she fights to cling to His Sight.

His Sight doesn’t seem right,

and currently doesn’t match prophecy

or so she believes due to the hue of tangibility.

she cannot fathom that man not being

what she seen, or made him to be

due to the hue of tangibility.

she has to be right because of her sight.

she fights in the plight of the steps that man made.

it’s a hiccup she’s tripped up in singular form.

she has to have all the answers according

to prophecy shown and what she knows.

but her King that makes her soul sings

has her in the moment to moment of unknown.

she doesn’t like the path of this faith based math.

I’m in a space of clinging to His grace to grace. I’m in the space of clinging to the attitude of gratitude. I’m in the space of selecting the perspective of floating off the boat by clinging to His hope. I’m in the space of struggling to surrender the disgraces of past mistakes by staying singular form. I’m no longer singing in the wrong, or my solo throng isolating beast song. I realized it’s yeast in a pitfall of distracting falls preventing me from giving God my all. I know I’m called to be His scene, because I’m His she and her created for His Stir.

she feels safe by saying it’s too late.

she feels control in the singular form patrol.

she doesn’t want to let go of what’s known.

she doesn’t want to see she was wrong.

she doesn’t want that man to be different,

or the possibility of him always waiting.

that’s impossible because of the hue of tangibility.

the evidence doesn’t lie and actions are louder.

the case is strong to see toxicity has to be key.

the case should be dismissed.

I realized my brain is wired like a scientific lawyer, which is ironic because I don’t believe in evolution. I believe truths are only found in the Holy Bible. I refuse to even entertain the nonsense that I have genetic evolutionary connection to ancestry tied to a monkey. That’s not in the Bible. I find that completely absurd. I truly do my best to submit to the Holy Spirit when I see I can put my foot in my mouth with this subject. I’m getting older, and I realized I’m passionate about unity, biblical truth, and I love sisterhood. That’s why I fight to be in love always, especially in the most challenging moments. Love is the key to freeing everybody to see picking up the Cross of Calvary is all the security we as humanity will ever need.

the third month of the sixteenth day

she was released from the charter beast of decay’s.

she stood her ground in righteous sounds,

and found pounding in people’s pain was in vain.

she sees to truly be set free, she must believe

and climb that mountain by walking that valley.

to gain God’s way in the gift of Today

she said yes to math of His narrow path.

she said yes to the shelter in divine separation.

she doesn’t regret the results of God’s Prospect.

she doesn’t understand the visions of that man,

but she’s walking through clinging to God’s yes.

Biblically wisdom is addressed as she or her, and God made women she’s and her’s. Women are God’s carefully crafted creation. Women are God’s daughters. God thinks highly of His daughters, therefore God has the highest for His daughters. The higher the blessing the longer the narrow path to His ordained math takes. As a woman, I’m now in the headspace of wanting His way above the shortcuts of my delays, and my fearful attempts that causes messes He later turns into His messages. I’m in the space to be done doing the facade of playing my own limited god. I’m walking through the space of letting go of the throng disgrace of singular form patrolling in limited control.

she sees the broken routines of society.

she’s and her’s are raised to believe

they must achieve marriage as security.

the only security that truly frees us is lifting

the Cross of Calvary to die in self,

and be revived walking in God’s Wealth.

God’s Wealth is righteousness and Holy health.

Holy health is the narrow path to His correct math.

Holy health is walking through the broken weeds

that took away the space of grace to grace,

and created the pale scales blinding us

to combust in lust in the rewinded time of our minds.

she grew up seeing women put a man above all.

she served in a church where fornication was ignored

if the pockets and status of the man benefited the church.

she’s tired of the wiring of brokenness.

she fought and clawed her way to God’s gift

in the deliverance from her hinderances.

she’s unsure about marriage and baby carriages,

because brokenness isn’t what she wants

for her kin.

she wants righteousness for the next generation.

It’s so important for women to understand it’s not about a job or a man. It’s about loving on God, and loving on people around us. That’s ultimate security, and everything else is temporary confetti that will never take away our empty. It’s a drone clone in singular form. Revealing what’s been concealed internally is healing and freeing externally. Sisterhood is very important to the core of who a woman is created to be. Sisterhood is accountability, which is the road to growth and maturity.

there’s this sadness of

how everything played out thus far.

there’s an ugliness she can’t stop seeing.

there’s no joy or excitement about falling in love.

there’s cringing and fear

of doing what she grew up seeing.

there’s unspoken anxiety about screwing up

with the beautiful gift of having children.

there’s so much angst about what’s next.

she just wants her pull out and that’s it.

that’s all she’s in the space for.

it should be over according to her.

she feels like she’s healed from all

so why is the sheltered pitfall still here?

she doesn’t understand why it’s still occurring,

but her purity is secured and that’s important.

her heart is secured in His safe wings

not tripped up in wrong wedding rings that sting.

she cannot do a wrong marriage.

she cannot have premarital sex.

she cannot live with a man that’s not her husband.

she doesn’t know if she can do this walk

purely without remaining in singular form.

being in singular form is a guarantee

to stay pure, and walk the narrow path of God’s math.

she’s so afraid, and just wants to be His Renegade.

There’s a vast difference between sisterhood of the world’s standards, and God ordained sisterhood. Every woman that’s currently in my personal space was a divine encounter of God. I know with conviction they will stay in my life, because those that aren’t meant to be in my space anymore aren’t. I’m truly thankful for that, because I was tired of being shielded and guarded around souls I knew were never truly for me. I was tired of being around dysfunction, and brokenness that was truly harmful for my growing existence. It’s only the grace of God that’s kept me alive all this time. We must be transformed from the deliverance of being singular me. Singular me is toxicity, and absently stagnant in dividing misery. We are truly better together, but the brokenness of the world has so many beautiful souls blinded and lusted in lost. Singular must combust to birth together for unity to breathe completely in humanity. We are a multiple parts community called to be one body for all eternity.

it’s all a lot.

she can’t fathom what’s being seen supernaturally.

it’s so challenging to believe.

it’s so challenging to receive.

it seems impossible to achieve.

she’s fighting to cling to God’s Security.

she’s fighting to have peace in letting go

of her safe space of singular form.

I cannot believe I’ll be 35 in six weeks—I feel like I’m getting old. I never saw much of my future, which was why I thought once upon a time I was going to die young. God still wants me here, and God calls the shots in my life. I don’t know what God has for me or what God will do next, but I do know my security is solely in trusting God above all else—especially my safe space of singular form. I trust God above my fears, and I choose to walkthrough everything that puts me in knots:

that man and whatever is meant to be.

the pending exit date of this sheltered pitfall.

the trusting God won’t allow the wrong people around me ever again.

how to handle the souls that I’m genetically connected to.

how to handle this current education season.

how to handle anything and everything.

I’m learning how to be His godly human.

I choose to kick the puddles and praise in this rain. I know only God makes a way where there seems to be no way. With everything I give God my mind, body, and soul because God is the only one that can securely and purely keep me safe—especially above the drone of my singular form. The Holy Trinity is key to security purely, and being set free.

Thank you Constant One.

Thank you Holy Ghost.

Thank you King Jesus.

Love your daughter, lighter, and fighter.



there’s an obsession in being selective.

there’s an obsession in being objective.

there’s a homage in the hostage of bondages.

there’s a comfort in never aborting hurt.

the duet of pain in no gain is aggressive

with the allegiance of me blinded absently.

there’s an obsession with rewinds in the mind.

it’s hard to find reasons why to let go of known.

the episode is old and cold, yet the focused zone.

drone clones are illogic and chaotic,

but the scene of lean, mean, and glean.

it’s unforeseen to remove the grooves

of teenage habitual rituals in familiarity.

teenage familiarity is struggling popularity.

struggling popularity is stagnant fantasies

that will never be what’s psychologically seen.

it’s a rat race of disgrace in the lane of ashamed,

and blocks the space of grace to grace.

Yesterday was a full day. I was blessed to enjoy wrapping up the week long open school week: where amazing parents came into the everyday world of their beautiful kids. Being in the school that I’m in for almost two months has changed me. I find myself thinking about creative ways to connect with my amazing kindergarteners. Saying that they’re cute is an understatement. I won’t mention names for protection purposes, but I will quote the things I hear all the time along with my responses to them:

“It’s so hard to listen.”

That’s life.

“I don’t like doing things I don’t like.”

Neither do I, but I do them because I’m an adult.

“I bumped my head.”

You’re not bleeding. You’re okay, shake it off.

“I want to take a nap.”

So do I, but I can’t and neither can you.

“Why can’t I just get my way?”

Life doesn’t work that way.

“I have a headache.”

Drink water.

I tell my girlfriends everyday the funniest stories like I did last night at a small get together, and they laughed with me. I love being with my girls and meeting new amazing women. They think I’m so gentle and empathetic, which I am but I’m not an enabler. I refuse to be, especially walking the current testimony that I am. That bubble of turning a blind eye, or worse not saying anything at all—has severely popped. As hard as this season is my eyes are wide open. I have an obsession to never see brokenness festered in any soul—specifically the souls that I’m always around: these beautiful five year olds. I have an obsession to never be a walking example to settling. I have an obsession to be intentional in walking my life biblically and unapologetically. I have an obsession to be the Light of Jesus Christ wherever my feet land and meet. My rededication to Jesus Christ was an activation to never allow the wrong bow in the hallow swallows of no tomorrow. My rededication to Jesus Christ rejects the offense of a strife and stressful life. My rededication to Jesus Christ is a determination to end alienation. My rededication to Jesus Christ is to be a Light that fights for what’s not right by sparking the dark to what’s been lost. My rededication to Jesus Christ abounds the sounds of being found.

there’s a war inside that cannot hide.

the days and night are joyful with fearful flight.

there’s thinking which is sinking winks that stink.

there’s a dying patrol in losing all control.

there’s an obsession to never be blindsided.

there’s an obsession to not marry the wrong man.

there’s an obsession to not jump ahead of God.

there’s an obsession of fear to not have kids.

there’s an obsession of fear to not get married.

there’s an obsession to stay isolated and single.

there’s a need for safety and consistency.

what’s been shown made feet that meet

fly away due to wrong hue decay’s of yesterday.

there’s an obsession of purpose not popularity.

there’s an obsession of the Cross of Calvary.

there’s an obsession of love, peace, and harmony.

there’s an obsession of me transforming to we.

there’s an obsession of unity for humanity

to be in love freely as the one body we are called to be.

Thank you King Jesus for it all: the good, the bad, and the down right ugly—it all set me free. Thank you King Jesus for my job, the design of my alignment, the reason in this season, and the motives in my heart becoming flesh as You Lord chisel away what’s not made to stay. Thank you King Jesus for my church, for my sisterhoods, keeping my family, and for my servant’s heart. You are enough for me Emmanuel God with us. Your love is endless, and I’m relentless in my obsession to spark the dark to those that cannot see. Love she that scribes lines of poetry, because He who lives in me is greater than the he who’s of the world. (1 John 4:4)


she came to the realization

that her mindset was damnation.

she came to the realization

that her views were a clouded narration.

she came to the realization

that her expectations were blinding sensations.

she came to the realization

that she wanted her way to stay in decay’s.

she came to the realization

that her yesterday’s were not today.

she repents for her defects and offense.

she’s sorry for the toxicity in her ideology.

she came to the realization

that the Cross of Calvary sets everyone free,

especially the he God says is for she who’s me.

she came to the realization

she made the he God says is for she who’s me

the Joseph in Genesis when he wasn’t called to be.

she came to the realization

that she assumed his maturity effortlessly,

which is unfair to the hinderances in his deliverance.

she came to the realization

it takes time to reject rewind in the mind.

she came to the realization

that beautiful souls that grow cold

will always be His Behold: His Way stays always.

she came to the realization

that she didn’t practice grace to grace

with the he God says is for she who’s me.

she came to the realization

she didn’t practice love and mercy,

but instead the dead lead of madder & sadder.

she came to the realization

she replayed the days not made to stay.

she came to the realization

she glances back in setbacks.

she came to the realization

seeing the he God says is for she who’s me

as stagflation limits the prosperity she’s called to be.

she came to the realization

he + He + her is God’s Stir for Activation in Salvation.

she came to the realization

their path is Kingdom Freedom Math.

she came to the realization

the scrutiny and mutiny in society

is limited to the sovereignty of God Almighty.

she came to the realization

she got tripped up in the hiccups

God divinely designed to align &

bring souls to the Light of Jesus Christ.

she came to the realization

she treated the purpose in God’s focus

like the setback expectations

and religions in the Book of Habakkuk

regarding the he God says is for she who’s me.

she came to the realization

she desires higher as His fighter and lighter.

she came to the realization

she lets go of all her ideologies

because they’re misery in toxicity absently.

she came to the realization

she persecuted God’s son for being undone.

that’s a blinding throng of wrong

sinking in self thinking, and not floating in hope.

she came to the realization

she’s her own jeopardy in leprosy

by feeding weeds of stagnancy blindly

regarding the he God says is for she who’s me.

she came to the realization

God’s Love changed she who is me

therefore God’s Love will change this he faithfully.

she came to the realization

this race is ran at God’s pace His way.

she came to the realization

she needs to be still and trust

her King that makes her soul sing

to do what He says He will do.

she came to the realization

she chooses to lose it all for His call.

Love she that scribes lines of poetry.


I’m owning the moment to only focus on feeding my love language that I showcase love: acts of service. Acts of service is His way of creating me to show love to His humans through scribing my lines of poetry. I genuinely love serving humans, because it actually brings me great joy. I’m currently serving in a kindergarten class on the east side of New York, NY. I adore all those little souls so much. They make me laugh everyday. I also love serving on Sunday’s every week in the children’s ministry at my local church. I just joined another ministry: sisterhood that I’m excited to start on Sunday with some beautiful women that I’m growing deeper sisterhoods with. I’m passionate about unity and sisterhood, so I’m exactly where God needs me to be as His she that He set free, especially because He who lives in me is greater than he who lives in the world. (1 John 4:4) This scripture verse is growing to become one of my favorites as I draw closer to my King that makes my soul sing.

she’s done.

she doesn’t care about anything

pertaining to her.

she can’t fathom His Stir will ever occur

because the pause of His Cause is forever lost

to her that prefers this he + He + her to not happen.

too many strides in that best last first bite life

with the hype that has more cold loopholes

than ordained godly behold unfolds.

God’s he is very clever and witty

that the blind can’t see his toxicity clearly.

God dismantled the handle of her scandals.

God cancelled the toxicities in her ideologies.

God walked her through the breakthroughs

through her limited curfew to see His Virtue.

I don’t believe I want to get married or have children anymore. The world terrifies me. People are cruel and my heart can’t take anymore. I’ll be an emotional basket case giving birth to children that I cannot guarantee their health and safety? I’ll have a heart attack everyday probably. Being in this kindergarten class has opened my eyes to how hard being a parent is. My eyes are opened to how hard marriage is. My eyes are just opened and I’m rattled. Being single is so safe. My heart is protected and I can’t have an ulcer being someone’s mom. I’m okay with staying in this space God. Amen.

It doesn’t matter if God’s he is different,

because he’s fraudulent and belligerent.

God talked her by walking her from sins

to godly wins transforming from the norm

in abnormality by society’s conformity.

The habitual rituals in the contingency

in popularity is a barbiturate hinderance.

God’s he was all about this fast lane lame way.

There’s deliverance in obedience and stillness.

two different souls that don’t see the same land.

God’s he chooses quicksand.

God’s her chooses the deliverance.

Yesterday bestie my jelly and I (I’m her peanut butter :)) got into a tiff that excited me! For one, I didn’t become incredible hulkita (that’s my version for she’s and her’s.) I was really mature about her roundabout way of me trying to figure out what the heck she was rambling about. Bestie jelly, aka Jojo* wasn’t in the greatest mood yesterday but glory to God in the highest that she walked through revelations last night that freed her on a deeper level. I’m really proud to call her sister and bestie. We’ve come a very long way in our sisterhood where we can have healthy disagreements now. I don’t snap, I don’t walk away, and instead I am prayerfully patient to the best of my ability by the submission of the Holy Spirit. She does have the ability to get under my skin, and I have the same ability as well. However, we are both evolving to be better. There’s peace and harmony in unity.

she thinks her King that makes her soul sing

is attempting to correct what she neglected

by pressing resume on His Select.

she created the space of grace to grace her way.

she didn’t consult the authority or sovereignty of God.

all day there’s been details from Heaven that prevailed.

what she’s trying to cling to is not His Virtue.

Today’s devotional study this morning was such a sharpening, and eye opening revelations of me understanding there’s a time and a place for everything. This is my fourth year walking in rededication to fully walk with Jesus by serving with a 100% heart. I’m doing a few devotions currently. The devotional that pierced me is called “Kingdom do’s and don’ts: Disciple Makers Series,” and the words that forever changed my life are: “be careful not to correct something that God isn’t working on. God corrects two to three things at a time.” I was done with my whole existence to the point I reflected on every time I opened my mouth on things the Holy Spirit has revealed to me about others. I never in my life thought about praying on delivery, and if it’s even time yet to speak on what I’ve been shown until I read those words. I spent this entire Friday feeling done with being the human Crysta my way. I walked through work prayed up, but I was like okay Jesus you have to take the wheel, because I’m still reeling from that piercing this morning. As always God with us showed out, and covered me like He always does. I was serving with a faithful kingdom heart all thanks to my King that makes my soul sing.

she has expectations that aren’t His Dedications.

she’s serving her King that makes her soul sing.

she’s telling her King that she doesn’t want ready rings,

because they sting and aren’t His Safe Wings.

she sees He’s walking her through her pain

with godly gain which propels her well into her purpose.

she sees she clings to her temporary being forever.

she sees she’s willing her shelter is better.

she sees she’s willing single with no mingle.

she sees she’s fearful not full of hopeful faith.

she sees despite the strife at night.

she chooses to lose the world boldly not coldly

by being the Light of Jesus Christ to stand & fight.

she sees she’s growing in trust and humility.

she sees God calls the shots and holds the keys.

she sees she’ll just be in the moment serving.

Thanks for leading me to the amazing devotionals that you do Holy Trinity that set me free.

Love she that scribes lines of poetry.

Here’s a picture of another fav devo: Stronger than the Struggle. ❤️

*names changed for privacy purposes.


she chooses to be

in the scene of grace to grace.

she chooses to lose me

in the space of her he to be we.

she chooses to be better together.

she chooses to embrace

she doesn’t want her he to face

the residual hurt that could be dirt that hurts.

she’s thankful for the visions in her provisions

to walkthrough these healing revealing pieces

of her heart that made her fall apart.

she chooses to stick to the click

and see her he coming is her missing key.

she sees that he’s free faithfully.

the grace of God dismantled the scandal

of provoking evoking in choking empty confetti.

the grace of God ended the land of pretend.

the grace of God handles the scandals of

broken weeds that bleed by their canceling.

she chooses to see the deliberate deliverance.

she chooses to see pain is a platform of purpose.

the grace of God blesses her he with peace

that makes him breathe in ease thankfully.

the course of the calling of a rib to her ribcage

will always be the wave of God’s Stage.

she chooses to be reunited in the Light

with her he and her King that makes her soul sing.

she chooses to be

in the scene of grace to grace.

she chooses to lose me

in the space of her he to be we.

she chooses to be better together.

she chooses to trust that obedience is

the only allegiance where Jesus’ way stays always.

she chooses to maturely excuse her previews,

because they’re a layer of pale scales infused to lose.

she chooses to see her previews are toxicity

of relaying loops of refuse with no revival.

she chooses to let go of all modes of survival.

she chooses to be in the key of humility.

she chooses to see God is all over this testimony.

she chooses to see that God is making a way.

she chooses to see that her he is changing

into the great man that she saw four years ago.

she chooses to see this painful series is over.

she chooses to see God is writing a new beginning.

she chooses to be enthuse with these future tattoos.

she chooses to own her he is imprinted

for all eternity in the membrane of her veins.

she chooses to take a leap in God’s Stir:

he + He + her because love will always be

the scene that sets her free effortlessly.

she chooses to defuse the sadder of madder.

she chooses to defuse the disgrace of anger.

she chooses to defuse the belligerence in selfishness.

she chooses to infuse growing in love found Above.

she chooses to communicate by staying always.

she chooses to fight in the Light of Jesus Christ

with the he God says is for she who’s me.

she chooses to defuse the abused confuse and ruse.

she chooses to defuse the leprosy of the enemy.

she chooses to defuse the absence in stagnant.

she chooses to believe her he is free

from the contingency of popularity.

she chooses to believe her he is free

from the world boldly not coldly.

she chooses to be in love, grace, and mercy.

she chooses to be

in the scene of grace to grace.

she chooses to lose me

in the space of her he to be we.

she chooses to be better together.

he + He + her will always be God’s Stir.

Love she that scribes lines of poetry.


Growth is the ongoing space of grace to grace.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

a year ago today, I was blinded by brokenness

and the delays in the decay’s of yesterday’s.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

a year ago today, I was infected by

the pain of my perspectives defective.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

I had to die from me to see it’s about we as humanity.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

I took Your biblical oath to never choke

on the habitual rituals of the contingency in popularity.

the Bible tells us to walk by faith (2 Corin 5)

and not combust in the lust of distrust.

but we as humanity actively stay confine

in the rewind of our limited minds.

we replay the days that never stay.

we stay strong in the piercings of our wrongs.

we create a space of isolation in the dedication

of our throng limited songs fighting to belong.

it’s a rat race of disgrace clouding the sounds

that are carnally loud in creating pale scales.

pale scales are blinding misguides that divide,

and hide our lies that make our stake in fake

shame us in lame by breaking us inside.

Growth is the ongoing space of grace to grace.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

a year ago today, I was blinded by brokenness

and the delays in the decay’s of yesterday’s.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

a year ago today, I was infected by

the pain of my perspectives defective.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

I had to die from me to see it’s about we as humanity.

Thank you Lord for Growth.

I took Your biblical oath to never choke

on the habitual rituals of the contingency in popularity.

there’s a vulgarity to absently flee in popularity.

it’s faux glee that blinds us in combusted stagnancy

where we can’t see the vomits we commit to.

then we are stuck in an overwhelming rut

sinking in wrong thinking drinking by the winks of flesh.

flesh is a misleading mess that causes great distress.

flesh falls for the pitfalls of popularity.

we must let go of the drone clone of flesh.

popularity is the wrong race we all must face.

it’s never too late to reverse the curse of popularity:

in the maggots of being stagnant.

of the audacity in incorrectly.

of the tailspins in quicksand sin.

of the empty in our broken confetti.

of the facades in playing carnal gods.

these are all disenchanted scandals

that desperately need to be cancelled

by the Holy Trinity making us combust me

to be set free in the unity of we faithfully.

we dismantles the me of worldly handlings.

purpose is deliverance in our misinterpretations.

with God there’s eternal forgiveness in our purpose. This is deliverance. (Psalm 139)

misinterpretations are hues in the wrong views.

wrong views are our backings in worldly handlings.

worldly handlings are the setbacks in satanic attacks.

they’re so witty and sometimes challenging to see.

to be set free we must believe in the Holy Trinity:



& Spirit.

They are the only deliverance in our hindrances

that blessed us with trust, love, and forgiveness.

They are the we that sets us free from me.

They are the only rescues in our ruses

we abuse when we refuse to lose our defective perspectives.

The Holy Trinity is the only Oath to Growth.

our limited minds are imprisoned with

rewinding ingrained sins that won’t ever win.

sinning will never equip to godly prosperous winning.

to glow and grow in God’s Flow we must let go

of the toxicity of me to finally see unity for humanity.

to glow and grow in God’s Flow we must let go of known.

we are called to be multiple parts as one body.

the only way we can stay is if we resists me.

Love she.


she can’t wait to see her beautiful Ali*

this week is full of godly treats.

her Asian sensation is making 

New York the next destination.

last time Ali came, everything completely changed.

God rearranged some spaces and dismantled disgraces.

God sparked the dark on imposters and their scandals.

God has made it clear who belongs in her space.

she sees she has to speak to be set free.

she sees she has to tell her two triple G’s.

her triple G’s: Elle* and Cole* are her sisters.

she lets go of all the shady fake unfolds.

God has the dishonest approaches and souls

that grew impatient and cold for shortcuts.

she sees her G’s are sticking around faithfully.

she sees resenting Him for this testimony 

is cold, not bold, and lonely in singular phony. 

she sees she needs to be mature about that he.

she sees being angry is a wasteful wink and sink.

she sees hostility blinds her finds in rewind.

she sees she has to let go of what she knows

for God’s story to unfold as His Behold Glory.

she sees her sisters for life are Jojo,* her triple G’s, and Ali. 

she has peace on whoever else comes on this sisterhood ride.

she sees God wants her to be plugged in.

she sees that her new community is true unity.

she’s understanding the layers of her traumatic fears.

she sees healing is revealing and freeing.

she’s thankful for this safe space 

of scribing lines that sometimes rhyme.

she sees everyone is struggling in their own way.

if she’s admitting truths to her G’s what’s next?

triple G’s is for godly, genius, and gorgeous.

her Elle and Cole are world changing doctors.

her Ali is a world changing gluten free chef.

her Jojo is glowing and owning her ministries finally. 

she sees there have been a lot of projections.

she trusts time will reveal what’s been concealed.

she has peace on what will really occur as God’s Stir.

she chooses to lose her way for God’s Divine Vine always.

tangibility is hostility no matter what that he

does or says: God will always be her bigger leader.

it’s not smooth sailing with that he 

and whatever is next for this story. 

she will bow and allow God to make the way

that’s meant to stay for all her days here on Earth.

she’s thankful for her tribe vibes 

and to having amazing women in her circle.

she sees God sparked great light in this dark plight season.

she chooses to praise her King in the hallway

until He sees fit to open the next door by making a way.

she sees she chooses to kick the puddles 

instead of rolling in the fumbles of her rumbles.

she sees she chooses to praise in the rain of this storm 

to no longer be stronger in the throng of wrong,

or conform to habitual rituals by being reborn.

she’s blessed to have God be her Transformer.

Love she.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy