.

Thank you for his love. 

Thank you for his existence 

in this space from disgrace 

to grace and supernatural freedom. 

Revealing is healing from deselecting concealing

by the objection of suppressed confessions.

Thank you for walking him to speak up.

Thank you for walking him through having 

legal wisdom as an esquire 

that you God will always take Higher.

Speaking is healing freedom.

Speaking in his painful prison is becoming a platform

from the conformity of his broken carnal flesh

as a messy abnormal irregularity barbarically

to the supernatural Spirit-filled godly delivery.

Thank you for reaching by teaching him

he’s called to conquer his pitfalls by giving his all.

Thank you for leading him to embrace his purpose.

Thank you for teaching him flesh is distress

and Spirit is protective uplifting prosperous healing.

I love him and he loves me supernaturally

so give him the strength to owning he’s set free. 

I love him and he loves me supernaturally

so grow and glow him to see how to flee 

from this broken community intricately.

Thank you for deliverance through 

his hidden hinderances in this hissed

purposeful season by your biblical reasons.

In Jesus name I pray for my Earth King everyday, 

and forever because we are only better 

as one flesh together: in your perfect timing. 

Your movements God are designing and aligning divinely.

he + He + her will always equal God’s Stir. 

God’s Way is the only way always.

Thank you Holy Ghost.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Constant One. Amen.

The Holy Trinity is the only key to freedom.

Love your fighter, lighter, and daughter. 



he intricately propelled her to be

the woman of God she was made to be effortlessly.

he intricately pushed her to chase God unapologetically.

he intricately inspired her rhyming lies 

that were hiding inside, which made her die.

he intricately created the space where she’s 

no longer stronger in the throng of disgrace.

he intricately pushed her to see everything 

she was running from to be freed faithfully.

he was intricately used to get her weeds

that made her bleed in broken need 

to no longer be stronger as a live feed.

he will always be the he in God’s Stir 

for she who’s me & her in this he + He + her.

she forgives her he faithfully, and lets go

of what she knows from the past that didn’t last.

she’s ready to be the salt of the earth with him.

she’s committed to this second chance

of God’s path in His Kingdom Math Romance.




she knows he’s her blue hue that’s biblical truth. 

Prayer for her Earth King…

God I lift up your beautiful son to you right now.

you know every hair from the crown of his head 

to the tip of his perfect toes. 

Thank you for creating him.

Thank you for never leaving his side.

Thank you for preparing him for his biblical bride.

Thank you for showing him how to forgive himself.

Thank you for showing him how to give grace to himself.

Thank you for showing him how to allow your love in God.

Thank you for being patient until it hurt enough.

Thank you for walking him through his freedom.

Thank you for taking all his hidden pains, and 

making them apart of your godly glory gain.

Thank you for leading him to see that godly sets him free.

Thank you for leading him to supernatural.

Thank you for using this season 

to make him see your reason in this treason

is being set free faithfully & biblically. 

Thank you for reaching and teaching him 

to breathe with ease in the peace 

that surpasses all tangible understanding.

Thank you for turning his bitter into sweet.

Thank you for sparking all his dark with 

the Light of Jesus Christ to rise and fight.

Thank you for making him an Ephesians 5 man.

Thank you for showing and growing him

to be in the space to no longer feed disgrace.

Thank you for showing and growing him

that his empty didn’t need broken confetti.

Thank you for showing and growing him

that money is phony, lonely, and not the way to Today.

Thank you for showing and growing him

…that freedom is in the supernatural.

…that freedom is in absurd obedience.

…that the world is a broken allegiance 

to a division collision inclusion

to exclude God and sleepwalk in facades

blindly in misery stagnantly with the enemy.

Thank you for making his existence all things new.

she who is me & her in God’s Stir: he + He + her

is in the space to see he’s intricately a blessing

that she receives faithfully and waits patiently for him to come.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Constant One.

The Holy Trinity is the key to being set free.

Love your fighter, lighter, and daughter.



he’s so angry. 

he’s so hateful to himself. 

he’s so angry at his careless entries. 

he’s so angry at his current reality. 

he has to forgive himself. 

he has to stop hating himself. 

he has to allow God to unconditionally 

love him so he can be set free completely.

his POV is a reel that sees toxicity for eternity.

through humility he will see biblically to be his key.

he has to stop glancing back at past attacks.

he has to drop his advancing loophole shortcuts.

where he is isn’t enough or called love.


she’s over the scribing lines of this storyline.

she’s aged from her raged cage like His Wine.

she’s in her wreckage with biblical intention.

God completely has her lyrical attention. 

God has her exactly where he wants her

for His Stir equals he + He + her.

she wants to throw her tantrums,

because he threw his and so called lived. 

she wants her way. 

she wants her decay’s. 

she wants the easy shortcut lane. 

she’s tired of obedience.

she sees it’s a hopeless allegiance, 

to the divided flag of her unfurled society 

where minorities are murdered innocently.


he knows he’s messed up in this hiccup.

he knows she’s fed up and wants to give up.

he has a POV that God is using to set him free.

he’s clawing and fighting for alignment.

he’s struggling in this testimonial assignment.

he picks up she’s struggling with this set up.

he’s so angry and walking through the journey

choosing faith not fear

choosing Light not dark 

choosing God to spark all that’s not right inside.

choosing to lose his pride and misguided lies.


she’s overwhelmed by this supernatural circumstance.

she never believed in second chances.

she doesn’t understand this prophetic quicksand.

that’s why she doesn’t like Revelations 

it’s the biblical blueprint to current liberations.

she’s over the convenience of sinful disobedience.

she’s over the thunders of murderous blunders.

she’s pissed & limited in her rumbling tumbles.

she has a POV of on to the next as the elected selection.

she has a POV of conditioned love to protect 

what he carelessly neglected, and didn’t select.

which is why she wants her lie to never cry again.

she has a POV that he’s an unknown lion’s


she has a POV that he can crush her completely.

she has a POV that struggles to comprehend 

the path in this math that God gave him her key.

she has a POV to do her and focus on what’s here.

Above her POV she chooses to walkthrough

her choking provoking fears in this gear

to trust God and let go of her protective facade.

she doesn’t know what’s next. 

she clings to God’s Prospect & Intellect.

she doesn’t know how to do redo’s.

she doesn’t know how to reconnect.

she’s willing to discern and learn how 

to let go of all she knows in this flow.

she will continue to cover him and pray.

she will aggressively lift her sword for his freedom & peace.

she will walk on faith he will choose to lose

the world boldly not coldly to breathe with ease.

she will be still and grab His Gills.

she’s come too far to lose it all 

in the slums of sinning tailspins.

if he can’t lead her biblically then

he needs to stay away completely.

her POV: it’s God way or no way. Checkmate.


Dear Daddy,

Thank you Heavenly Father for continuously blessing me, and surrounding me with your angels. Every time I get frustrated or upset, you send a beautiful angel around me to remind me of your goodness. I was just blessed with an amazing conversation with one of your daughters, La* I always see her around when I’m not in and out of this place. And she’s always fighting to smile and be positive, which sharpens me every single time I see her beautiful face. I’m not always positive, and I’m definitely not as nice as she is. It’s inspiring to see, and pushes me to be a better human. 

We both woke up in the middle of the night on a quest of releasing in the bathroom. We both went to the bathroom on the fourth floor and it was flooded. We bonded over annoyance and laughed heading downstairs as we were doing the pee dance. We both walked into the third floor bathroom, which had a completely different set up, and reacted the same way. We agreed in unison: “why isn’t the fourth floor this nice!?” I made a joke, and said the third floor is like a five star hotel and she laughed. I didn’t understand why there was a pressing on my heart to make her laugh until a few moments later. We kept bonding and laughing, finally able to use the bathroom.  

La just told me she received a phone call that completely changed her life. She couldn’t sleep at all last night, because she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was deeply wrong. She tried calling her husband, and he didn’t pick up. He never not answers her calls, she thought that was strange but she didn’t think any of it at first. She was informed that her husband of sixteen years just passed away. They just made the decision to separate. They have a teenage daughter. She just came out the hospital for treatment of kidney stones. Her aunt just passed away and her funeral is today. Her father just got into a car accident. She’s in a shelter. Yet her beautiful smile radiates like the Light this planet desperately needs, because of so much darkness consuming the earth. I immediately hugged her, and told her she inspires me. Her radiant smile appeared again, and she laughed like I said a funny joke. I nervously laugh too. I become awkward at attention too. I see her clearly, because I recognize the signs. Compliments are like a root canal for me too. I made it clear she was an inspiration, and there was no joke behind that then she thanked me. I told her I’ll be praying for her. She thanked me so much. Her face lit up when I mentioned prayer and God. She told me seeing the third floor bathroom gave her so much hope and light. Her appreciation to the small details blew my mind, and made me push for more of that perspective too. 

Thank you Creator for being the Maker that is far greater. Thank you Creator for the small gifts that you bestow on all the souls on this planet. Like this amazing conversation with La, and that beautiful video of the bear and the dog showdown. You’re always speaking Constant One. We just have to be sensitive enough to see your many gifts throughout the day. I don’t know if I blessed La, but I know she just blessed me. I thank you God for giving me another soul to lift in prayer. Thank King Jesus for being a light that dwells in me, because I choose to believe and receive the anointing of salvation by wearing my helmet. I choose to walk by faith not sight, by putting on my breastplate of faith and love to spread the Light of Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for blessing me with Your Presence always, no matter what my left or right stirs up in strife. Like last night, when I slammed this Christian life. I was so fearful of coming back here too late, and losing my bed. But you lovingly walked me through my rampage of dread. You showed me God that there’s so much fear in my heart. Thank you for trusting me to be open to see what paralyzes me. Thank you for walking me through my constant window ledges of not jumping in my fears. God you always turn the dark to Light in Your Great Might. I’ll continue to surrender my fears, because you are my only anchor not the files in lying fears that’s been buried for years behind my painful tears.

I surrender my fear in what’s to come.

I surrender my fear of the unknown and 

no longer being stronger in cloning drones.

I surrender to being undone.

I surrender my fear of judgment due to

the current hue of my storm, which is 

truly a blessing in disguise 

by my dismantling pride 

of hidden lies that make me die inside.

I’m so afraid of people judging me, 

because I’m in the current space I’m in.

I’m so afraid of never getting back on my feet.

I’m so afraid of a man coming in my space, 

and judging me or worse pulling a rug from me.

I’m so afraid to fall in love.

I’m so afraid to allow people that broke my

heart with cruel words that I sometimes 

replay in the back of my mind, 

over and over again as a disgrace in my space.

Hurtful words feel like I’m dirt with no worth. 

I want to hide like a rewind of time.

I’m so afraid of allowing “them” back in my space again. 


The space I create I trust and believe 

the “them’s” won’t ever hurt me 

with their words again. Distance is deliverance. 

My sister, and that man you say is for me

is far away from me so I can believe in my scene.

I’d rather run and make believe 

that no one has access where I can flee.

I’m so afraid I can’t bounce back from this,

and I’ll never find a job or a studio.

I’m so afraid people can tell I’m down and out,

and they’re going to tell me something mean:

like I smell, and this is typical for a black girl.

That’s why I don’t like going around people

until I get back on my feet, but you keep

making me go to a specific place to face

all my fears. I don’t like it. I don’t like it God.

I’m just so afraid God. I’m choking in fear.

But then you blessed me with this amazing 

conversation with La, and her light is so bright.

She pushes me to believe everything will be

more than okay and this setback is a setup. 

My prayer for that angel:

May you give her the words to ease this wordless blow of losing a father to their daughter. The daughter that you blessed her and her late husband with God. May this tragedy be the blessing their relationship needs to become closer, and run straight to serving you King of Kings. May these back to back storms draw her so much closer to the importance of who you truly are. May she see that you God are the only key she will ever need. May she have the strength to hold her head high, and attend this funeral in the beautiful light that she fights to keep bright. 

May you open the doors supernaturally like a boom boom boom parting the impossible Red Sea to I’m possible for those that believe. This angel deserves it and so much more. May this immeasurable amount of pain she’s feeling be the biggest gain, and her pending platform she will ever face for the Kingdom of God, and her growing God fearing space. May you protect her from all evils that try to make her die inside. May she only be around those that sharpen, and propel her to higher and higher. May she never lose your wonder in this painful thunder of wordless blinding blunders. May she always feel your overwhelming love coming over and under in her space that’s not a disgrace. May her rejection be seen as the godly protection that sets her completely free. May she find herself tucking safely under your wings from all these painful stings. May you always protect, and show her to neglect all ungodly prospects. May she be aggressively sensitive to the still small voice of your everlasting choice. May she always be childlike, and shine so brightly in the Light of Jesus Christ. May it be well in her soul.

Constant One, I don’t know if she’s saved or not but I pray this brings her to full throttle salvation. The signs are there. You want her to come to the light. She said she had hope over a bathroom that was nicer than what she was used to. That level of attention to detail is godly. It is biblical to appreciate the small miracles of you God, which this beautiful angel does. Keep preparing her to say yes to you God, and for her to never look back. I pray you give her the strength to let go of all those she needs to let go of. I pray she lets go of what she knows so she can grow and only know You God.

I don’t want anyone knowing what’s going on with me. But that’s not up to me. I try very hard not to feed that people are fake, and don’t care due to my hurtful encounters in the past. That’s not true. You’ve blessed me with some amazing sisters that I cherish, and I know they’re different. The women here in this shelter are some of the most beautiful souls, and so different too. The ones that are challenging to see the same truth are just deeply hurt, and broken too. I wasn’t always this understanding or fighting to be in the Light of Christ. I was severely mean and broken too. Regardless of my fearful why, everyone has their own why’s. I will get better at praying for those that are hardest to pray for. I’m where I am because people decided not to give up lifting their sword for me. So it’s my turn to lift my sword for those that need someone to fight for them. 

I still have a grudge against my old church, there was so much fake everything I experienced. Fake “godly” counsel. Fake pleasantries. Fake care. Fake fellowship. Fake unity. Fake everything. There was so much hurt I swallowed. That place broke my heart into so many pieces. Then you blessed me with the church that healed my heart. Then you pulled me out, which I battle still thinking truly sucks. Because you put me in a church that now has the same couple that played a role to my broken heart. Their misguided leadership at my old church is why my heart aches in worry. My heart didn’t just break because of personal experience. It breaks knowing their broken savage leadership through their marriage caused so much damage.

My heart broke because I saw the damage done to others. I trust the voice of God completely, and the husband to this couple couldn’t shake this truth like he tried. But he successfully shook the comprehension to Your Still Small Voice for so many others. You have Chosen walking around hurt, lost, and confused because of his misguiding leadership. Now he’s in the place I worship to spread more poison? I’m praying for his alignment, and all you tell me God is it won’t happen again. That’s hard to believe considering the damage you and I both know he did God. I’m so surprised that you have me scribing my lines so clearly about how I feel. I feel so naked and exposed. I’m fearful of being so naked and so exposed. That’s why I like when you let me live in my rhyming parable lines. Not this time I supposed, because you have a message for more eyes than the ones that comprehend my scribing lines. 

People are afraid to speak up at my old church. That’s why there’s so much silent hurt. People are afraid to call out the godly truth, when presented with diluted solutions. People are afraid to biblically reference Your Holy Proof. People sing in hidden stings in a building that now struggles to have godly wings. People are afraid to challenge misguided leadership, because they don’t want to be cast out like a biblical “you can’t be spiritually weird” vessel such as Noah in the Bible, or Jonah who tried hiding in the belly of a whale to avoid the calling he couldn’t avoid. People are afraid to be biblically radical and brave. 

People swallow hallow fouls, of mutant lukewarm salutes, to allow silent oppression. Biblical leadership is supposed to be aligned by the design of the Holy Bible. It’s the fine print and blueprint. If leadership is not biblical then there’s mixture in the midst of guidance. Only the Holy Spirit should lead the words for all humanity not emotional control. Emotional control is a popular patrol that sadly unfolds all too often. It’s a god complex forgetting God’s Begotten. Silent Oppression is a disconnection to the sensitivity, which is the protective key to be Holy in the Spirit of God. Repentance is acceptance, and opening to God’s showing why biblical confessions is humanity’s mess to be godly messages. There’s no shame in biblical gain. Biblical Confessions are freedom and clarity in charity, which is godly love. Godly love is found bound from Above to be tucked safely under His Wings. When we reveal what’s been concealed God heals our painful stings. Only through God can our pain ever have gain, and never be in vain. 

The sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is designed to have all that’s aligned to be set free faithfully and biblically. The Holy Spirit is not supposed to grieve for fear of speaking, that’s bullying and bullying isn’t of God. That’s what my old church does, creates a space to be afraid to speak, and Chosen grow weak spiritually. That’s not godly or biblical. Fear is not of God. That building grew to be about image, routines, and control. Many ministries are filled with isolated tees. The Holy Spirit is not about image, routines, control, or isolated tees. Isolation leads to segregation. Dr. Martin Luther King wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. Katherine G. Johnson wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. Mary Vaughan wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. Mary Jackson wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. John F. Kennedy Jr. wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. Marylin Monroe wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. There are so many more American Historical leaders who are bold believers that defend truth like this amazing crew.

Abram in the Bible wasn’t afraid to speak up. Queen Esther in the Bible wasn’t afraid to speak up. Noah in the Bible wasn’t afraid to speak up. Hannah, Samuel’s mother in the Bible wasn’t afraid to be on her knees aggressively speaking to God on how she felt. Moses in the Bible had his bubble popped that forever changed his walk, and he became bold to no longer be a slave to fear. There’s so many real life heroes from American History, and biblically that I choose to use as my key to being set free faithfully. I’m not afraid to speak up anymore. I’m not afraid to ruffle feathers anymore. I “lost” everything and gained clarity in biblical charity finally. I have a voice to ruffle feathers, and challenge incorrect authority that doesn’t align with the Holy Bible. God I will do what I’m called to do. I’m ready. My silence hurts enough. I won’t be afraid, and I won’t lose in the ruse of fear anymore.

What’s done in the dark comes to Light.

We are called to be sparks in the dark.

We are called to shed the Light of Christ.

We are called to speak on what’s not right. 

There’s a lot that’s not right roaming the nights of plight and strife in this earthbound life. It’s time we stop acting like that’s not a truth we as a humanity can change. Change happens when we rise up. Change happens when we speak up. 

My prayer for the planet.

May the souls on this planet listen with an extra layer to their prayers tonight. 

May the souls on this planet cry out to you oh Heavenly Father as the only compass home.

May the souls on this planet push for appreciation in the overwhelming moments of any tough storm. 

May their eyes see your goodness and faithfulness Lord.

May they be open to see the blessings in disguise to what greatly pains them inside. 

May they never lose their praise in the rain.

May they fight with Your Might for the Light of Jesus Christ.

May you always send angelic reminders to your people that need the timely blessings.

May we always pause and be slow to anger.

May we get better together in unity for all humanity biblically, and faithfully to be set free in unity maturely being boldly not coldly.

May we one day see we are one body and multiple parts with beating hearts.

May all souls grow cold to the drone stone heart.

May all souls allow the final bow of their heart to become the beautiful mess of flesh.

May all souls understand your grace and mercy doesn’t judge thee nor forsake us to combust. 

May we know you own and protect our hearts.

May we stop feeding afraid, and the gear of fear, which is pride hiding lies. 

May humility be our key intuitively. 

May we boldly not coldly choose to wear the breastplate of faith and love.

May we boldly not coldly choose to wear the helmet of salvation.

May we boldly not coldly choose to put on the armor of God.

May we boldly not coldly wear the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

May we all get better at mediating in the Holy Bible.

May we all choose the biblical blueprint as a reference in the deliverance of our hinderances and fine print acceptance.

Thank you Constant One.

Thank you King Jesus for the Cross of Calvary.

Love your lighter, fighter, and daughter.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 


she prays for their ways 

to no longer be decay’s of yesterday’s.

in the aligned house they now call home.

she prays for the biblical covering dome.

Jojo* wants it to be time to go 

and says no to part two of the husband 

and wife of strife in night life’s toxic show.

she’s uncomfortable that their presence 

is in the same space God lead her race.

they watched husband and wife lead 

by wrong weed seeds in broken need 

by the lies and misguided demise of black tees.

it is well in their souls boldly not coldly. 

prayer is how they combated phony & lonely.

instead of feeding the wear of fear 

they choose to lose in the gear of faith. 

they choose to put on the breastplate 

of love found bound from Above to sit & wait.

they choose to put on the helmet of salvation.

they prayed for the ways of husband and wife

to no longer be stronger in the poisonous 

spread of dead led & wrong in their throng.

husband falsely prophet in a scrutiny of mutiny 

in the building with no godly wings in black tees

which now has stings for over eight years.

there’s so much damage that flesh of mess

in the pride that hides inside of husband lies.

wife spreads strife in the night of life.

the slums of her sins in the ungodly skin 

of exclusivity to eventually be a queen of mean.

wife is fake in the stake she refuses to shake 

the ruse or break as a mistake, so she takes.

Jojo was real about what she concealed.

Jojo saw the opinion of sin from this wife 

that spreads strife in the night of life.

wife is incognito in her libido of ego. 

wife is an analyst of her own solo panelist.

there’s no God in wife’s facade or mirage.

she watched the mockery of His Truth as

a misguided leader & reader of biblical proof.

for the three years she swelled in the dew 

she knew as untrue in the building with stings

or no godly wings by those wedding rings.

ministries should be an edification biblically

not the ungodly toxicity of popularity.

husband and wife are about that status life.

it’s about who humans know in selfish shows

not how to godly grow or go where God knows.

husband and wife lead by the misguided lies

in the black tees ungodly for eight years.

wife is about the toxic sticks hick of cliques.

husband is about the focus of his ego locus.

wife is not biblically wise. wife misguides as 

a Proverbs 7 strife hiding as a Proverbs 31.

husband got tripped up by fading beauty

when biblically beauty fades in rapid raids

like the decay’s of yesterday’s husband lays.

she prays for their ways 

to no longer be decay’s of yesterday’s.

in the aligned house they now call home.

she prays for the biblical covering dome.

Jojo* wants it to be time to go 

and says no to part two of the husband 

and wife of strife in night life’s toxic show.

she prays for the armor of God over this 

community that’s about biblical unity 

not the scrutiny or mutiny of black tees

in the barbaric chase of popularity 

like this husband and wife of strife did 

in the messy win of slums of sins in 

the hissed dissed of ungodly wins.

husband and wife’s demise is sin in tailspins.

the Creator who is far greater is the Maker.

if God allowed it then it’s for a purpose 

of pain with gain not in vain & pending platform.

it is well in their souls boldly not coldly. 

prayer is how they combated phony & lonely.

instead of feeding the wear of fear 

they choose to lose in the gear of faith. 

they choose to put on the breastplate 

of love found bound from Above to sit & wait.

they choose to put on the helmet of salvation.

the Creator is husband and wife’s only Maker

King of Kings and Lord of Lords is a shaker

of unexpected circumstances in this dance.

God decides how far lies and facades spread.

this husband and wife of strife do not 

control or patrol their own lives. God decides.

they choose to pray, survive and wait

in their love and faith breastplate

wearing their helmet of salvation in dedication.

biblically every knee shall bow and confess 

all messes of accumulated flesh & distress. 

husband and wife too will expire in this dew.

God controls the arrival of revival and survival.

God patrols the thriving of being alive in life.

God controls this husband and wife of strife.

God patrols all conditions of their decisions.

God is guiding their misfiring lying demise.

wife has so much envy in her stone heart

which makes her far apart. wife ceases in 

displease from breathing with ease

in the peace of God that surpasses facades

like playing god this wife does to be 

the only queen of mean when it’s ungodly.

wife feeds the spirit of jealousy competitively.

she prays for wife’s stone heart to come apart

and become flesh so God can do the work.

she prays for the pale scales to no longer 

be stronger in the solo panel of prevail.

she prays for this pitfall for wife to surrender all.

she prays for the will to be done for husband.

she prays for the will to be done for wife.

she binds lies and looses biblical truths.

this too shall past. ungodly never lasts.

husband and wife will no longer be stronger 

in the scrutiny of the mutiny in popularity.

husband and wife’s decay’s will end, amen.

no more delay in their dismay disobeys.

The Light of Christ sparks the dark 

of all that’s wrong inside hiding by prideful lies.

husband and wife cannot spread what dies.

she declares their status spreading is ending.

she declares the becoming undone in no sun.

she declares spreading the gospel not hostile.

she declares speaking biblical proof not aloof.

she declares no more mixed drinks that stink.

she declares no more fusion in confusion.

she declares the leading to trust God’s Voice 

not the ego focus of man’s limited choice.

she declares no community with isolated tees.

she declares unity for all humanity faithfully

& biblically for all the world to see and be freed.

she declares God’s Way in the Obey of Today.

Thank you King for healing stings.

Thank you King for protective Wings.

Thank you for the layers of prayers.

Love your lighter and daughter.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 


she prays for the

Obey of Today 

and for the adjustment 

in high discernment.

sensitivity is key

to leaning on the Holy Trinity.

Father • Son • Spirit

is the deliverance in 

the slums of humanistic sins

by the lies that hide behind pride 

in the brokenness of societal 

and cultural habitual rituals.

she prays for her he

to faithfully see

and trust above lust biblically.

she prays for her he 

to be in the peace of God 

to surpass all understanding in his

landing of this toxic quicksand.

she prays for her he 

to put on the armor of God 

to be louder than 

the clouds of flesh god facades.

she prays for her he 

to cling in the Wings of God

and lean on the strength in Christ

to be the Light to spark the dark

upon all that’s not right 

in his life of strife and plight.

she prays for her he 

to cling to charity for clarity 

being above the vulgarity of popularity

in the irregularity barbarity of the hissed

dissed poisonous kiss 

of green eye demise best last first bite.

she prays for her he

for the rejection and protection from

green eye demise and all her ugly.

she prays for her he

to be wittier in his strides and glides

as green eyes and her lies slips and slides.

the enemy and his misery are a democracy 

of decay’s and thirty second delays.

green eye demise will be always behind

due to following the chaotic hue with no virtue.

green eye demise is in a rewind of time

that hides the prideful lies inside.

she prays for her he 

to openly be free for God’s deliverance 

in this hinderance with the Light of Christ.

she prays for her he 

to hold on strongly in this temporary throng.

Immanuel is God with us, which is switching 

the lustful sickness in green eyes wickedness

to be the belly of this whale to finally fail.

green eyes demise 

isn’t bigger than God.

the crowds to community 

isn’t bigger than God.

the building with no godly wings 

isn’t bigger than God.

winning the contest 

isn’t a bondage.

it’s a gift from God 

that humans used 

as a ruse to play facades.

the hostage of survivals guilt 

is what humans leverages 

as their beverage.

Be still to know He is God. (Psalm 46:10)

her he is exhausted 

but exalted and unsalted.

“The princes of the 

people are gathered together, 

even the people of the 

God of Abraham: 

for the shields of the earth 

belong unto God: 

he is greatly exalted.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭47:9‬ ‭KJV‬‬

don’t glance back,

that’s where satan attacks like 

through the untrue hue of 

the lies of green eyes demise

and that crowds to community

with no unity, just stings and mutiny

in that building with no godly wings. 

the enemy that flees in misery 

isn’t bigger than God.

Nothing is bigger than God.

If God allowed it

then it’s for a bigger purpose.

There’s a purpose to 

this ungodly hue

of green eye demise and 

this hissed diss of sinfulness.

God is covering him 

faithfully in charity.

she prays for her he

to biblically see with clarity

and trust the blueprint 

of God’s Fine-print.

she prays for her he 

to take and allow the final bow

from this two strand quicksand.

she prays for her he 

to sit in His Wings to the path

of His Kingdom Math.

His Stir equals he + He + her.


Jojo* is a no go 

for the clearing 

of this toxic 

flesh god show

starring two bros

that God showed.

verbal exchanges 

were painful arranges.

Jojo doesn’t want to know 

that he loves her 

and sees it’s her. 

Jojo wants her pain 

to not have charity gain.

Being clear isn’t sincere.

Jojo is a no go

for the clearing

of this toxic 

flesh god show

starring two bros 

that God bestowed.

she said no.

Jojo said uh oh.

Jojo’s word sting.

Jojo condones his wedding rings.

she couldn’t risk 

him crushing her again.

he pressed send with that DM.

the message was received

and his mission was achieved. 

on the sixth month 

on the twenty-first day 

in that year she walked away.

there were too many nights 

she spent in strife with plight 

of his decision in his 

check-list lair conditions 

with his greeneye demise

and their best last first bite life.

she’s tired of these tests. 

life is so hard 

and she has no breaks.

he doesn’t matter. 

Jojo doesn’t matter. 

her he doesn’t matter. 

none of them are in these issues. 

none of them have parent’s 

that are evicted bound to a shelter

and only the layer of prayer 

keeps them in a home 

with no godly dome.

she’s tired and wired.

she’s tired of living 

on the edge of uncertainty. 

she just wants peace 

not all this painful unhealthy. 

everyone failed her. 

she failed herself. 

God never failed her 

yet God wants her 

to be in forgiveness 

with selfish self-centered arrogance. 

she’s a liar too.

she lied to not get hurt anymore.

he wanted sex and lies: 

he has it with his greeneye demise.

Jesus stopped her from dying

for what? The world is broken.

she’s dedicated to her isolation.

no one can hurt her

when she’s alone. 

no one can be a drone clone

if she’s alone.

he can stay with the decay

of greeneye and their demise.

life is too hard

to constantly be in this space

of insanity and disgrace.

she just wants a place 

to be healthy and follow Jesus. 

she doesn’t want to be

around any of this toxicity.

All of this is ugly.

Jojo is ugly.

she’s ugly.

these two he’s are ugly.  

Jojo can do her.

her he can do him.

that he God won’t stop 

saying is for she

can choke in his

self-made provokes.

sex & money was his ugly

that was most important. 

he has what he wants.

she wants to be free 

away from everybody. 

everybody can flee

she’s used to that ugly.

she’s tired of unhealthy.

she wants to be free

away from everybody 

and all toxicities.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy

turtle shell


he’s fighting with 

all his might

to no longer 

be stronger 

in the dark of 

what’s not right 

he wants to be with her 

and walk as God’s Stir 

he wants his 

he + He + her

his focus is 

not his current locus 

she’s a toxicity 

he sees he needs 

to be set free biblically

from the slums of his sins

settling wasn’t worth it 

she wasn’t worth it 

he’s climbing through the lies

he’s dying in his pride 

the barbwire is a fire 

that won’t stop 

his humbling journey 

he wants to be with her 

and walk as God’s Stir 

he + He + her 

he wants the path 

of His Kingdom Math

I didn’t think that vision I received in the sixth month of the year two thousand sixteen had anything to do with me. But then you whispered in love, yesterday morning that it was about the he you keep saying is for me. At the time I didn’t discern, and just assumed it was about the daughter that swooped in my space and left even faster from my life last summer, very similarly to how this legalized roommate to the he you keep saying is for me did in his life during his low season. So manipulative and sneaky but you reap what you sow. This legalized roommate is walking through her cold hard reality as I scribe these lines no longer hiding inside. God always has the final say. Like he does today, and everyday God breathes air into our nostrils. 

when she counts her sheep

she sees her he and they meet 

he’s the man she’s always believed 

she will receive and 

have godly achieving dreams 

they make the perfect team

he + He + her

God’s Stir

when she wakes up 

it’s all over and 

she fights not to remember 

the stings from 

the wrong wedding rings

she fights to be in love

love is found bound from Above 

I’m honestly tired of writing about him. I’m tired of dreaming about him, and I’m tired of talking about him. I keep wrestling about this with you, and I keep losing Daddy. He’s doing him, and I’m just writing about him. All this attention on a dude that’s doing his own thing. I really thought one of the biggest gains from being pulled out of the church last year, was never having to deal with anything about him ever again. But that didn’t happen, you’re showing out God by continuously talking about this dude to me, and I’m like what am I supposed to do about that? You tell me to pray for him. And I do, I pray for his peace, and for him to trust in your voice above the human’s that landed him in the lonely shoes he walks now. It’s so bothersome. And I can’t do anything about that. 

God locked her

away from his decay

to never be sucked in delays

or dismay’s of yesterday’s 

by the sorrows of no tomorrow 

in that building with no godly wings

full of wedding rings that sting 

that this he and his 

legalized lying roommate received 

this he didn’t want to flee

from the show that made him known 

that building with no godly wings 

pushed him to wear these wedding rings 

that sting silently, and violently he’s

lying to hide what makes him die inside 

When I wanted to help him Daddy you completely blocked me. Then I had to watch the same dark night storm unfold over his life, that you showed me was coming since the eleventh month of the year two thousand thirteen. It made me cringe, and broke my heart that he was sleepwalking into a trap that the people around him were in his ears coaching him to walk. He’s gotten only emotional counsel. What human’s thought he should’ve done instead of what God told him to do. Emotional counsel is not biblical counsel. 

she wanted to love him 

since day one 

she wanted to protect him

since day one

she wanted to block this storm

since day one

she wanted to be 

apart of his transformation 

since day one 

she wanted to be his cheerleader 

from his transitioning positioning 

from conformity to His anomaly 

since day one

God blocked her 

from being his cheerleader 

since day one 

That building with no godly wings is full of humans that give emotional counsel instead of biblical counsel. But you didn’t allow me to help him. He probably wouldn’t of wanted or appreciate my help anyway. Who knows. Life is so crazy for me that all I want is a little stability and normalcy. This dude is in better shoes than me fiscally and residentially. Daddy I need reprieve in these areas. This is a lot. But I choose to take a leap, and trust you Daddy. This is the most nerve racking season I’ve been in to date, dealing with these fiscal and residential scenarios. You’re really yanking my tangibility, and my control in such a nerve racking way. 

he’s fighting with 

all his might

to no longer 

be stronger 

in the dark of 

what’s not right 

he wants to be with her 

and walk as God’s Stir 

he wants his 

he + He + her

his focus is 

not his current locus 

she’s a toxicity 

he sees he needs 

to be set free biblically

from the slums of his sins

settling wasn’t worth it 

she wasn’t worth it 

he’s climbing through the lies

he’s dying in his pride 

the barbwire is a fire 

that won’t stop 

his humbling journey 

he wants to be with her 

and walk as God’s Stir 

he + He + her 

he wants the path 

of His Kingdom Math

And what’s up with telling me this dude is coming to me when tangibly it’s impossible? I don’t get it. I’m fighting to choose love and be slow to anger. Ever since you placed that revelation on my heart two days ago. You’ve been telling me that my earth mother, and that legalized roommate the he you say is for me has, are mirroring broken women of God. I’ve just been acting like you’re not trying to tell me that. If his legalized roommate is truly like my mother: an emotional manipulative pathological liar, then I pray you change her, and stop her from growing to be as broken as my earth mother is. That’s not a look I’d wish on anyone, not even my mother. My prayers feel like pain in vain. I’ve been praying for my mother to change since I was a child. She’s still the same. My dad’s still looking like a defeated alcoholic. For the longest I refused to get married and have children. Then you showed me the he you say is for me Daddy, and I got so hopeful. But he did what he did, and I was shattered. I ran right back in my turtle shell. The same turtle shell you want to remove to make me a defenseless slug, that can be easily crushed like a bug. And then you Daddy keep saying this he is going to protect me. That’s so hard to believe because of what I see. 

he scares her

he told her 

what God showed her

he wasn’t ready 

for godly steady

he was interested 

in flesh facades 

that made him play god 

at the time rewind 

was the forefront of his mind 

he was kind in his lie

but it still made 

her die on the inside

she doesn’t want to believe 

he’s fighting the barbwire 

to prepare and receive her

she doesn’t want to achieve 

he + He + her because 

he’s already married 

what he chose to drive home 

when she’ll never enter his dome 

two strands will always be quicksand 

his coaching is behavioral poaching 

it’s still not enough 

he wants more with the her 

that God showed him

the same her 

he ran from before 

No one should look like my mother, or even be in that space. But when we as your Chosen make active decisions everyday Daddy. Everyday I see my mother supernaturally reject God and his truth. I don’t know if this dude’s legalized roommate does that as well, I pray she doesn’t. She’s too young to be walking such a death trap. She’s younger than me but doesn’t look younger than me, Jojo, or her legalized roommate, [that he you keep saying is for me.] All three of us are older than her. What kind of life does she live to be in her mid twenties, and look older than the three of us who are in their thirties? I’m very curious, because I really don’t get it. I’m so baffled. When I was in my mid twenties people thought I was in my late teens. Maybe I’m spoiled by a culture of humans, that look younger than they really are. This looking older than you are, is an unfamiliar phenomenon to me. 

she wanted to love him 

since day one 

she wanted to protect him

since day one

she wanted to block this storm

since day one

she wanted to be 

apart of his transformation 

since day one 

she wanted to be his cheerleader 

from his transitioning positioning 

from conformity to His anomaly 

since day one

God blocked her 

from being his cheerleader 

since day one

This storyline is so messy looking, and I want no part of it Daddy. I’ve been saying the same thing to you for three years, and you’re not budging. You’re changing me, and this he you keep saying is for me, to be what you set us both to be separately. And apparently one day together for the better, which is a concept I honestly have a very hard time believing. This man has a quicksand storyline, with a legalized roommate that human’s celebrate in the stake of fake that supernaturally makes him break. His spirit is low. When will it be time for him to go? 

he’s fighting with 

all his might

to no longer 

be stronger 

in the dark of 

what’s not right 

he wants to be with her 

and walk as God’s Stir 

he wants his 

he + He + her

his focus is 

not his current locus 

she’s a toxicity 

he sees he needs 

to be set free biblically

from the slums of his sins

settling wasn’t worth it 

she wasn’t worth it 

he’s climbing through the lies

he’s dying in his pride 

the barbwire is a fire 

that won’t stop 

his humbling journey 

he wants to be with her 

and walk as God’s Stir 

he + He + her 

he wants the path 

of His Kingdom Math

That’s why he escapes to his great fiscal world or his video games. If he was with me? Absolutely no chance half the things he’s going through now, he’d do with me. He respects me, and he doesn’t respect his legalized roommate. He never had to buy the cow because the milk was free so effortlessly, from this she who’s his legalized roommate. She willingly takes his hits and regurgitated crumbs, because she doesn’t know her worth. 

when a woman 

doesn’t know her worth 

a man knows how that works 

a man will take the wrong bow

because the woman allows 

that hallow swallow to follow

in sexual savage 

that will never be 

a successful marriage without God 

there’s no God 

in this marital fleshly facade 

in this marriage there’s 

barbaric irregularity as a result

of the vulgarity in popularity 

this woman wanted to marry

no matter what she saw 

she wanted him 

and hooked her claws 

but she’s not enough

he wants out 

he wants God’s Stir

he + He + her 

he wants the path

to His Kingdom Math 

One he wouldn’t want to disrespect me despite what happened. I know this man respects me, and thinks highly of me. I also know that he does not feel the same way about his legalized roommate, despite the buzz coaching from the choices of multiple human voices in his ears. You can’t coach biblical, or one flesh when God isn’t in it. If he were with me we would be too occupied doing the edification of God’s Kingdom, and his purpose biblically. He wouldn’t want to pretend in the suffocating never ending worldly savage, that he does with his legalized roommate. 

she wanted to love him 

since day one 

she wanted to protect him

since day one

she wanted to block this storm

since day one

she wanted to be 

apart of his transformation 

since day one 

she wanted to be his cheerleader 

from his transitioning positioning 

from conformity to His anomaly 

since day one

God blocked her 

from being his cheerleader 

since day one

That vision was so inspiring and beautiful. I saw a man that was walking away from darkness in people, and ungodly spirits that could not grab this man. He kept jumping over hurdles and obstacles. He was so focused on getting to a woman he loved so much. I felt how much he loved her that I almost cried. I was inspired to silence, and I believed in love again for a moment. This man jumped over this barbwire wall that cut him up but he didn’t care. He had to get to the woman he loved. Then he got to a wall with a electricity, and he was about to go but I screamed no, and the electricity was gone. Then he jumped over the wall, and the vision was over. Last year I thought it was about that daughter that came in my life, and left even faster. But yesterday you told me that vision was about me, and that he you say is for me Daddy. Okay I choose to believe, and take a leap so remove the electricity around me so he can come to me. You say I’m ready Daddy, then I’m ready. I trust he’ll keep me safe, so I won’t retract in my turtle shell, because the he you say is for me is my new turtle shell. I’ll wait until your promises are unfolded. 

I love you Daddy.

Thank you for everything.

I’ll continue to praise in the rain.

Love your daughter.

it hurts enough 

show me how to be better. 

show me how to see biblically 

when there’s quicksand 

as divided land.

show me how to grow 

and know the godly responses.

show me how to not react

to these witty satanic attacks. 

send Your Power God.

I can’t take on the poison that my mother feeds. I can’t take on the brokenness that she believes is not a weed. I can’t take on how passive in drunkenness, my father chooses to lose to walk the talk of aloofness. It’s a wilderness hissed diss to the divinity in the holy trinity. But it hurts enough.

show me how to 

no longer be stronger

in the isolating, 

self-inflicting incisions 

by my decisions to

feed the weed anger. 

it’s a fake that breaks.

In this season of stillness, you’re refusing to let me move how I know God. God it’s time to go, and you blessed me to know what I know. My mother is toxic. But it hurts enough. My eyes are finally open from the pale scales, that no longer prevail in fail. I see the level of toxicity she actively chooses to be chaotically. My mother is so manipulative. She knows she cannot pull the poison that she pulls on my brother, or my father on me. She made destructive moves that weren’t ran by you God. 

my stake to dictate madder. 

my shake to mutate sadder. 

show me how to be in love. 

show me how to cling,

and sing in Your Faithful Wings. 

show me how to no

longer be stronger in

being tired of Your Silence.

show me how to no

longer be stronger in 

being tired of Biblical Alliance. 

I don’t get why you babel me from shutting down the landline, and her cell. I can’t get involved. Show me how to be removed emotionally from this insanity. But it hurts enough. God it’s time to go, and you blessed me to know what I know. You’re so sovereign God to bless me even more, with my best friend Jojo* to walk this struggling journey. She’s in toxicity too. Why haven’t you clearly made a way for us to be freed already? Part the Red Sea Daddy already. But it hurts enough. I’m done. Jojo’s done. It’s time to go. 

show me how to 

stop my clock

in my bitter allegiance 

to a divided flag, 

standing as a

sinking by thinking 

quicksand lagging bag. 

we are in two 

different time zones.

we both perceive 

differently cloning drones.

we will never meet at noon.

noon is a different speed

for both of our needs.

I’m so used to being stretched, a mess, and in distressed. I’m so used to being mistreated, and feeling defeated. But I’m so protected under your wings, where I felt no stings these past two weeks, since you’ve pulled Jojo and I out of grad school and our old job. You haven’t shown what’s next yet. What my mother just did, snapped me out of whatever hibernating fog I was still stuck in. I lay down my family. It hurts enough. If I never see any family member ever again after today, according to your will then I’ll be okay. Because only you God can give me the peace that surpasses all understanding. (Philippians 4:7) 

show me how to be understanding 

in the landing of quicksand by

fools in their folly.

we can’t smell

what we can’t see.

the pale scales 

prevail aggressively.

I cannot do this brokenness anymore. I cannot pretend that I am not repulsed by still being in this household, and praying through my discomfort. I cannot pretend this hostile situation doesn’t give me great anxiety, that I fight to walk through you’re way not my way. I cannot pretend anymore that I need to walk out this door, and never look back, so I don’t turn to salt. I cannot pretend that those I love the most walk on this planet as if it’s during the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. But it hurts enough. God it’s time to go, you blessed me to know what I know. I’m done. Jojo’s done. 

teach me and reach me

to biblically see this 

hissed, dissed, 

and poisonous kisses flee

in misery with the enemy. 

but it hurts enough. 

show me the out.

but it hurts enough. 

but it hurts enough.

but it hurts enough.

break me 

to take me

and make me

be set free.

What humans do during the wrong weed seed of impatience, cannot be a provoking choking bondage that keeps me hostage anymore. I’m putting myself on the top of the list, I’m very impatient. But show me and grow me to be set free from this toxicity of fleeing with the enemy in misery. But it hurts enough. God it’s time to go, you blessed me with what I know. God you reminded me on the train last night, on of the many visions of the he you say is for me regarding his currently reality. At this point you have him, and what’s to be will be. I need to focus on solely me, and how to be set free from this toxicity. 

I need to be 

out of this story

and into the next glory.

show me your truth.

make a way through 

your biblical proof today.

no more decay’s.

no more delays.

No more promptings on him, because he’s not walking my shoes and I’m not walking his. My shoes need new direction. Jojo’s shoes need new direction. That’s far more important to me: my best friend and I being healthy, and breathing with ease in biblical alignment faithfully. Neither of us are breathing with ease, because of where we both separately fight at night and go to sleep. Jojo and I are both in our own war zones at our “homes.” This space I lay my face in disgrace no longer feels home. It stopped being home the moment I said yes to Jesus Christ on April 4th, 2014. 

today make a way.

but it hurts enough. 

but it hurts enough.

but it hurts enough. 

break me 

to take me

and make me

be set free.

I need to be 

out of this story

and into the next glory.

And the promptings of that dude doesn’t change my situation or my best friend’s. He’s doing him. That’s cool, and I can’t knock it. I was there at one point, then it hurt enough to do life your way Daddy, like right now. It’s time for my best friend, and I to get the ball rolling on all that you showed us. Show me and grow me to biblically be set free. I cannot spend another season with my parents. I know Jojo cannot spend another season with her parents. We cannot spend another season, or another day in brokenness. But it hurts enough. I cannot live for my parents, brother, or others. God it’s time to go, and you blessed me to know what I know. Part the Red Sea, and free me from this toxicity. In Jesus name, Amen.

I trust you Lord.

I say yes Lord.

Move Lord.

I love you Lord.

Thank you Lord.

Love your daughter.

*names changed for privacy purposes, #TeamProPrivacy.

video games

she wants a revival. 

she no longer 

wants to be stronger

in the mode of rival.

she no longer 

wants to be stronger

in the mode survival.

she sees this weed

is a broken feed.

an unspoken code 

exposes eroding roads.

she’s a visual learner.

she’s an observer.

she’s a performer.

she no longer 

wants to be stronger 

in copying others.

she wants her own 

biblical covers.

she no longer 

wants to be stronger 

in gauging in rage.

she wants to be 

set free biblically.

she’s evolving.

she’s hungry for more.

she’s starting to see

enabling her he 

will never set him free.

all men need 


he needs to 

walk through his weeds

that make him bleed

in broken need.

he’s crying for help.

he’s crying for attention.

he’s looking in 

the wrong direction.

he wants people 

not God to fix him.

he’s looking 

and seeking believing

he’s tangibly achieving 

what he desires to receive.

people can’t help him.

she can’t help him.

he hides behind her sins.

so no can see his.

he doesn’t want 

anyone to see his 

sins are just as bad as hers

if not worse, 

that’s the secrecy between them.

he doesn’t want his secrets out.

he hides behind her.

he’s comfortable with hiding.

he doesn’t want anyone 

to see he wants worldly ‘wins.’

he’s okay with others

seeing only her brokenness.

he doesn’t want to be found out.

he doesn’t want to let go 

of the world or grow.

she’s very overwhelmed.

she’s undone. 

she’s tried and can’t do this.

she wants more.

she wants to be committed 

to walk through her journey 

with God. she needs more.

he’s comfortable with his sins 

and has tolerance for ungodly.

his sins are his hobbies.

he’s attached to his sins.

he’s attached to his flesh.

he doesn’t want to grow up.

he doesn’t want to man up.

he doesn’t want 

to be responsible.

he is regressing

from not confessing.

he needs positive hobbies.

video games affect 

how a man 

is socially emotional.

video games affect

the trajectory on 

human interaction.

there’s no room 

for video games 

to grow in the 

peak of a career.

there’s a level of maturation 

that video games dissolves,

because it’s time to move on.

she needs to open her eyes

to no longer feed lies.

she needs to see 

the toxicity she feeds

is extremely unhealthy.

video games is a hinderance 

from the deliverance 

to surrender 

and be better.

she never thought their life 

would be filled with so much strife.

she’s in over her head.

she’s pushing herself 

to go where there’s growth.

her home is a college dorm

filled with two legalized roommates.

her desire is maturation. 

he doesn’t want responsibility,

that’s why he doesn’t want a baby.

he wants his video games freely

with no martial accountability.

he sees he’s good. 

she sees he needs 

to let go of things to grow.

he’s acting like he doesn’t know.

they’re not on the same page.

she feels stuck and forced 

to accept his neglect 

because of the position 

in their legalized condition.

she wish she knew 

things sooner to move newer.

she doesn’t want 

to feel duped anymore.

she doesn’t want 

to see being married 

was a rush catastrophe 

where these two 

pushed and blew 

before they really knew

what they were getting into.

this is a problem 

only God, not humans 

has the solution to.

prayer and openness 

is key to be set free.

the way God sees

faithfully and biblically.

when they are steady 

they will be ready 

to see what God sees.

“Far above all principality, 

and power, and might,

 and dominion, 

and every name that is named, 

not only in this world, 

but also in that which is to come: 

And hath put all things under his feet, 

and gave him to be the head 

over all things to the church, 

Which is his body, 

the fulness of him that filleth all in all.”

‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:21-23‬ ‭KJV‬‬

God not a building 

with no godly wings

has the key 

to being set free biblically. 

Thank you King.

Love your daughter.