he intricately propelled her to be

the woman of God she was made to be effortlessly.

he intricately pushed her to chase God unapologetically.

he intricately inspired her rhyming lies 

that were hiding inside, which made her die.

he intricately created the space where she’s 

no longer stronger in the throng of disgrace.

he intricately pushed her to see everything 

she was running from to be freed faithfully.

he was intricately used to get her weeds

that made her bleed in broken need 

to no longer be stronger as a live feed.

he will always be the he in God’s Stir 

for she who’s me & her in this he + He + her.

she forgives her he faithfully, and lets go

of what she knows from the past that didn’t last.

she’s ready to be the salt of the earth with him.

she’s committed to this second chance

of God’s path in His Kingdom Math Romance.




she knows he’s her blue hue that’s biblical truth. 

Prayer for her Earth King…

God I lift up your beautiful son to you right now.

you know every hair from the crown of his head 

to the tip of his perfect toes. 

Thank you for creating him.

Thank you for never leaving his side.

Thank you for preparing him for his biblical bride.

Thank you for showing him how to forgive himself.

Thank you for showing him how to give grace to himself.

Thank you for showing him how to allow your love in God.

Thank you for being patient until it hurt enough.

Thank you for walking him through his freedom.

Thank you for taking all his hidden pains, and 

making them apart of your godly glory gain.

Thank you for leading him to see that godly sets him free.

Thank you for leading him to supernatural.

Thank you for using this season 

to make him see your reason in this treason

is being set free faithfully & biblically. 

Thank you for reaching and teaching him 

to breathe with ease in the peace 

that surpasses all tangible understanding.

Thank you for turning his bitter into sweet.

Thank you for sparking all his dark with 

the Light of Jesus Christ to rise and fight.

Thank you for making him an Ephesians 5 man.

Thank you for showing and growing him

to be in the space to no longer feed disgrace.

Thank you for showing and growing him

that his empty didn’t need broken confetti.

Thank you for showing and growing him

that money is phony, lonely, and not the way to Today.

Thank you for showing and growing him

…that freedom is in the supernatural.

…that freedom is in absurd obedience.

…that the world is a broken allegiance 

to a division collision inclusion

to exclude God and sleepwalk in facades

blindly in misery stagnantly with the enemy.

Thank you for making his existence all things new.

she who is me & her in God’s Stir: he + He + her

is in the space to see he’s intricately a blessing

that she receives faithfully and waits patiently for him to come.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Constant One.

The Holy Trinity is the key to being set free.

Love your fighter, lighter, and daughter.



he’s so angry. 

he’s so hateful to himself. 

he’s so angry at his careless entries. 

he’s so angry at his current reality. 

he has to forgive himself. 

he has to stop hating himself. 

he has to allow God to unconditionally 

love him so he can be set free completely.

his POV is a reel that sees toxicity for eternity.

through humility he will see biblically to be his key.

he has to stop glancing back at past attacks.

he has to drop his advancing loophole shortcuts.

where he is isn’t enough or called love.


she’s over the scribing lines of this storyline.

she’s aged from her raged cage like His Wine.

she’s in her wreckage with biblical intention.

God completely has her lyrical attention. 

God has her exactly where he wants her

for His Stir equals he + He + her.

she wants to throw her tantrums,

because he threw his and so called lived. 

she wants her way. 

she wants her decay’s. 

she wants the easy shortcut lane. 

she’s tired of obedience.

she sees it’s a hopeless allegiance, 

to the divided flag of her unfurled society 

where minorities are murdered innocently.


he knows he’s messed up in this hiccup.

he knows she’s fed up and wants to give up.

he has a POV that God is using to set him free.

he’s clawing and fighting for alignment.

he’s struggling in this testimonial assignment.

he picks up she’s struggling with this set up.

he’s so angry and walking through the journey

choosing faith not fear

choosing Light not dark 

choosing God to spark all that’s not right inside.

choosing to lose his pride and misguided lies.


she’s overwhelmed by this supernatural circumstance.

she never believed in second chances.

she doesn’t understand this prophetic quicksand.

that’s why she doesn’t like Revelations 

it’s the biblical blueprint to current liberations.

she’s over the convenience of sinful disobedience.

she’s over the thunders of murderous blunders.

she’s pissed & limited in her rumbling tumbles.

she has a POV of on to the next as the elected selection.

she has a POV of conditioned love to protect 

what he carelessly neglected, and didn’t select.

which is why she wants her lie to never cry again.

she has a POV that he’s an unknown lion’s


she has a POV that he can crush her completely.

she has a POV that struggles to comprehend 

the path in this math that God gave him her key.

she has a POV to do her and focus on what’s here.

Above her POV she chooses to walkthrough

her choking provoking fears in this gear

to trust God and let go of her protective facade.

she doesn’t know what’s next. 

she clings to God’s Prospect & Intellect.

she doesn’t know how to do redo’s.

she doesn’t know how to reconnect.

she’s willing to discern and learn how 

to let go of all she knows in this flow.

she will continue to cover him and pray.

she will aggressively lift her sword for his freedom & peace.

she will walk on faith he will choose to lose

the world boldly not coldly to breathe with ease.

she will be still and grab His Gills.

she’s come too far to lose it all 

in the slums of sinning tailspins.

if he can’t lead her biblically then

he needs to stay away completely.

her POV: it’s God way or no way. Checkmate.


they both had instinctive addictions. 

that were ungodly & not biblical. 

they both had to walk the talk of sleepwalk 

in the slums of their sinning tailspins 

by the lies they hide inside through pride, 

which is the only hue that leads to His Truth.

their dark night storms were designed to align 

them to transform, and to be the reborn

from the conformities of societal mutinies

in cultural habitual ritual scrutinies: to flee

from the enemy blindly, and finally be set free.

they are the he + He + her in God’s Stir.

s(he) is carved from her he supernaturally: 

like the biblical creation of a rib(cage,)

like the biblical creation of a wo(man,)

like the biblical math of Proverbs 31 woman +

the entrusted dust to dust Ephesians 5 man

to stand in the land of edified three strands.

ashes to ashes is the Maker who breathes 

with ease supernaturally into their nostrils 

biblically as the Creator that’s far greater 

than any manmade fleshly messy shakers.

they are the only path to His Kingdom Math.

they are the Ordained Edifying 3 Strands.

at the same time, they entered rewind of mind.

he had to be freed from the bondage of lust.

his addiction he couldn’t break or shake.

s(he) had to be freed from the raging anger.

her addiction s(he) couldn’t break or shake.

they both were fearful of vulnerable & trust.

they both had layers of barbwire as protection

against the painful emotion of future rejection. 

they both had to exhaust the cost of the 

performance treadmill to learn to be biblically still.

they had to follow and allow the bow down.

they’re both athletes that compete in heat 

to reject and neglect defeat in ‘winning’ retreat.

the slums of sins are messy fleshly tailspins.

it’s a magnified high that doesn’t say goodbye.

it’s muscle memory, and addictively secondary.

their expectations were blinding dedications

that paused the cause to conquer all pitfalls.

life is real not ideal. they are stubborn & surreal.

perception is deception in the galaxy of reality.

they drew the ungodly hue of self-conclusions

in thinking sinking & wicked winking delusions.

they had hiccups to clean up b4 the meet-up.

they sleepwalked until it hurt enough to talk.

when their feet met in the unexpected land

of the eleventh month in twenty-thirteen

s(he) couldn’t believe the dream: like heaven

the most beautiful man s(he’s) ever seen,

& an unknown in this supernatural connection.

he was fearful of being alone, and fed drones.

s(he) is the backbone to his emotions of alone.

he is the heartbeat that sets her free faithfully.

s(he) was fearful of no protection in rejection.

God used their fears to break their chains 

from all their hidden pains, to no longer be 

stronger in feeling that gear in vain to see.

the road to redemption is biblical correction.

their crooked paths were math needing straight 

and only God can remove flesh god facades.

they individually entered their wilderness, 

which leads from the weeds to fruitful seeds

of biblical deliverance from worldly hinderances

so they can now take their final bow from fake.

the stake that can’t make them break or shake.

it hurts enough for him and her to be godly

and be set free biblically to walk the talk of

supernaturally he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

no one can stop what’s about to occur.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Maker.

Love you’re lighter, fighter, and daughter.


she doesn’t know how to forgive him.

Jojo*: if you don’t forgive him 

you’ll have no direction. 

so then she’ll rewind time and stay blind. 

she wants to stay mad but misses him.

she’s miserable without him.

she knows she forgives him.

she loves him & will always love him.

she’s faux mad, and that anger does nothing. 

she forgave him the moment he hurt her.

she just didn’t want him to suffer.

she failed at blocking greeneye demise,

and all the toxic lies in this send of pretend. 

Yesterday was such an emotional eye opener that I’m still reeling from every revealing peel you Daddy made me feel. I lay down my “fix me complex.” I lay down my “I am supposed to bring every human that’s unsaved to the light.” This season is extremely humbling, which I desperately needed in my rumbling tumble. After yesterday I now understand your words “Be still,” on a whole new level. There was a lot going on yesterday at that workforce orientation. So many personalities tied as hostages to their many bondages, and the biggest one in the room was ego. Ego has no room for God to biblically move.

The woman that did the workforce orientation yesterday wasn’t welcoming at all. The woman’s brokenness pissed me off. Talking at people is not openness. Talking at people will never bring successful results. It’s already hard enough to lose everything in the scope of: one day having a job and a place to stay to becoming unemployed, and staying in a working shelter. 

It’s embarrassing. 

God says it’s releasing.

It’s decreasing.

God says it’s increasing Him.

It’s degrading. 

God says it’s humbling.

It’s depressing. 

God says it’s healing.

It’s isolating.

God says it’s intimacy in Him.

It’s hopelessness.

God says it’s renewal.

It’s distressing.

God says it’s freeing.

It’s compressing.

God says it’s confessing what’s distressing.

It’s traumatic.

God says it’s reviving in thriving with Him.

It’s triggering.

God says it’s delivering.

It’s conforming.

God says it’s transforming the mind.

This woman running the orientation with a closed off concept is hurtful. Talking at people isn’t support. It’s subordination. There’s no unity in subordination. There’s no community in subordination. There’s no godly in subordination. There’s only oppression and fleshly messes in subordination. That woman rubbed me all wrong yesterday, where I checked out from everything that she said. All I wanted to do was slap her cheap make-up off her face. All I wanted to do was tell her that her tacky ugly dress was unprofessional, and too tight. All I wanted to do was tell her that her baby blue pumps made her look like a cheap call girl. It’s hurtful as a woman, and someone who’s actually worked in several career settings, saw her example wasn’t what professionalism is. 

Maybe she’s not aware. This is me attempting to give her the benefit of the doubt. Financial hardship isn’t prison. Financial hardship doesn’t make humans criminals. That woman had no business talking to us like we were inmates with her as our only hope like she’s God. In reality she’s actually a broken woman playing in a facade limited to her ruses, and wanting to be a god. Hope is found bound in the Light of Jesus Christ. Faith is not by sight. Only the Light of Jesus Christ sparks all the dark of what’s not right hiding inside behind pride. Maybe I’m wrong Daddy, but that woman spoke to us in that room like we were convicted felons with no options of a second chance. God I choose to feed the layers of prayers for this woman, and lift her up so she can no longer be strong in this sinful hiccup. 

missing her he made her ignore all the ungodly 

that talking to a woman was hiding by lies inside.

that make her stake, and fake break her inside 

to her blinding crimes. her slums in her sins

spins in tailspins, and she’s not winning.

that conversation of lonely made that woman

create a delusional space that’s ungodly, 

and not a biblical place in His Race.

she saw that her lonely made the woman 

conjure a no chance romance mentally.

she realized that she aggressively needs 

to let go and let God lead this show.

that woman’s mental switch was a gift

that let her know it’s time to let go,

and let God pull her weeds that bleed brokenly.

she let go of her pride that made her die.

she loves her he that God says is for her.

he + He + her she receives is God’s Stir.

she forgives herself and all her blunders.

I had a dream about my brother that made me see a truth that in my head I made myself his mother. In the dream it started with a bedroom filled with pink walls in a school. My brother asked me to print him six pages and I said no. Then I eventually said yes, and told him “I’ll print him twenty copies.” But then my brother said “I don’t need that much.” So I replied okay, “I’ll make ten.” Before I went to make my brother’s copies, a grey cat came on the bed and took the stuffed cat I made from scratch. I called my father, which felt foreign and when he came, I said to myself “he doesn’t belong in my space.” And I also told myself “I don’t need him anymore. I need only my ribcage.” 

Then I left the room, and I went outside to see this couple that I see on social media in real life. This was the weirdest part of the dream. They were in a small dirty white dated sedan. There was a woman in the driver’s seat, and the married couple I see on social media sharing the passenger’s seat. The word affair popped up in my head, and I told God “no. I don’t want to know. I don’t care.” And of course God ignored me. I continued to pick up supernaturally the wife was being deceived by the husband, and the woman in the driver’s seat was involved with this deceit. I immediately went back inside. Then this red headed woman said “I need a teacher.” or “I need to reach you.” It’s unclear if she said both, or one in her head and one out loud. I picked up both. I said “no we are closed,” and I locked her out the school that had the bedroom with the pink walls, where I first saw my brother. I went back to that room, and my brother was gone. My ribcage was there and I felt safe. In my dreams only Jojo, and my ribcage make me feel safe. Jojo wasn’t in this dream but my ribcage was. 

My brother doesn’t make me feel unsafe but I don’t feel protected with my brother. I feel like I have to protect him, because of the fact I made myself his mother in my head. I approached my ribcage and sat next to him, and someone came in the room, which I felt distress about but I looked at my ribcage, and I felt safe again. Then I woke up. When I woke up, Jojo called me or I called her, I cannot recall. And I told her the dream, and she asked me if I prayed on it. And I said “no I did not. I don’t want to pray on this.” I wasn’t excited about that question. And then she told me to pray and I did. Then you Daddy told me that this dream is about my freedom from my family. You Daddy also told me I let my brother go, that I’m ready for my ribcage, and that he knows I’m ready. Then you told me he’s listening intently on when to move. 

Daddy I connected a lot supernaturally as a child that I wanted to protect my brother from walking. I knew I’d bounce back from any setback or satanic attacks. I always knew my strength came from you Daddy. But I couldn’t stop my brother from walking his testimony. That’s why I was so mad my mother successfully stopped my brother from breaking free when he was in California. I saw his set up. But my mother dangled a lie of money in his face, and he came back to New York. My brother wasn’t ready to be set free. My brother didn’t understand California was an out. My brother didn’t want to understand. At least he’s saved so that means the Holy Spirit dwells in him. That means my mothers grip on him will soon end. I just want my ribcage to come already. I do forgive my ribcage. I do miss my ribcage. I do love my ribcage. I do want my ribcage. I don’t care about the past. It’s over. It helped my ribcage become the amazing man he’s called to be with me. So I just say yes, and I patiently impatiently wait for my ribcage.

I pray he forgives me. 

I pray we always go to you 

to be three strands biblically and intuitively. 

I pray that our pending union 

is edifying your Kingdom always. 

I pray that we always bring out the best 

in each other and that we go harder in you God. 

I pray that we never lose our wonder.

I pray we never stop praising: shine or rain.

I pray that we challenge each other 

for biblical gains and walk through pains 

being better together godly and in unity. 

I pray we walk in love biblically.

I pray we lead as a three strand ministry.

I pray we Obey in Today effortlessly.

I pray we never lose our way.

I pray we always fix our eyes on Jesus Christ.

I pray we are Lights to what’s not right.

I pray our purity remains Holy securely.

I pray I’m always respectful and submissive.

I pray I’m always an addition to his calling.

I pray I make him better than the yesterday’s.

I pray I inspire him to always obey Your Way.

I pray for strength to wait for Your Timing

in our pending aligning as Your Biblical Design.

Thank you King of Kings.

Love your daughter, lighter and fighter.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 


it’s been three point four years 

since she’s seen her sexual gear

was an active wear through fear.

sexually was never filled erotically.

the moment she laid eyes 

on her three strand prize 

she lost her mind, finding 

her feet running in retreat.

the missing puzzle was complete.

her beautiful bamboo was true.

but she had no clue what to do.

she knew she couldn’t move in her 

old sexual grooves with beautiful bamboo.

she knew she was still new to biblical truth.

she didn’t know how to grow godly & erotically.

bleeding both desires seemed like fired wires

of the wrong lane and ungodly shame in vain.

she came too far to repeat that defeat.

but her beautiful bamboo was true and new.

new scares her, and scars her wrecking heart.

her King that makes her soul sing 

showed her ready rings with beautiful bamboo.

her King that makes her soul sing

showed her he had to walk through

a breakthrough journey where he’ll feel lonely.

his current matrimony was a forced phony.

her King that makes her soul sing 

showed her this storm will make him reborn.

she was trying to block greeneye demise 

and all her lies to be in place of this disgrace.

but her King that makes her soul sing 

blocked her to tuck her under His Safe Wings.

she knew she always wanted beautiful bamboo.

she saw her sexual match and all that comes 

with his bounding sounds of pounding rounds.

intricately she sees he is her sexual complete.

erotically + biblically is the key he feeds.

erotically + biblically is the key she needs.

erotically + biblically is what she sees

will only be with this beautiful bamboo freely.

there’s no fear with beautiful bamboo.

just untamed, unshared, and unashamed urges.

she knew her & beautiful bamboo need purges.

she needed security in God’s purity.

he needed security in God’s purity.

she felt she had to make a choice:

godly or erotically to be set free biblically.

she said no to erotically for godly faithfully

to be redesign from ungodly confine inclusion 

to her alignment full throttle godly conclusion.

she said yes on the fourth month of the fourth

day in two thousand fourteen, so no more

backsliding hiding to dying lying pride inside.

she thought erotically was ungodly 

but her King who makes her soul sing 

has her scribing her erotic appetite in the Light.

every man that entered her 

was an unsatisfied & ungodly stir.

one look at beautiful bamboo she was hooked.

she knew he was everything she ever needed.

but she didn’t know how to be godly seeded.

she suspected that he too didn’t have a clue.

she didn’t know what to do for these two.

she thought she had to surrender erotically.

it’s year three point four in her sexual purity 

and her erotic desires intensified for bamboo,

who God says is her three strand prize,

regardless if her eyes see lies in secret pride.

she always knew her erotic hue was true.

she always had a high sexual appetite, but 

was convinced she’d forever wince unsatisfied,

until her eyes landed on her three strands man

in the eleventh month of the year two thousand 

thirteen. she saw she would be erotically free 

with this man God says is her three strands

as His Promise on His Path to Kingdom Math.

he + He + her equals God’s Stir and Craft. 

she tosses and turns at night. there’s plight 

with her growing burning unsatisfied appetite. 

she doesn’t want to be 

a bridge of humanistic comprehension 

in this erotic suspended dimension.

her King calls the shots, and

she still hasn’t forgotten. this is not quicksand.

it’s year three point four and

erotically + biblically is still her core,

that only beautiful bamboo can enter this door.

the moment she laid eyes 

on her three strand prize 

she lost her mind, finding 

her feet running in retreat.

the missing puzzle was complete.

her beautiful bamboo was true.

but she had no clue what to do.

she knew she couldn’t move in her 

old sexual grooves with beautiful bamboo.

she knew she was still new to biblical truth.

she didn’t know how to grow godly & erotically.

bleeding both desires seemed like fired wires

of the wrong lane, and ungodly shame in vain.

she came too far to repeat that defeat.

time didn’t change this supernatural arrange.

time made this strange desire higher.

only her King is her Light to what’s not right 

hiding behind prideful lies that die inside.

her beautiful bamboo is not a lie but true.

erotically + biblically is still her core reproof.

she must continue to cling to her King 

for biblical clearance and deliverance, 

so she can run in defeat retreat and meet

his feet for he is beautiful bamboo 

that will always be true.

God’s Perfect Timing is truest alignment.

she continues her virtues prayerfully

of biblical assignments faithfully & maturely.

as a saint she’ll wait, because he’s worth it.

they’ll always be blue times two: 

erotically + biblically with God as the key. 

Tenir le bambou

Je t’aime aimer vos côtes bleu

Thank you King.

Love your daughter. 


mother’s are a gift of love. 

mother’s are from Above. 

mother’s are scared doves. 

mother’s are a dome.

their kin calls mother home.

her mother isn’t that bad.

she wasn’t always this sad.

she wasn’t always this mad.

many memories have emotions of glad.

her mother protected her more than neglected. 

her mother is decaying and aging. 

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

is aging and raging in her failed staging.

she’s in agony at her mother giving up.

she’s in agony at her father giving up. 

she’s paging in prayer for layers of healing

for her family and her beautiful he. 

her mother wants to fade away. 

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger is a secondary emotion to pain.

her mother dying feels in vain.

her mother lying has no gain.

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride.

greeneye and her mother have identical

thought processes and movements.

however greeneye will be twenty six and 

her mother is sixty three with diabetes.

unhealthy and impure motives are decaying.

greeneye demise should try and fight biblically

so she can be set free faithfully in maturity

to not be sixty three with diabetes immaturely.

her mother was once twenty six too.

her mother downplays how she feels.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

replays the reels that now make her peel.

tangibly her mother cannot see or hear.

supernaturally neither can greeneye demise.

her mother acts like death isn’t near.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

pretend that send wasn’t pressed to end

this toxic two strand quicksand distress 

of her savage packaged marriage.

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger won’t let her cry or die so she lies

and says that what happens doesn’t matter.

her mother matters 

and she’s becoming sadder.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

are being handled by the Creator

who is far greater than flesh god facades.

her mother isn’t the strong warrior she was.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride 

are no longer the stronger wrong throng.

it’s hard for her to see her mother in this state. 

she feels so helpless her mother’s beyond help. 

the natural course of birth and death 

are unavoidable and always met. 

her mother is dying rapidly.

her father watches passively. 

her brother creates bubbles magically. 

God is moving mountains in her life.

God is moving mountains in her he’s life:

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride

who cause only strife as a bad last bite.

she’s completely removed 

from the family’s strife. 

she made the mental switch

to be present in Today’s gift:

for her purpose and calling 

conquering this pitfall’s falling. 

God is speaking loudly about her he 

she fully receives and believes. 

God is speaking loudly about the moves. 

her he is making in his shaking remaking 

by her awakening & breaking of her faking.

he’s ready 

he’s coming 

he’s choosing truth and you 

yesterday, her King that makes 

the stake of her fake break everyday. 

her King heals her stings & also holds her rings. 

she made connections about her earth king. 

she sees supernaturally he’s ready and steady. 

she sees Rise Up by Andra Day 

is their testimonial anthem in Obey of Today.

on replay, she says okay and no more delays.

whatever she needs to do or walkthrough 

she’s going to do for her he’s breakthrough.

she impatiently and patiently waits to see him. 

for they are the path to Kingdom Math.

he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

she will be still and 

breathe with ease by His Gills.

when she prays and obeys

her earth king will be set free by choosing truth.

slow to anger and love is the key for her he.

the building with no godly wings is the past.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride is the past.

her family is the past that God has.

this dark storm is over and didn’t last.

His Chosen are aligned and design 

to conquer their pitfalls 

of hiccups and shake ups 

by breakdowns in walkthrough breakthroughs.

all humans are His Chosen.

many are called but few are His Chosen.

not all humans wake up from sleeping.

she woke up for His Kingdom and her he.

her he is finally free.

she’s happy because he’s free and ready.

she’ll do this all over again if it means he’s free.

true love waits, is unconditional, and is biblical.

only through God not facades can true love be.

that’s how she feels for her he.

Thank you King Jesus. 


I’ll rise up

In spite of the ache

I will rise a thousands times again

And we’ll rise up 

Rise like the waves

lyrics and song by Andra Day.


her father was warned 

about the woman 

he decided to do life with. 

her father was warned 

by his six sisters and he didn’t listen.

biblically women are she’s. 

biblically wisdom are she’s.

biblical women have profound insight 

to protect what’s not neglected in men

from the Jezebel’s and the lion’s den.

Immanuel was on the Cross of Calvary 

for six hours before His Light

sparked in the dark of death 

to make the stake no longer 

be stronger to break us to combust 

and flee with the enemy blindly in misery.

Immanuel God with us could’ve called off

conquering the pitfall of death but He didn’t.

Every hour grew His hue of truth and 

the Midnight Hour of His Power to shower 

the world boldly not coldly: charity and clarity.

the same sister that named me: Crysta Regina.

me is the she that is biblically set free.

is the sister that told her brother to flee 

from the enemy that dwells with the woman

her father decided to do life with blindly.

patrol is control that walks the darkness path.

her mother loves control and darkness unfolds.

me is the she as the her in God’s Stir.

he + He + her is the path to Kingdom Math.

Ecclesiastics four verses nine to twelve 

are biblical and lyrical truths that make 

any stake of fake break and shake

in the midnight hour power to shower 

the Light of Jesus Christ that makes all right.

Immanuel prepared in his layers of prayers 

for forty days and forty nights with

no food in site, for He was the Light

that sparked in the dark where the enemy

flees in misery, and barks as a limited shark. 

Immanuel kept the armor of God in tact 

protecting him for all satanic setback attacks.

the enemy is witty but God is the key 

to being set free faithfully and biblically.

It’s imperative to be aggressive in the 

protective knowledge of The Holy Bible.

That’s what protected Immanuel God with us.

That’s what protected me from the enemy.

That’s what will protect all who are called

to conquer their pitfalls. Openness is key.

Openness to God doing the work to make

the fake of our hurt have worth. To gain

biblically as the key in our pain, and not

feel forgotten or lost as a hopeless cause

which pauses the swiftness of deliverance 

from the pale scales that prevail. 

Intellectually we technically lean sensually

because emotionally we sexually believe

body heat is a treat that meets our lonely feet.

Sexually is a perplexity that ingeniously finds

a way to press play in the rewind of time.

Sexually is a quick fix that grieves the crucifix. 

The crucifix is the security in the purity to

have the audacity to actually carry the crucifix  

and reject and protect by waiting on God. 

Sex before marriage robs

the beautiful process of baby carriages. 

Sex before marriage is a ruse

that abuses and loses charity and clarity.

Sex before marriage is falsified emotions

that make a fake stake break us in lust.

Sex before marriage is a lending pretending.

Biblically sex before marriage is fleeing blindly

in the dark with no spark with the enemy.

her father had sex before marriage 

and was positioned with the condition 

of a baby carriage me.

her father tried adopting her mother’s 

first daughter but the pressures from

her family blocked that desire.

her father wanted to save the woman

his sisters forewarned him on. 

her father saw the woman his sisters 

warned him on had the wrong people

in her ears for years. 

Immanuel is the only realm that can save. 

humans have to want to be saved.

humans have to want to be changed.

her mother didn’t want change. 

her mother wanted to absently

be in stagnancy fleeing in the

slums of her sins to patrol control.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

sees she’s let go of this toxic show.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

sees she wants her own household.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

is ready to receive her he God has.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

waits to become one flesh with

the man that will conquer his quicksand 

and never look back from this satanic attack.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

trusts the path to His Kingdom Romance

with the he that will always be for me.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

patiently awaits to meet the little feet of OAT. 

she is the me that’s biblically set free

is on her knees covering her Kingdom Math.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

knows God has this storm. It’s almost over.

she is the me that’s biblically set free

faithfully waits in the foolishness of God

there’s no other place she’d rather be. 

she is the me that’s biblically set free

prays and obeys to wait for her he

in this temporary and secondary toxicity.


she’s done with the manipulations

and the stipulations in the tone

that her parents thought she’d stay 

in the decay of a drone clone.

she’s done being in a ruse 

that her parents refuse to lose.

she’s done being used 

for her parents blunders 

by the layers of her prayers. 

she diligently stays on her knees

faithfully and consistently to cover. 

she’s done being a resident 

in a toxic household 

that’s been old and cold

for years full of drunken beers

and lying gears through 

the disobedient pillow-stained tears. 

she’s done with no fun in this no sun 

conundrum poisoned prism. 

she says yes to Olive.

she says yes to her he.

she says yes to walking 

the talking of God’s promises faithfully. 

God says he + He + her

is God’s Stir with her 

and the he she now chooses to see

biblically and faithfully for all humanity. 

God says he has a plan

for this ungodly quicksand he landed in.

she says yes to it all.

she says yes to conquering 

this pitfall and giving her all. 

she says yes to lift off. 

she says yes to the power 

of God’s Midnight Hour.

God says these two years

of pain are not being in vain

and have a godly gain

in the praising of this rain.

God says 

You will see

Trust Me

she says yes to what comes next. 

she says yes to six twenty-four.

she says yes to this spiritual birth.

she says yes to her hurt having worth. 

it’s been almost forty weeks 

since she’s seen his feet 

on Sunday it’ll be the fortieth peak

of this no contact & until she saw her he. 

God says He’s about to blow her mind.

God says the rewind of time

and the decay’s of yesterday’s are over

for he + her to walk the talk of His Stir.

God says she’s ready.

God says she’s steady.

God says she’s a preacher. 

God says she’s a teacher. 

God says she’s a reacher.

God says she’s a creator.

God says she’s an illustrator.

God says he is all of these and more.

God says he + she are 

the hue that’s true.

God says they are blue times two.

God says she’s surrendered all.

God says it’s all out. 

God says she can take off.

God says His Stir

will always be 

he + He + her.

she says yes to it all.

she’s called to conquer all pitfalls. 

she’s called to give her all.

she says yes to His Kingdom Math.

she says yes to all the love in this path.

she says yes to being 

the neck of her future household. 

she says yes to he + He + her.

she says yes to His Stir.


God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

she surrenders 

the fear of being blind.

she surrenders

the outcome of green eyes.

she surrenders the 

manipulations of

green eyes stipulations. 

she surrenders her

retracting reacting. 

she surrenders her

madder anger. 

she surrenders her 

expectations and hesitations.

she surrenders her 

patrol to control 

how her he will take 

the stake to break

in his final bow 

to allow His Conquer

of green eyes pitfall. 

she surrenders thinking

he’s forever drinking

in his sinful sinking 

with green eyes and 

the demise of all the lies.

she surrenders believing 

no one will receive 

the ability to achieve

in the Light of Jesus Christ. 

she surrenders being afraid 

to be the see as God’s Renegade. 

she surrenders the prison 

of her prism conditions.

she positions as her poisoned pitfall

to be her protective wall.

because humans dilute truth.

because humans refute proof

in the biblical lyrical place

we pretend is a disgrace 

that we need to deface.

when we need to see that biblically

is how we flee from the conundrum

of absently sleepwalking blindly

with the enemy in misery. 

the enemy is a liar in tune

to make us combust in lust

and resume confused

in the wrong dire fire. 

she surrenders her anxiety 

of the current slack

by the satanic setbacks 

in the drone cloning insobriety society.

she prays and obeys 

but sees delays and stays

in the drinking sinking of her thinking. 

her he decided to lie

and flee absently with the enemy

in misery with green eyes that misguides

in that mutiny crowds to community 

that has no unity in a building 

with no godly wings, just unhealed stings.

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

God keeps showing and growing her

to the same path to His Math

he + He + her equals His Stir.

she sinews his pending virtue.

she’s troubled by his struggles. 

she’s crying by his lying. 

she’s dying God’s reviving. 

he’s dying God’s reviving his surviving 

for their pending thriving. 

the community deliberately 

planted wrong weed seeds

that currently makes him bleed. 

she cried in great need 

to set him free 

but God didn’t agree

and removed her completely. 

she scribes what makes 

her stake fake break her inside. 

she wants to hide.

God keeps her aligned by design. 

she cried because he was misguided.

she was angry at his ignorant pride. 

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 

she struggles to believe 

what God continues to show her

he + He + her equals His Stir.

nothing is by the book.

everything has a crazy look. 

she’s so shaken

by his current awakening. 

her anxiety is His Piety 

for His Chosen’s sobriety

like the he she struggles to see.

she’s waiting and not waiting. 

she’s creating and not creating. 

she’s debating and not debating. 

she’s up and she’s down. 

she swims and she drowns.

she smiles and she frowns. 

she stings and she sings. 

she’s ashes to ashes. 

she’s dust to dust. 

she praises in her rain.

she trains her brain 

to refrain from anxious distain.

God showed her to conquer lust. 

God showed her to convert 

her hurt to have worth. 

God showed her to have pain

no longer be in vain 

but have godly gain.

God is showing her how to sustain

her weary second chance 

in His Brewing Romance

by His Path to His Math

he + He + her equals His Stir.

same he that decided to flee 

with the enemy absently. 

same her that tried 

to hide what’s inside.

she cried and died 

by that community with no unity. 

God is her guide. 

God is his guide. 

Only God decides how to fly. 

he + He + her are called 

to conquer this pitfall 

and enhance to dance

in His Kingdom Romance 

for all the world to see faithfully. 

God used her anxiety and piety 

for the sobriety of society. 


she doesn’t want 

to be seen

people can believe what 

they need to 

receive and achieve 

to conceive their dreams 

to never be a godly team

she’s tired of lying 

she’s tired of trying 

she’s tired of dividing 

she’s tired of flesh 

being a mess multiplying 

she’s tired of facades 

she’s tired of humans 

and their dilutions 

to their social solutions 

through the culture hue

that will never be true:

fearful and tearful delusions 

she prayed and obeyed 

she let her brother go 

of what she thinks 

should lift her brother’s sink

and be a go to end this show

Only You God know 

how to get him to be still

Only You God can show

how to get him to 

float off the boat and 

breathe with ease

through the hue 

of Your Gills

People don’t know 

his calling or deep falling

is apart of his heart 

to break his stake of fake

she’s tired of the stake

that shakes her brother 

but only You can cover 

the blunders of others 

she cannot save 

her brother 

she cannot behave 

as his mother any longer 

it doesn’t help 

his whelps 

or wages in

the alum slum

of his addictive sins

Only You God 

are stronger

than flesh god facades 

he’s called to the streets

to reach the feet of disbelief

with a she that’s cheap

Only You God

can arrange this 

pending love story

to take off and be 

set free and Your Glory

she sits and waits 

until this three strands

can withstand quicksand  

to conquer their pitfalls 

and give their all

her brother 

has a future daughter: AE 

that needs him

to reject his 

hissed dissed kiss

from this poisonous bliss 

boldly not coldly

from the world 

for all humanity

to see faithfully 

until he meets 

her little feet

he walks the talk

of Your Written Testimony