she can’t wait to see her beautiful Ali*

this week is full of godly treats.

her Asian sensation is making 

New York the next destination.

last time Ali came, everything completely changed.

God rearranged some spaces and dismantled disgraces.

God sparked the dark on imposters and their scandals.

God has made it clear who belongs in her space.

she sees she has to speak to be set free.

she sees she has to tell her two triple G’s.

her triple G’s: Elle* and Cole* are her sisters.

she lets go of all the shady fake unfolds.

God has the dishonest approaches and souls

that grew impatient and cold for shortcuts.

she sees her G’s are sticking around faithfully.

she sees resenting Him for this testimony 

is cold, not bold, and lonely in singular phony. 

she sees she needs to be mature about that he.

she sees being angry is a wasteful wink and sink.

she sees hostility blinds her finds in rewind.

she sees she has to let go of what she knows

for God’s story to unfold as His Behold Glory.

she sees her sisters for life are Jojo,* her triple G’s, and Ali. 

she has peace on whoever else comes on this sisterhood ride.

she sees God wants her to be plugged in.

she sees that her new community is true unity.

she’s understanding the layers of her traumatic fears.

she sees healing is revealing and freeing.

she’s thankful for this safe space 

of scribing lines that sometimes rhyme.

she sees everyone is struggling in their own way.

if she’s admitting truths to her G’s what’s next?

triple G’s is for godly, genius, and gorgeous.

her Elle and Cole are world changing doctors.

her Ali is a world changing gluten free chef.

her Jojo is glowing and owning her ministries finally. 

she sees there have been a lot of projections.

she trusts time will reveal what’s been concealed.

she has peace on what will really occur as God’s Stir.

she chooses to lose her way for God’s Divine Vine always.

tangibility is hostility no matter what that he

does or says: God will always be her bigger leader.

it’s not smooth sailing with that he 

and whatever is next for this story. 

she will bow and allow God to make the way

that’s meant to stay for all her days here on Earth.

she’s thankful for her tribe vibes 

and to having amazing women in her circle.

she sees God sparked great light in this dark plight season.

she chooses to praise her King in the hallway

until He sees fit to open the next door by making a way.

she sees she chooses to kick the puddles 

instead of rolling in the fumbles of her rumbles.

she sees she chooses to praise in the rain of this storm 

to no longer be stronger in the throng of wrong,

or conform to habitual rituals by being reborn.

she’s blessed to have God be her Transformer.

Love she.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy 



wrong point of views

blocks the purpose of His Virtue.

wrong point of views

keeps us combusted in distrust.

wrong point of views

feeds the weeds of broken needs.

broken needs are live feeds

that oppresses confessions,

and grows the sour taste in scales prevailing.

there’s freedom in releasing.

there’s freedom in believing faith not sight.

there’s freedom in humanity walking in unity.

there’s freedom in purpose over popularity.

there’s freedom in the transformation 

from the conformities of worldly ideologies.

there’s freedom in the Light of Jesus Christ:

by standing to fight for what’s not right.

by being bold not cold faithfully in harmony.

by sparking the dark to what seems lost

in picking up the Cross to be set free effortlessly.

biblically wisdom is addressed as her and she.

God intentionally made His daughters hers & she’s.

she shunned them like they shunned her.

she sees the isolation is suffocating.

she sees the them’s want more.

she sees their faces are prayerfully on the floor.

she sees the choice of man’s voice is choking

the stirring of them transforming to God’s Way.

she sees the migration of His Liberation.

she sees she’s used to dismantle flesh god scandals.

she sees she’s put that son of God’s in a box.

she sees she has no control in His Patrol.

she sees she doesn’t know how this will go.

she sees she has to rise above to be in love.

she sees freedom is choosing to lose the lies:

of pride misguiding.

of hiding what’s stone cold inside.

of allowing the bow of her heart to be flesh.

of being right in blinding plights.

of the wrong song throng of strife.

of unforgiving that son of God’s.

of being madder or sadder.

of trusting God above what’s the current scene.

she says yes to what God says.

she bows to allow God to lead her feet

His way not her way in the path of Kingdom Math.

she leaves all her emotions at His throne

to allow Him to unfold His Behold.

she leaves all her emotions at His throne

to let these tests become His testimony.

she leaves all her emotions at His throne

to let these messes become His messages.

she trusts God above the gears of her fears.

she trusts God to open her heart to shine His Light.

she trusts God to create the space of His Virtue.

she chooses to praise in the rain of this storm, 

and cling to His Wings as she lets her soul be reborn.

Love she.


all she sees is God.

she moves out of God’s way

for God to remove what’s not made to stay.

she allows the bow 

from the fouls of her hallow swallows.

she allows the scandals 

of her channels to be dismantled.

she allows the clock to stop.

she allows God to cancel her facades.

these are ruses that feed fused abuses.

there’s many reasons in this trying season.

her heart isn’t right and full of strife.

she sees plight in His Sight.

He sees the Light of Jesus Christ.

He sees reprieve to believe.

He sees deliverance in forgiveness.

she sees toxicity and rejects this prospect.

she struggles and crumbles in fumbles 

of her specifics in prefixes. He wants her to let go.

but if she lets go then she won’t know:

what happens next?

what was the purpose of Saturday’s encounter?

that encounter doesn’t fit her ideologies 

that she will never see that he again.

she sees he’s a lion’s den that doesn’t want more.

so she let go of that being God’s Glory 

in her story, because she desires to go Higher in God.

that he has been so scary and a liar

that created an unhealthy space of hidden disgrace.

that he has a mutant community

that falls in line to his slimed life of no light.

she just wants to see what God needs,

but she doesn’t want that he because he’s scary.

she doesn’t want his lies or fiscal lullabies.

she doesn’t want his harmful flirtatious charm.

she doesn’t want the demise of his wandering eyes.

she doesn’t want the half-assed commitment.

she doesn’t want the half-assed attempts.

she doesn’t want his up and down sounds.

she doesn’t want his confusion delusions.

she doesn’t want his immaturity.

she doesn’t want his excuses: they’re useless.

she doesn’t want his mind-games: they’re lame.

she doesn’t want his empty words of dirt.

she doesn’t want his cheap creeping cheats.

she doesn’t see the hype of this man:

he’s nothing but painful quicksand.

she stopped pretending being okay with God’s Stir.

this he + He + her shouldn’t occur, it’s a choking joke.

this he is a bloke that’s selfish and inconsiderate.

this he is heartless and focused on what’s best for him.

this he doesn’t care about who gets hurt.

this he has a billion dollar reasons for his treasons.

this he only cares about tangibility and what’s the scene.

this he only cares about ugly popularity.

this he doesn’t desire Higher in God’s Purpose.

she doesn’t want this he to come near her ever.

her King that makes her soul sing 

won’t guarantee that he isn’t staying away.

there’s nothing but messy decay’s and delays. 

his way is his highway of puppet strings and stings.

foolishness is the ready rings his way not God’s.

lukewarm is his storm and his only conform.

she’s not interested in his deliverance.

she’s not interested in seeing he’s changing.

she saw enough and gave up.

she made a switch 14102017.

she boxed him and his nonsense. 

the switch should be the only see.

she wants to move on and be uplifted

without this he being apart of her story.

the actions that he showed is his permanent go,

and that’s the flow she will forever go with.

she will continue to reject his nonsense.

there’s no deliverance in this he’s messiness.

actions speak louder than words.

this he’s actions are not of God.

confusion is not of God.

wandering eyes is not of God.

lying is not of God.

money being the workaholic hideout 

is a cowardly cop-out and not of God.

she sees he’s not of God.

she wants only God.

it’s hard to believe what God sees.

she doesn’t want anything to do with this he.

he’s illogical, messy, and can’t be trusted.

he can’t cover or protect her who is me.

this he never covered or protected anybody.

this he thinks blood family is all that matters.

when blood family could be the most dangerous.

the Bible teaches believing souls Jesus came to separate:

mother and daughter, 

father and son,

brother and sister.

God tells us who’s family not the world.

this he has worldly views and ideologies.

this he doesn’t love biblically. 

this he only cares about his money.

she only trusts God not that he,

because he’s grim, slim, and a liar.

she’s in the wings of God. 

he’s in the stings of his facades playing god.

to her she sees the two shall never meet.

she sees he’s nothing but defeat, 

and she will never let him lose her peace.

he’s not worth the risk or the leap of faith in. 

that’s what she sees and believes.

his actions hasn’t changed in four years.

there’s trails of tears and secrets he keeps.

he’ll never change and continue to arrange

tear-stained pain with no godly gain;

and insane hurt with no worth all in vain. 

she was spared by walking away from that decay.

she wants to see a different story than this he.

this he is incapable of being apart of His Glory.

she’ll never stop seeing mind-games and lies.

that’s all this he has displayed as his broken lullaby. 

she sees and pays attention to what’s not said.

she sees and pays attention to what’s not done.

she pays attention to consistency. she sees that’s key.

money will always be this he’s funny honey.

money is all this he counts on and trusts.

money is temporary and empty combust of distrust.

money will never fix his heart.

money will always keep an unsafe space

between him and God. money is empty confetti.

money will never buy love of real God-friends.

money will never fill the void in his heart.

this he works all the time in vain.

there’s still pain in his hiding shame.

that’s his problem. she sees she’s free.

she’s moved on from this he’s stagnancy. 

it’s a blessing he’s scary. she stays clear away.

God backs her up on keeping her away from him.

she sees she can only count on God not humans

in the intrusions of delusional solutions. 

she sees things are healthier with her parents.

she sees things are slowly coming together.

she sees her life is starting to get on track 

from all the back to back setbacks 

in this heartbreaking soundtrack.

she’s thankful for everything,

because she sees she’s where 

God needs her to be faithfully.

she sees everything differently. 

this he wants lies that make him die. Okay.

this he wants his messiness of loneliness. Okay.

that’s not her see or her belief in that carnal grief.

she wants Higher as His Lighter.

this he’s empty flesh is brokenness, and 

has nothing to do with her supernatural deliverance.

they’re from two different perspectives and worlds.

she finally wants nothing to do with this he.

she sees this is the best space to be.

she sees she’s at ease with all of this.

 Love she.


they relinquish instinctive. 

it’s self-protection reflection.

Only God dismantles 

the scandals of facades.

where we is replaced with me.

me is fleeing in scales that fail, and

blinding in lying misguided pride magnified.

this is a space of disgrace, 

and a disenchanted lullaby that needs to die.

to be better together in we

they had to see me as the toxicity

it will always be in stagnancy chaotically.

the Cross of Calvary 

sets all souls free that believe.

souls have to boldly not coldly 

flee from the enemy unapologetically.

My life and bestie’s life forever changed on Saturday. I’m so thankful that Jojo* my bestie ignored my fears and pushed us to go to all pop-up shops she signed us up for. We went to three impactful events, however being in a confetti filled selfie booth with my bestie–the first God-fearing sister I ever had, who’s forever for me was my highlight. Jojo has been by my side through thick and thin, and in this to win this walk with me. Jojo is the reason why I relinquish my right to question doing this walk God’s Way. Seeing how God walks and covers Jojo over the years was one of the greatest blessings in my life. Jojo’s fight for obedient alignment is why I said: okay God I can do this for real too. Jojo hasn’t stopped being who she is at her core: a lover of Jesus and representing who he really is. Even in the brokenness we both walked through from scars on top of scars, Jojo has remained consistent. I’m thankful for Jojo. And I’m thankful for my other gems. They know who they are and God is a genius I’ll always say yes to. Relinquishing my ignorance was the greatest deliverance I ever been blessed to walk through.

their hearts are for His house.

they desire to bridge the blueprint to Higher.

they say yes to clinging to His Cornerstone Best.

yesterday was the full circle needed to believe, 

and be set free from all past infirmaries.

the old triage was a mirage in sabotage.

but God uses all to conquer pitfalls.

she relinquishes known and being a drone.

Jojo relinquishes known and being a drone.

they were tired of cold phony lonely.

they were tired of drowning in ugly.

they were tired of dying in silent crying.

they were tired of magnifying lying.

they embraced the space of grace to grace.

forgiveness is in This Race.

forgiveness is the only pace.

they forgive and say yes to being a bridge.

they say yes to rising above and to forgive.

they understand me is quicksand.

they know to grow and glow 

is to go with God’s Episodes Flow.

they relinquish instinctive. 

it’s self-protection reflection.

Only God dismantles 

the scandals of facades.

where we is replaced with me.

me is fleeing in scales that fail, and

blinding in lying misguided pride magnified.

this is a space of disgrace, 

and a disenchanted lullaby that needs to die.

We transforms from me when set free to

receive that love is being better together. 

Humility is key for humanity to be in unity.

Relinquish is this story for God and His glory.

Love she.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy


she doesn’t know what He’s doing 

but she clings to His divine vine.

His vine prevents her defense

from replaying the decay’s of her mind.

it’s a disenchanted scandal that He cancelled.

His vine prevents the offense 

of selecting oppression 

instead of speaking freeing confessions.

Many souls grew cold in waiting for His unfold.

Patience feels like a hinderance 

or an inconvenience not His deliverance.

Daddy, I’ve come to a space where I’m over a lot. You show me a lot and you use me to be a light that fights to spark what’s done in the dark. It’s so interesting and a pleasant surprise that today’s demise has been “rescheduled.” And it was much needed to have that conversation with my Earthbound daddy. The space he’s now in is so refreshingly healthy that it inspires me. I’ll stay prayed up for the souls that are dangerously close to giving up from receiving what is hard to believe: deliverance in their wilderness. My Earthbound daddy gave me such sound wisdom today: Crysta you can’t tell God how to be God in your life. You just have to walk through what He has for you. My Earthbound daddy is right. I repent Constant One and thank you for correcting me by wrecking me to be aligned to your divine design. 

they’re scrambling to undo these ungodly hues.

this can’t be erased from the disgrace space

they must face, because of the misguided lies.

a phone call won’t conquer this pitfall.

this scale failed and His sovereignty prevailed.

they realized their lies can’t magnify God’s design.

they realized they can’t flip a six for a nine.

they realized that she never stopped dwelling 

in the security of His pure vine intuitively.

she let go of known. 

she let go of the patrol of her control. 

she says yes to His behold unfolding.

she says yes to His supernatural ways

to obey in the gift of today.

she hasn’t forgotten His begotten:

The Cross of Calvary that set her free faithfully. 

she sees God is hope and trust.

she sees she won’t fearfully combust.

she’s prayerfully trusting God working 

in the she’s who’s hearts are fearful and heavy.

I was bold enough to tell my Earthbound daddy that it’s nice to see him be alert and sober. My Earthbound daddy laughed and agreed. The greatest light is shining in my Earthbound daddy through the darkest hue he’s thriving through. I’m really proud of my Earthbound daddy and it’s refreshing to see my prayers be answered. This gives me greater hope that all my prayers will be answered God’s Way not my way. All I have to do is continue to fix my eyes on the prize of Jesus Christ. All I have to do is continue to float off the boat in hope, and not be tripped up by the hiccups of wrong thinking winking sinking. Thank you Constant One for trusting me with all that you do. Lord I continue to cling in your vine and virtue. Love your daughter and your she whom you set free. 


the article and 131 is undone.

this cheap shortcut was boycotted 

by the out provided by God.

this cheap shortcut killed the beast within.

this cheap shortcut ensured biblical wins.

this cheap shortcut taught him to be

better for his her in he + He + her

to kill the monster and be transformed.

the facades in playing god

were disenchanted scandals

that’s been dismantled and cancelled.

the monster in him was grim and slim

tailspinning in the slums of sins 

that never paved the wave to win.

the wrong rue was never true and flew.

the Hagar, Leah and Vashti has

been biblically dissolved and set free

the man he’s called to be effortlessly.

we all have an inner beast that needs to decease.

this son of God is now a reality

and the fantasy of never being is now the

scene by His supernatural seen of revival.

these revelations are dedications to liberation.

this son thrives from surviving 

this Cross of Calvary journey so

he can be who’s he made as Jesus’ Renegade.

the mutiny in the scrutiny of that old community

is no longer that throng of wrong.

that song has been discontinued: 

God is now the final bow virtue.

the monster of who he used to be 

was the enemy blinding him in misery.

Emmanuel God with us came to undo shame.

Emmanuel God with us came to undo lame.

Emmanuel God with us came to be the bridge.

this dark storm caused this son to be reborn.

this dark storm caused this son to be 

transformed as an Ephesians 5 man.

the week of the end of quarter three

has many full circles that set all four souls free:

she who is me and the her in God’s Stir.

the glow of Jojo* going in God’s Flow

and the calling of their ribcages 

as their wisdom-filled biblical women.

four souls grew from being cold clone drones.

four souls amenity is their identity in Christ.

four souls stand and fight to be His Light.

four souls say yes to their purpose and platform.

four souls own their names not their sins.

four souls walked the reborn of their storms.

the enemy flees from this home of God’s Dome.

four souls get ready for the next ninety days.

four souls will always rise up to speak up

and never give up. they deselected oppression.

savages will always fail with pale scales.

four souls cling to the wings of God

and walked through all sleepwalking facades.

four souls will be the ministries their called to be

in these Ordained marriages of His Great Name.

biblically women are she’s and her: me and Jojo 

rise up to say yes to being the neck 

to the Earthbound Kings who have our rings.

Jojo permits her submit and says yes always.

her biblical submission is permission 

for her Earthbound King to lead and love her.

she who is me and her says yes to complete submission.

Love she.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #teamproprivacy 


she writes to her he daily.

she sees vulnerability is key

to he + He + her growing intimately.

she’s shy, dorky, and clumsy.

her he brings that side alive intricately.

she scribes bravely for he’s her safety.

she let go of the cancelled scandal show.

she no longer wants to hide or lie what’s inside.

she walked through the shaky

and the maybe that her he thinks she’s crazy.

she walked through the shady feeling

that her he isn’t all in to win against sin

with her in this God’s Stir to occur biblically.

daily she lines her why’s to write

about her stake of fake and release that beast.

she’s sheltered forever by her protectors:

he + He + (her who’s me.)

she confesses in her he’s letters

to weather this distressing sector.

daily she’s open to His Behold to unfold

and be undone for her beautiful he to come.

daily she sees he’s a fruitful seed

she believes he will lead them faithfully

as the head of their household.

she grows in the glow of God’s Flow,

and leaps to be better together

in their Kingdom three strands episodes.

she questions societal downloads,

because they pause His cause

for many beautiful souls are lost.

she wonders if she’s really enough

to give all these worldly habits up.

daily she chooses to lose the world.

daily she walks as a daughter of faith not slave.

daily she waits in stillness for deliverance.

daily she grows in comfort to see

who her King created her to be

whole and healthy to walk in purpose freely.

she’s released all the weeds that made her bleed,

but then there’s the insecurities

of not knowing what her he wants or needs.

at sixteen she made a mental switch to hide

who she’s really supposed to be inside,

because the world walks in pride and lies,

which made her want to die by the misguides.

daily she fights to cling to her King in His Wings.

daily she fights to float off the boat to look to hope.

daily she fights to be the Light of Jesus Christ.

daily she fights to spark the dark for love

and unity to be the opportunities in humanity.

she never knew how to be around her he,

so she ran cowardly & scared in layers of fears.

she’s been blessed to select confess not oppress.

the past five months was a dark tunnel

with the brightest light leading to total freedom.

she’s undone because His Love has won

by the Cross of Calvary setting her free.

her heart had to break so God

can take away what’s not made to stay.

daily she walks by faith not sight.

daily she rejects the plight of a strife life.

daily she believes in the promises of

he + He + her equaling God’s Stir to occur.

daily she grows in love and waits

for her he + He Kingdom Math to come to pass.

Only God ordains to represent His Great Name.