I want nothing to do with her.

She’s your sister.

Don’t care she’s a kool-aid sniffer.

She’s clouded and needs lifting.

Okay I’ll pray for her but that’s it.

Love on her she’s my daughter too.

I don’t want to love on her, 

because she sucks & she doesn’t want more.

She needs your love and my healing.

She doesn’t want your healing.

Pray for her. She needs grace.

She wants an easy wilderness walk,

God she’s so unrealistic and foolish.

Pray for her. She needs grace.

She wants everyone’s storyline but hers.

Pray for her. She needs grace.

I don’t know how to do what you want. I’ll pray.

Trust Me. You will see.

A lot has happened since I last wrote in this journal Daddy. I remember the day that you lead me to buy this journal & start anew with my love letters to you. I was so upset, because I still had so many pages in my leather case journal that I bought for our love letters. That journal has so many tearful & painful entries that it was hard for me to pick up that journal in love. 

Maybe that’s why you lead me 

to this beautiful pink Parisian journal.

It is.

I really want to go to Paris, France.

You will.

I’ll wait until you execute that Crysta goes to Paris, France encounter. All in your perfect timing. The last entry that I have in this journal is April 4th. That’s the day that marked three years since I recommitted at 100% to doing this Christian walk biblically. To be quite honest Daddy, my recommitment didn’t feel real, until I finally did my water baptism on Sunday, June 1st 2014. In twelve days, like the number of Jesus assigned disciples, it will be three years since this Christian walk became real to me. Even though Jesus had twelve disciples, one of them named Judas perished to the fear of death by the pale scales, which prevailed over his eyes by the lies he didn’t fight with the Light of Jesus Christ. Judas represents so many lost souls that choke in the hostages of their bondages like Judas did. 

Sometime on a stormy night in 2009, I had my very first encounter with Immanuel God with us. Immanuel God with us supernaturally kept my mother and I alive that night. Immanuel God with us brought the car we were in safely in front of my sister’s house. Witnessing that with my own broken eyes, I had to choose the Light of Jesus Christ. There was no way I could live another moment, and not declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. Daddy I know I’m alive only because you parted the word impossible supernaturally for me. That’s not the only moment I should’ve died. You walked me through so much more. Jesus Christ became Lord even more to me over the years. But it was so hard for me to be free, because no one was doing this walk biblically around me. I was tired of lukewarm Christianity and false prophecy. I convinced myself this walk was impossible, but you used my pain in vain for your biblical gain Daddy, as part of my present testimony. Only You made me anew. You broke my chains Daddy. 

On June 1st 2014, is when salvation felt real. That’s when Jesus Christ became Immanuel God with us. I went into the water on that Sunday wanting Crysta to completely die. I went into that water wanting to be cleansed from every sin I’ve ever committed & condemned myself for. I went into that water truly wanting restoration & to become anew. When I rose I truly knew I’ll never go back to who I used to be, no matter what I had to feel, face, or see. I truly knew that any pain will never be swallowed in vain. I know that no matter what any human will ever tell me that my choice is your still small voice God. 

I will always choose to lose in the foolishness of your biblical deliverance God. I knew I was through with facades and playing god. I knew that any hiccup I’d speak-up in the strength of Christ not my understanding. My understanding doesn’t equal the strength of Christ. On June 1st 2014 I was determined to conquer any pitfalls experienced your way God. I haven’t looked back since my supernatural & mental switch. I committed when you lead me to play my roles I did Daddy. I didn’t always like that, but I did it. 

Thank you Daddy for revival.

Thank you Daddy for godly survival.

Thank you Daddy for showing me to grow.

Thank you Daddy for restoration.

Thank you Daddy for daily sanctification.

Thank you Daddy for grace upon grace.

Thank you Daddy for being my safe place.

Thank you Daddy for creating healthy for me.

You showed me a lot that my limited brain struggles to understand, but I say yes to your ways. I say yes to your will above my struggling heart. I say yes to only you walking me through my stings. I say yes to you only healing my wounds. I say yes to you making me anew. What I used to do was so harmful, and not biblically being set free. We are all called to be set free faithfully. 

You forever changed how I see marriage.

You forever changed my surface based ways.

You walked me through the 131 painful hue.

I had to surrender my cultural circumstances.

I had to surrender my societal denial chances.

You forever make me pause and discern

after that 131 painful hue day & that’s not okay.

You forever made me a Renegade to challenge

everything that crosses my path to see if it’s 

your will and biblical math of walking straight.

You forever made wedding rings have a sting.

If truth isn’t biblically told to me it’s rejected, 

and my intellectual prospect ejects completely.

That’s exactly what I did with that false prophet on the second month of the first week in twenty-sixteen. The foundation of that conversation wasn’t lead by the Holy Spirit. That false prophet never prayed over the meeting, nor did he pray to ask for the leadership of the Holy Spirit of his words as a pastor. That was my first red flag. Prayer is essential as a pastor. In the Bible pastors were seen as apostles. Apostle Paul never stopped praying, and said nothing without the invitation of the Holy Spirit leading his scribes. When this false prophet didn’t pray over the conversation that showed me he leans on his own understanding, and misleads souls that don’t have high discernment like me. 

Lord I pray for a spirit of high discernment to wash over the souls that desperately need the ears to hear your biblical truth. I pray for a spirit of high discernment to wash over the souls that desperately need to see your biblical truth. Lord I pray that this false prophet is blocked from ever spreading the fleshly mess he spread at my old church in this new church. I pray you convict him in such a way that the Holy Spirit takes over, and only biblical truth comes out of his actions and vocabulary. I pray his current struggle changes him completely to who he’s truly called to be. Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven over his life. I thank you for what you’re about to do. And what you always do. In Jesus name, amen. 

The hiccups and misleading guidance this false prophet did reminds me of the Pharisees that were determined to stone Jesus Christ to death. In the book of John chapter 8 all because Jesus Christ refused to kiss the Pharisees with lies. Jesus Christ slapped them with truth. Jesus Christ always slapped the Pharisees with the truth. Jesus Christ unapologetically sparked the dark of what’s not right with the Light of Christ, which is aligned and designed by the same Holy Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ, when he died on the Cross of Calvary. It is our duty as righteous followers of Jesus Christ, who’s also known as Immanuel God with us to walk the same way as the Light of Jesus Christ. 

This false prophet guides the confused blindly into ungodly realities like the Pharisees, and like that hue 131. Because of biblical order as you’ve lead me to mediate in 1 Corinthians 14. I’m very limited to how I truly want to express how I feel about this false prophet in my scribing abilities to rhyme. I also understand my wrestle in the weed to want to knock his teeth out for being an emotional bully, that caused so much damage and internal grief. Feeding my flesh through violence isn’t the answer or will make me anew. Love is the greatest emotion of all. (1 Corinthians 13:13) 

I don’t want to love this false prophet that caused so much damage. I don’t want to pray for the healing of the false prophet that mislead so many people in the wrong direction. That’s not Christlike. Being Christlike is rising above in love. I truly don’t know how to do that with this false prophet human. What I should do is be thankful I don’t cross paths with him. Almost crossing paths with him a few months back was too close for my liking. Seeing his wife last weekend ruined my morning. Seeing a human shouldn’t ruin my peace. I shouldn’t be worked up by mortal humans like these two. I don’t know how to not be worked up. I don’t write my story God you do. So please show me what to do. I’m open to becoming anew.


Surrender what God?

Your anger towards them.

I’d rather kick their ass.

Be in love and forgive. They’re my Chosen too.

They shouldn’t be. They suck.

They’re my broken and Chosen. They’re mine.

Good for you. They’re not mine.

Be still & forgive.

I don’t know how to forgive them.

I don’t want to forgive them.

I want to hate them.

Hate is not of Me.

I want them destroyed.

What does that do for you?

Nothing. It changes nothing.

Be still & forgive.

Okay Daddy. I have no idea how,

but I’m willing to learn so show me how.

You will see. Come to Me.

Okay I say yes, I surrender all.

Show me how to conquer this pitfall.

Show me how to be anew with these two.

You will see.

I love you King.

Love your lighter, fighter, and daughter. 



it’s true

he didn’t choose truth

he knew it was the DM one

he didn’t want to lose his ruse

he wanted to do him and money too

he didn’t care about lonely or phony

he had a blueprint to execute


she wants another routine 

she wants another scene

she’s tired of people being mean

she’s tired of feeling unclean

she’s tired of lies succeeding 

she’s tired of trying through pain

she feels like there’s no gain 

she praises in the rain and sustains 

she feels like this is all insane 

she feels like this is all in vain


God says he’s changed 

God says he’s coming 

God says it’s almost over 

she doesn’t trust God in this area

she doesn’t trust God about this man

she doesn’t believe in this man or God

she thinks this is all a toxic facade 

she doesn’t believe in second chances

she believes in brutal advances 

she believes in crucial cancerous stances 

she believes he’s bored and what’s newness

she doesn’t believe in his deliverance 

she doesn’t receive he’s not a hinderance 

she doesn’t believe in biblical marriages 

she believes in the toxicity of facade savages 

she’s had many examples from broken samples


he did a really good job play god 

he did a good job creating his mirage 

he did a really good job with his times article 

his crowds to community found it worshipful 

this is the past that concurrently still lasts

written work is forever to all intended senders 

truth or lies cannot deny or hide his misguides  

he was purposeful in his verbal peace confers

he didn’t want to be with the DM one 

he wanted to have fun in no sun in messy flesh

reaping what was sowed has now grown old

godly discernment prohibited his perversions 


God says he’s different 

she’s not interested like the DM 

she cannot get caught up in getting got again.

she wants to be free from his toxicity mutiny

he’s the man so he controlled this quicksand 

she wants to breathe with ease biblically

he’s not biblical he’s literal and critical 

he’s tangible not supernatural 

God says not anymore 


she says it doesn’t matter she got the message

she wants to move on from rock bottom 

that’s a strongest priority that needs authority 

not a man that possibly changed his mind

after his way doesn’t work or hurts 

his pockets don’t tangibly hurt hers does

his space is tangibly secure hers isn’t 

he’s living his tangible desires 

she’s tired of his supernatural signal wires 

she wants to quit because he’s a sinking ship

she wants God not his pathological facades 

he did a really good job playing god 

he thought she was deranged and strange 

so he went with what he knew and flew 


because he didn’t grow he now wants unknown 

that’s his problem not her problem 

be unknown alone in that fiscal acquiring zone 

he can never do anything to hurt her again

so why can’t that be what sets her free?

why does this life have so much strife?

hearing about him is a sink not swim

hearing about him is grim and slim 

he has his the times article as a reminder 

on why there was such peace about 

nothing ever working before his decision 

stick to that condition because it worked hard 

her gifts shouldn’t be a reflection of his sins 

he’s sink or swim and never all in 

unless it’s his honey money, people are funny 

his income is ample that’s the constant sample


his examples are a fiscal hippocampals:

an adjective of lonely locus and focus 

hippocampal is the medical storage for memory

this triggers her PTSD and other toxicities 

she needs to be biblically free completely 

she’s shivers because she’s stressed out

she just wants the job and studio routine 

she doesn’t care about the work being done

in this man that supposedly is no longer 

stronger in the throng of wrong songs 

she can’t sleep seeing him is cheap and mean 

she tosses and turns wanting new dreams 

she’s lost in slow churns of his schemes 

she’s always sad about this man’s quicksand

her reversed cursed crescent is relentless 

letting go should’ve ended this flow 

God says he makes all things new 

she’s waiting on this manna dew to be true 

she puts on the armor of God to remain

unsalted, unapologetic, and unashamed 


she doesn’t get the peace

that makes her breathe with ease.

when her surroundings is shattering glass.

she used to dwell inside a glasshouse

quiet as a mouse: ready and steady

leaning on self not the God of Wealth.

her ‘prosperity’ is a mockery in the

destructive construction of her savage

crooked steps; as a mistake of fake

in her breaking law of average marriage.

she came to that building with no godly wings

on a mission and sole permission to snag

the lag of unaware pants in a man of status.

her original eye candy target was in worship.

he shut her down, causing her to frown

so she moved on to a man in Atlanta.

she flew back and forth putting in her time

to position her condition to marriage,

but that man ended things because of God

shining light on the dark of her sparked facade.

word around that building with no godly wings

knew she could sing but she leads to stings.

she quickly got: hit it and quit it misfit image.

in the winter of two thousand fourteen

her eyes fixed on a new prize that saw her lies.

the no’s that man gave her wasn’t enough.

she messaged him on social media: her please

to be the she that he sees as godly in pleas.

he stuck with his decision to say no to her show

so she moved onto the man that got kicked out

there were rumors, but gossip isn’t of God.

time will expose the erode of her facades

like now in her unavoidable exposure to allow

her final bow from the hallow swallow

foul decision of her self-inflicted incision.

to chase in the deface in her two strand

quicksand marriage that many cannot face.

she stands on a rage of caged wages on the stage

singing in the distress of this messy flesh.

she doesn’t get the peace

that makes her breathe with ease.

when her surroundings is shattering glass.

she used to dwell inside a glasshouse

quiet as a mouse: ready and steady

leaning on self not the God of Wealth.

the worship team isn’t covered by the Spirit

of the Creator who is far Greater as the Maker.

not everyone on that stage connects to God

like her who’s being exposed to the darkness

that intentionally shadows her moves

in the slips of her now immobile hips.

she is no longer stronger in hiccups,

because God paused the cause of her pitfall.

her hidden glasshouse is on full display

from the decay’s of her yesterday’s, and

her sorrows of no tomorrow’s: the last jar.

her trance to make those believe she’s Holy.

she’s lonely in her phony darkness of ugly.

the man she snagged in her savage marriage

after four months last year is in stillness gear.

she’s in great fear, because the Light of Christ

is shining bright on all that’s wrong inside.

singing in flesh is causing distressed messes.

our gifts are designed to be aligned to the

leadership of the Holy Spirit. when we walk

in the sleepwalk of our flesh: gifts are messes.

like this woman as a married worship singer.

the slums in her sins are ringing stingers.

being a black tee leader is supposed to bring

souls as potential believers not be flesh achievers.

she’s always stationed in the corner as a loner.

she’s a default leader due to the hue of

her untrue two strand savage marriage.

leaders are biblically called to set others free

not make confused in fused ruses fleeing blindly.

she doesn’t get the peace

that makes her breathe with ease.

when her surroundings is shattering glass.

she used to dwell inside a glasshouse

quiet as a mouse: ready and steady

leaning on self not the God of Wealth.

she’s constantly wearing the cloak of invisibility

unintentionally, but she’s called to be unseen.

no one celebrates her as her missus title.

no one remembers she’s legally bound

by the slums of her sinful pounds to this man.

this man was desired and liked before

her paws and claws hooked his sexual flaw.

this man is barely pictured, but she’s unseen.

her chase for popularity in the barbarity

by her black tee is an idol like that man.

this man landed in her quicksand due

to his bondage that held him hostage:

combusted lust that’s now radiated rust.

he drunkenly sleepwalked bamboozled

in this chalked savage marriage.

her glasshouse is a mouse that trapped him in

the disobedient spat of her lying magnified sins.

misguided by her divided pride uncontrollably

in her combusted lust of distrusted rust.

humans are ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

the Creator who is far Greater is the Maker

who allows all if the pitfall is giving our all.

she sang for a sermon last night with strife.

hiding inside but her cold old is exposed.

she’s been in her own sinful looped troop.

she thought she outsmarted Constant One.

the same message last night was said

in the eleventh month of twenty-fifteen

where she uncontrollably fanned herself

out of the biblical conviction to correction.

same space, same message, different pastor.

changing her last name didn’t change

the arrange in her estranged legal season

as a biblical reason on who the Maker is.

God is a patient God. Every knee bows.

she doesn’t get the peace

that makes her breathe with ease.

when her surroundings is shattering glass.

she used to dwell inside a glasshouse

quiet as a mouse: ready and steady

leaning on self not the God of Wealth.

she thought she bought, and fought the title

of missus to be biblically covered after her

ungodly blinders and blunders in no Holy sun.

the wrong way will never be okay or ordained.

wedding rings don’t guarantee God’s Wings.

queen Vashti was biblically dissolved from

her title that wasn’t made for her.

the woman that was called to be queen

stepped in the role, and restoration occurred.

her name was queen Esther not Vashti.

Vashti wasn’t made for the role that God

removed her from biblically. she still served

her purpose to show the king what he needs

is greater than what he actually wants.

that’s what this woman showed to the man

she landed in her two strand quicksand

sexually unsatisfied savage marriage.

Leah marrying Jacob didn’t stop Rachel

from birthing the ordained Joseph.

Hagar giving birth to Ishmael didn’t stop

Issac from being the ordained Chosen heir.

this woman marrying the man she did

doesn’t make her the ordained Chosen.

those that moved before her were removed too.

it’s in the Bible. Vashti was removed.

Leah wasn’t the woman Jacob loved.

Haggai was a concubine sent away.

Ishmael was blessed not Chosen like Isaac.

Only God not humans ordain God’s Name.

she thought she outsmarted everyone

including her husband. when everyone

outsmarted her and played their roles.

she’s in the dark of what others see faithfully.

God allows her scales to prevail for prophecy.

her glasshouse is being shattered effortlessly.

she cannot do anything about this foul.

married or not her knees will allow the bow

that allows God to step in and win

for biblical unity & for all humanity to see

to be set free as God’s Called Community.

her glasshouse shattered completely.

she needs to flee godly and Holy

to breathe with ease, and no longer

be stronger in the misery of the weak enemy.

Thank you Constant One.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Thank you King Jesus.

Love your daughter, lighter, and fighter.


her desperation created a prison.

her sexual premarital moves were a groove

that alluded to secluded delusional inclusion. 

her prison is a self-dedicated prism 

of disrespected incisions 

by her desperate decisions.

she had to have this popular man.

in her rewinded mind she thought 

the cost that bought her time would be fine.

positioning her condition to be his only see

during a contest of vulnerability was her key.

vulnerability is tricky when horny & lonely.

cheap mindsets birth creeping palettes.

her limited colors were a sister to a brother

but she wanted to be his lover & other.

he made it clear he wasn’t interested in more,

but her clothes and face dropped in disgrace 

on bended knees to the floor sexually. 

she was left with regret in her empty and lonely.

she ignored the phony feeling reeling

from finally succeeding in believing

her self-inflicted decision by her new position

with a man that quietly entered in her

as an unposted, unspoken, and unsatisfied stir.

she talked herself out of red flag proofs 

and created her own expectational truths.

her truths aren’t biblical or admired in Christ.

only the Light of Immanuel sparks the dark

to what’s not right inside hiding behind pride.

she had to make their stake in fake work.

she took a bow in her sexual vow that allowed

her original place of sister to brother 

with this man, and turned her burns to 

four months marital sexual quicksand 

with a prestigious article as her broadband.

her families connections have to work. 

the world must believe her combusted lust

story is true love & not radiated rusted dust.

no one believes what she worked to achieve.

sex before marriage is a disrespected savage.

fornication before marriage is a

ungodly foundation, especially mixed

with the wince diss of co-habitation.

she lived with him before the “I do’s”

ignoring the red flags of what’s biblical truth.

it’s not biblical to have sex before the Creator 

who is far greater prepares his daughter 

as a Proverbs 31 Woman, other & lover.

pruning and fine tuning takes time 

for the calling of a ribcage to his ordained rib.

it takes three strands to prevent quicksand.

she leaned on her own understanding 

for her current marriage landing.

biblically God will never allow the disorder,

disrespect, and neglect in the wrong bow.

biblically God wouldn’t want his daughter 

swallowing hurt with no worth to eat dirt.

she ate regurgitated dirt that hurt 

from this man out of desperation.

she didn’t want to be alert in her hurt

so she was drinking in her sinning thinking, 

which was the switch in the Obey of Today

to the cheap creeping cum of no sun godly 

in the slums of her sins seeing winning winking.

her sin city trip was cheap like her creeps.

settling will always be toxicity.

she didn’t know her worth so everything hurts.

she’s married to a popular man 

but entered the glasshouse of unpopularity 

in the vulgarity by the invisibility of insincerity.

her husband never switched from 

sister to brother after they became lovers.

her title changing didn’t change this arranging.

his coached poaching planted seeds 

to make her be godly to him were slim &

placed by disgraced weeds of ungodly grim.

she doesn’t feel like his wife

because he sees her as rushed strife in life.

she doesn’t feel appreciated 

because their purity was contaminated.

she turned her pure space of 

sister to brother as secret lover.

any chance she had to really grow godly

became a lame ashamed lane of mockery.

men don’t respect desperate sex and neglect.

any prospect by the disconnect in her lies

were hidden by the sex of circumspect.

she thought using her body 

would lead to godly over time.

time is in her space, and nothing changed

in this man’s actions despite coached words.

there’s nothing biblical about her marriage.

there was nothing biblical about their friendship

there was nothing biblical about her motives 

there was nothing biblical about her mindset 

Galatians biblically addresses growing sows:

“For he that soweth to his flesh 

shall of the flesh reap corruption; 

but he that soweth to the Spirit 

shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

she wasn’t interested in reaping the Spirit.

it was taking too long to get this man.

which is why her lies are current quicksand:

in a public community that shows her no unity.

in a public community that treats her absently.

in a public community that sees her stagnantly. 

in the life of this man she’s ungodly toxicity.

her father’s connections didn’t work.

the unsatisfied sex didn’t work.

the rushed marriage didn’t work.

the coaching community didn’t work.

he doesn’t love her like Jesus loves the church.

any love he had for her died when she lied,

and positioned her condition to sexually 

allow the wrong bow before this marriage.

nothing will change the sting of that savage.

what they had in purity was friendship, 

and that security was ruined premaritally.

she’ll never be his Jacob to Rachel.

she’ll never be his Abram to Sarai.

despite her wedding rings that sting, 

she’ll always be Leah and Haggai.

none of her tools fooled biblical truth.

none of her moves are bigger than the Creator.

God will always have the final say with no delay.

she’s in her sixth jar, and far from God.

Biblically we are called to conquer pitfalls.

Every knee is called to be bowed in godly allow.

“For it is written, 

As I live, saith the Lord, 

every knee shall bow to me, 

and every tongue shall confess to God.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭14:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

expectations are harmful to the human species.

expectations are ungodly mockeries in flesh.

expectations are a mirage where the gear

of fear takes over as a facade boulder distress

that makes humans look colder and older

like this she who’s fleeing in misery blindly

behind her misguided lies with the enemy.

expectations are wrong weed seeds 

that makes the stake in fake break painfully.

expectations are a rewind in time to find 

phony lonely will never be godly or Holy. 

she will return from her ungodly burns to God.

it’s her destiny to be set free biblically 

no matter what she tries to fight & hide

what’s not right is now coming fully outside,

there’s still no Light of Christ 

in her married life of stressed lying strife.

taking coaching is unsuccessful approaching.

serving Friday’s and Sunday’s cannot 

take away the decay’s of her dismay’s 

in her yesterday’s that changed her position

from sister to brother to unsatisfied lover as

a forced missus other, is still not covered as a 

Biblical Love from Above in God’s Ordained.

she can’t ignore all that’s not right in her life

as a suffering, and lonely wife in her painful

no godly gaining plight in this lonely strife.

Nothing is better than Everlasting Life,

not even the popularity chase as his missus,

which is currently a winced diss risk deface

that wasn’t worth all her hurt in this dirt.

no human should be Above God

not even this man, and her marriage facade.

this man and marriage were her private idol

on public display as an unavoidable trail.

God won’t fix this, because she needs God.

God makes all things new, and only God is true.

God is her first bridegroom to be in tuned to.

when it hurts enough she will see this truth too.

Thank you King.

Love your lighter and daughter. 


















































follower of Immanuel God with us 

she’s all these entities and more… 

she’s detoxing from the monstrosities of 

generational curses and courses of her family. 

family is a loaded word to her. 

DNA can be abused and misconstrued. 

genetics is generic, and was fused in ruses

of inclusive conclusive delusion seclusions. 

her father leveraged soft tonalities. 

her mother leveraged needing security. 

she learned and discerned in time 

all of her desires were wired and conspired. 

she’s so tired of manipulation and stipulations. 

she’s so tired of the cloning molasses of status. 

molasses is a decompensation of glucose.

status is a decompensation of alienation 

from the Holy Trinity and protective divinity.

status is the displaced chase in popularity.

she’s so tired of the despotism of popularity.

popularity is an audacity to walk in vulgarity.

popularity is a lame lane by layers of shame.

pride is the misguide that hides lies inside.

Immanuel God with us on earth was unpopular.

Immanuel God with us on earth was humble.

Immanuel God with us on earth was faithful.

Immanuel God with us on earth died to revive.

Immanuel God with us rose again from 

slums of sins by the lion’s den to no longer win. 

Immanuel God with us on earth became 

all shame and was stretched to be 

the wreckage where humans perished 

who’s God’s original cherished. 

Immanuel God with us on earth came back 

from the satanic attacks of brokenness.

Immanuel God with us on earth reversed 

the curse in The Garden of Eden.

The veil was torn so we humans can be reborn.

all conditions have positions with religions.

there’s a difference between the hinderance 

of ungodly popularity and biblically set free.

Immanuel God with us on earth had twelve 

pair of eyes that were called to conquer pitfalls.

one pair of eyes died to fear and perished

because those eyes lost the prize of Christ.

Jesus died for biblical freedom not the drone

cloning allegiance to salted ungodly popularity.

she used to write the strife scribes to her he.

she stopped leaping in faith because of sight.

today was an obey to resume lovingly to her he

and rising above scribing lines hiding inside.

she walked through her misguided pride of lies.

she talked through the hue her he is still true.

despite all not looking right, she fights in light.

despite the discomfort of sparked dark,

she delights in what’s right: biblically set free.




she chooses to lose boldly not coldly 

for all humanity to see community in unity

biblically and faithfully. her obedience is key.

her obedience is bigger than her 

because he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

Immanuel God with us on earth was unpopular.

Immanuel God with us on earth was humble.

Immanuel God with us on earth was faithful.

Immanuel God with us on earth died to revive.

she says yes to seeing like the Light of Christ:

Immanuel God with us on earth.

Thank you King.

she won’t glance back.

she remains unsalted.

Love your daughter.



the building with no godly wings

cannot remove the grove of 

the stings in the two souls’ wedding rings.

the coaching and poaching approaching 

in this misfit hit and quit it legalized lie

is not the godly caught that greeneye 

and her trying demise fought and bought.

all was loss when her clothes fell off

in her hallow swallow from the wrong bow

when she dropped on her knees 

with broken need that now makes her bleed.

Sexually intimate in the growing deficient door 

as her missus title that now makes her stake 

in fake break, and shake her to feel on trial.

the outward display of these two as a team

is a deluded themed dream, which no one 

believes or receives, especially what’s seen.

they look like two souls that grew cold

robotically and chaotically from combusted lust

of a four month sexual secret sequence 

to publicly married in an extreme weakness.

greeneye demise isn’t interested in freedom.

greeneye demise wants demons and treasons.

greeneye demise wants her lies to hide inside.

greeneye demise wants this mister to flee

absently and blindly in misery with the enemy.

greeneye demise wants this mister to talk

the sleepwalk chalk from her clyster prism

in this Garden of Eden away from Jesus.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

insufficient funds that needs to be a refund.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

sexually swung and stung this mister’s tongue

to speak in a weak response when he was lost.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

attacked during lonely vulnerability to be 

his only company, and make him sexually horny.

sex was the leverage with drinking sinking 

thinking beverages that greeneye demise tried 

to use as a ruse to hide behind her lies inside.

sex clouds the loud sound in the voice of God.

sex allows the hallow swallow of sinfulness.

sinfulness is what greeneye demise positioned 

her condition to transform and conform her 

place of now disgrace to be originally 

‘I can tell when a man wants me. 

And he didn’t want me.’ to

‘a quick fast track to dating’ missus.

a prestigious article cannot take away truth.

Love is found bound from Above. (James 1:17)

The book of Genesis show men with intention

not sexually settling for marital attention.

Adam was put sleep and Eve was made.

Jacob worked fourteen years for Rachel.

Sarah not Haggai is the mother of faith.

God ordains not humans or sexual activities.

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

lied to hide her movements weren’t of God.

the enemy lies, and rushes with manipulations 

by sinful stipulations like sexual drinking.

Charity waits, and charity cannot be rushed

after four months of secret sexual flesh.

What’s done in the dark is always sparked

by the Light of Jesus Christ (Luke 12:3)

Jesus is a reality check that greeneye demise

can no longer hide what’s not right inside.

Jesus dying on the Cross of Calvary 

over two thousand years ago was to show

that only Jesus can make or break a stake.

Only Jesus decides what’s right by His Light

not the lies or eyes of greeneye demise

or even the crowds to community mutiny 

in the building with no godly wings. 

Jesus is Lord not sexual knees to a floor, 

or coaching from poaching approaching.

Biblically wisdom is a she. 

Biblically is from God not the messes 

of flesh god mirage facade sabotages.

The Cross of Calvary is biblically how 

all souls can be set free faithfully.

Otherwise the demise 

and lies like greeneye

will continue to be empty 

in misery with the enemy blindly 

struggling in the rumbling tumbles of troubles.

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should 

bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, 

and things under the earth;”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬


Jojo* is a no go 

for the clearing 

of this toxic 

flesh god show

starring two bros

that God showed.

verbal exchanges 

were painful arranges.

Jojo doesn’t want to know 

that he loves her 

and sees it’s her. 

Jojo wants her pain 

to not have charity gain.

Being clear isn’t sincere.

Jojo is a no go

for the clearing

of this toxic 

flesh god show

starring two bros 

that God bestowed.

she said no.

Jojo said uh oh.

Jojo’s word sting.

Jojo condones his wedding rings.

she couldn’t risk 

him crushing her again.

he pressed send with that DM.

the message was received

and his mission was achieved. 

on the sixth month 

on the twenty-first day 

in that year she walked away.

there were too many nights 

she spent in strife with plight 

of his decision in his 

check-list lair conditions 

with his greeneye demise

and their best last first bite life.

she’s tired of these tests. 

life is so hard 

and she has no breaks.

he doesn’t matter. 

Jojo doesn’t matter. 

her he doesn’t matter. 

none of them are in these issues. 

none of them have parent’s 

that are evicted bound to a shelter

and only the layer of prayer 

keeps them in a home 

with no godly dome.

she’s tired and wired.

she’s tired of living 

on the edge of uncertainty. 

she just wants peace 

not all this painful unhealthy. 

everyone failed her. 

she failed herself. 

God never failed her 

yet God wants her 

to be in forgiveness 

with selfish self-centered arrogance. 

she’s a liar too.

she lied to not get hurt anymore.

he wanted sex and lies: 

he has it with his greeneye demise.

Jesus stopped her from dying

for what? The world is broken.

she’s dedicated to her isolation.

no one can hurt her

when she’s alone. 

no one can be a drone clone

if she’s alone.

he can stay with the decay

of greeneye and their demise.

life is too hard

to constantly be in this space

of insanity and disgrace.

she just wants a place 

to be healthy and follow Jesus. 

she doesn’t want to be

around any of this toxicity.

All of this is ugly.

Jojo is ugly.

she’s ugly.

these two he’s are ugly.  

Jojo can do her.

her he can do him.

that he God won’t stop 

saying is for she

can choke in his

self-made provokes.

sex & money was his ugly

that was most important. 

he has what he wants.

she wants to be free 

away from everybody. 

everybody can flee

she’s used to that ugly.

she’s tired of unhealthy.

she wants to be free

away from everybody 

and all toxicities.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy